Long green skirt with orange jumperEntering modern times with another midi skirt. Since I have big jumpers and know how to use them on skirts, I am less afraid of buying long skirts. This long green skirt was in the sale for € 60 which I thought was a very reasonable price. I bought it after having had lunch in Bergen with my friend and neighbour Froukje during the Christmas period. She dragged me into this shop, so blame her. It is layered, almost a tule skirt. The shop also sold a fabulous long red tule skirt, but Froukje convinced me that this grey/green one had more possibilities. I think she is right but I still dream of the red one too.

Kitty was my photographer for this outfit and she suggested the restaurant Meneer Frans in Haarlem, which is one of my favourites. Because of the interior decoration but even more because of their fab lunch and cappuccinos. In summer you can sit in the garden as well. I have featured that more than once on my blog.

We arrived on a Sunday at 11.15 a.m. to find the door shut. Aiii… We saw an employee through the window and Kitty gesticulated the “when do you open?” question. The answer was noon. Again… aiii. Then I made gestures as well asking whether we could come in to do a photoshoot and she opened the door for us. I still have no idea how I conveyed this message. Apparently the girl was very clever. We had three quarters of an hour of undisturbed photographing. Bliss.

I brought three pairs of black boots and three jumpers plus different jewellery to show you the options with this skirt. The WC was nice and warm for changing, although I did most of it behind the front door as you will see.

Below: We wanted this painting as background but every time I sat down on the table, my belt skewed strangely to one side.

Long green skirt with orange jumper

Below: This is a better picture of the “painting”. Of course it is a poster, but still impressive.

Portrait of a lady

Below: Fixing my hair, with another bright poster behind me.

Orange jumper in mirror

Below: It was dry and the door to the garden was open. Taking a photo while walking always gives a better result. The black knee boots are ancient and by Hugo Boss. They didn’t come cheap but the cost per wear is worth it.

Long green skirt with orange jumper

Below: And the back. You can see two straps on my shoulders…

Long green skirt with orange jumper

Below: Those straps are from a tank top to “fill up” the wide neckline. The earrings are quite heavy.

Orange earrings

Below: As I said, most of the changing went on behind the front door.

Below: Nearly ready for the next outfit. When I changed jumper, I also changed part of my jewellery and my boots.

Below: Glory! Here is your bright smiling blog woman again. We took this shot in the adjacent furniture store.

Long green skirt with white jumper

Below: A sweet photo Kitty took with a lot of bokeh (blurry background), giving you a good impression of the necklaces. The short one is yellowy/green with crystal and the long one smokey with crystal. The bracelet is more green (see next photo too). I found the bracelet and the necklaces in three different second-hand shop and I think they match beautifully.

Long green skirt with white jumper

Below: The bracelet is green and crystal and yellow glass stones, most of them coned.

Green jewellery

Below: Last photo of the outfit with the white jumper. The boots I am wearing are my black suede ankle boots by Iro. In this post about polka dots you can see a close-up.

Long green skirt with white jumper

Below: A confession. This skirt is long and sleek. My hips are narrow and my bum tiny. Which means that such a skirt will make me look like a lamppost, like a stick. But… here is one of my famous solutions for such predicament haha. I am wearing two very old, second-hand underskirts underneath it, nearly petticoats in the sense of the sixties. One pastel yellow and one black. They provide the A-line I am after.

Long green skirt with yellow sweater

Below: I changed the jewellery again to black and gold drop earrings and a black rubber bracelet. The boots are my Kendall & Kylie boots which I bought on this shopping trip. This bright yellow sweater (I wouldn’t call this a jumper) isn’t mine unfortunately, it is property of my friend and neighbour Froukje who insisted on lending it to me. I don’t like borrowing as I am so scared I will damage it. So I am trying to replace it with a similar sweater of my own as I love the citrus colour. Which is going to result in buying loads of yellow sweaters, all being slightly wrong. I know myself. The first one is already bought and golden yellow instead of citrus.

Long green skirt with yellow sweater

Below: The hem of the sweater is frayed. This is done on purpose mum. Yes I know, ludicrous.

Long green skirt with yellow sweater

Below: A bit of a stupid pose, but it shows you a little of the interior of Meneer Frans. If you click the link, you will see a better picture of all the quaint chairs, pictures and colours.

Long green skirt with yellow sweater

Below: We went outside for daylight photography but I pulled strange faces and the wind spoiled a few photos as well. This one is all right and shows you the slogan (LOVE, go where youre heart takes you).

Long green skirt with yellow sweater

Below: The back of the sweater and view of a cute little street in Haarlem. Personally I prefer the other two pairs of boots. I know this is fashion and I still cannot get used to it.

Long green skirt with yellow sweater

It was 12 o’clock, Kitty and I were finished photographing. Time for lunch.

Below: Kitty, my photographer.

Below: Close-up of my lunch. It was sooooo good. Toast with avocado, tomatoes, fried bacon, chicken, lettuce, cucumber, Parmesan cheese and truffle mayonaise.

Lunch at Meneer Frans

What happened in my life this week

Sunday we took my mum to the cinema in a town near her’s. They showed the registration of a New Year’s concert in Sidney by André Rieu. He is Holland’s greatest export “product”. In my own country he and his music is looked upon as “for old people”, but abroad it is not. Ron and I only went to take my mum and I wasn’t expecting to like it one bit. Surprise, surprise, I loved it. It was really festive. This guy knows how to build a party. Here is a little example on video. (I used to be able to tick a box in YouTube which prevented them from showing you related videos at the end, but Google has disabled this option. Hate this.)

The beginning of the week was the usual stuff of work at the office with ups and downs.

Wednesday the painter came to treat three damp patches on our walls. We do not have a damp house or anything, everything is well treated but there are a few spots which keep returning and not even the experts know why. Three hours work of our magic painter and everything is as smooth as it always was. In the afternoon Anja came for a coffee, bringing me the repaired necklace which broke (happened in this post about my wide black midi skirt). Anja makes her own jewellery and has all the gear for it. Every time she is in the country I have another repair job for her.

Thursday: New Year’s drink at the office. Not really my cup of tea, but you cannot always decline such invitations.

My workday on Fridays always ends early for me. As an old woman (…) I get 2 hours per week off. Otherwise I get tired haha. Last week I headed into town after work to replace my beloved skinny jeans, but did not really succeed. I bought two pairs which are more loose than skinny, in different washings. After wearing the dark one, I knew I had to return the lighter one and exchange it for a skinnier example. The loose fit does not comply with my footwear.


No Fear of Fashion

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