Polka dot topThis is my new polka dot top. As in new to me / second-hand. Do polka dots always have to be completely round? Are the ones in my top more like snowflakes? Perhaps they are, but I’ll stick with polka dots and wear polka dot tights with it. Both the top and the skirt are second-hand from Today’s Vintage. We might not have estate sales in the Netherlands and very few good second-hand shops, but Today’s Vintage supplies me pretty well.

Kitty was my photographer again and she suggested going to go a playground where there is a big silver ball. To make it a theme: dots and balls. I had never seen either the playground or the silver ball. Not having any children there is no need to know this. Turned out to be just across the canal near my house, a hop and a skip away. I had my doubts when she suggested this but she is the one holding the camera, she is the creative one. I do not argue.

It was lovely in the sunshine and there weren’t many children playing. In between two loads of children we could do our shoot.

Below: Getting ready. I wore my old flat shoes, carried high heeled boots in my bag and brought a mirror. I came prepared.

Black Wolford coat

Below: OK… are we ready??

Black Wolford coat

Below: Ta-dah… me in Max Mara coat from the outlet in Turin. The scarf is from Jacket Society, a very reasonably priced online clothes and scarves shop run by Nora, a skilled fashion designer and a nice lady too. She doesn’t sell this particular scarf anymore as it is a couple of years old, but she has similar ones. Mine is black and white houndstooth on one side and fuchsia on the other side.

Black Max Mara coat

Below: It was clear that the theme of the playground was balls.

Polka dot top

Below: Weeee!!! When in a playground… play. The skirt totally amazed me. It doesn’t show any tummy and believe me I have rather a … ball (pun intended). I am very proud of myself for coming up with the fuchsia accessories. An outfit with 4 colours. My styling is improving.

Polka dot top

Below: I admit, trying to climb this thing with Knee, a skirt and high heels? Never. Just for show. Even lifting my leg like this took a lot of effort and lasted 5 seconds. Long enough for Kitty to click.

Polka dot top

Below: Sunglasses Dior (I know.. ridiculous, forgive me). The bright green python print earrings were a gift from Marianne.

Green python earrings

Below: The fuchsia mini bag by Manoukian is also a gift from Marianne. She spoils me rotten. The small belt has been in my closet for ages; cannot remember where I bought it. The fuchsia bracelet has been on my blog many times and is a gift from Klára (Strawberry bags).

Polka dot top

Below: How did Kitty make this photo???

Polka dot top

Below: By climbing up there. Kitty is a little camera shy, which I find highly amusing.


Below: We went over to the silver ball. Me and my shadow. Kids climb up and down this slippery thing.

Below: And I did my best to “sit pretty”.

Polka dot top

Below: Better shot of my earrings. And my wrinkles. Oh well, it is what it is, I am not that bothered anymore.

Green python earrings

Below: I got instructions to walk around the ball. And I am very obedient.

Polka dot top

Below: Kitty asked me to lean against the ball. It was rather a challenge not to slide off.

Polka dot top

Below: Outfit: polka dot top: Pinko; knitted black skirt: Wolford. Both items bought at second-hand shop Today’s Vintage. You’d think I have shares in this company but no, I don’t. Just found a lot there. Normally I would never try such a skirt. Too afraid my tummy would show. Which it often does, especially in anything tight and/or knitted. This skirt does the opposite. YAY Wolford. The polka dot tights are from Stemm Voetiek, who provided me with even nicer ones: black with big silver dots (that was after the shoot). The boots are by IRO and I have never been worn them yet, because of Knee. I am having high hopes for this winter.

Polka dot top

Below: What’s that??

Polka dot top

Below: The plane… the plane. Remember that series Fantasy Island?

Below: Time to leave.

IRO ankle boots

What happened in my life this week

There was the hectic weekend. Friday afternoon it started with the 25th anniversary of an advertising agency. My company used to work with them and they invited me to the celebration. So nice. Hadn’t seen them for at least 10 years. There were a lot of “Oh hello! How nice to see YOU here”-kinda things going on. They had two key speakers who were brilliant. The weekend was off to a good start.

At half past 8 in the car and on to the birthday party of my friend Helga (see more of her in this post).

Below: Helga is the one on the left, Merle, one of her friends, on the right. The theme of the party was black and white with a touch of red. Or such….


Below: Ran into my neighbour Monique who is also friends with Helga. When I heard what the theme was, I immediately knew what to wear. (More of my fab suit in this post, in case you missed it.)

Monique and me

Didn’t stay as long as I wanted to at Helga’s party as the next day Loes and I were to take blog photos. I didn’t want to look like something the cat dragged in. The shoot was wonderful. You will see photos next week.

In the evening my friend Jeanne was celebrating her 65th birthday. She lives an hour’s drive away. I had a weekend as if I were in my twenties. Pfff..

Below: Crappy iPhone photo of Jeanne. She is a very helpful and kind person.


Also had lunch this week with my friend Eefje whom I hadn’t seen for ages. It was thoroughly enjoyable but trying to take her picture with my iPhone failed. She looked lovely but disapproved of all the photos.

When I got home from my lunch with Eefje, Ron offered to take some blog photos as the weather was nice and both “my” photographers were unavailable for a while. Such a lovely man. He hates it but wants to do me a favour. We chose a park with fall leaves as background. He is going to do another shoot this weekend to tie me over till Kitty or Loes is available again.

One little bit of office humour: my colleague Rose (not her real name, for privacy reasons 😎) walked in front of me in our department and I said (out loud): “Hey Rose, you know you have an awesome bum?” She looked over her shoulder and said: “What was that?” So I repeated: “Hey Rose, you know you have an awesome bum?” After which she grinned and said: “I heard you the first time, just wanted to hear it again”.. 😂😂😂.


No Fear of Fashion

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