My holiday day with HelgaLast week I took some time off work and spent every day with another one of my friends. I am fortunate to have many friends which means that 5 days were far too little to cover all of them. On Wednesday I started my holiday day with Helga. And on Thursday I met Marja for lunch (more about Marja later in this post.)

Photo above: having lunch with Helga at Native (again). Can you believe we were both dressed in blue and white?

Poor friends… I keep asking them to take photos of me and to go along with being featured on my blog. As I have the feeling not everybody loves this as much as I do, I will discontinue this. I don’t want to make my friends apprehensive when I ask them to go for lunch or dinner. After all, my friends are far more dear to me than photos or even my blog. Yes, I do have my priorities right.

Anyway, Helga survived and I think she wasn’t too bothered. I know Helga since I was 28. We were colleagues.

Below: Although taken indoors, this is a nice close-up of Helga. I love her shirt with the unusual sleeves.


Helga is 61, but would you believe it when you see these photos? No filters or photoshopping. She has a beautiful figure and an incredibly youthful skin.

Below: Greetje… 63..: spots and wrinkles and has had a lower facelift. (More details about what I had “done” in this post.) Still, I am not complaining. As long as I keep smiling I can get away with a lot.

My holiday day with Helga

Below: After lunch and some shopping (I didn’t buy anything!!) we went for coffee at Hofje zonder zorgen. Lots of people were having a high tea but we kept it simple. This was our view.

My holiday day with Helga

Below: Nextdoor, in front of the gate to the court with almshouses. I have already taken pictures here once before. In this post. Although you cannot see much of it. The sneakers (Essentiel) and trousers you have seen before in this post with Sylvia. The blue and white striped shirtdress and the necklace were purchased during my holiday in Spain last year. See here.

My holiday day with Helga

Below: The whole outfit of Helga.

My holiday day with Helga

Below: As we were taking each other’s picture for a “head-to-toe” shot, these ladies passed us. You can see why I asked them to be on my blog. These are women who put in the extra effort to look good. And so they do.

My holiday day with Helga

Now over to Thursday with Marja. Marja and I became friends when I was 32.

Below: Marja, a very cheerful woman. Actually all my friends are cheerful, come to think of it. Maybe that is what attracts me?

Holiday with Marja

We went for lunch in Amstelveen, a suburb of Amsterdam. At Popov, a very nice restaurant where they serve freshly squeezed pear juice. My favourite.

Below: There are not a lot of pictures of Marja and me. I didn’t want to burden her too much. Here she is again. The guy behind her tried to photobomb. Marja was wearing a really nice dress, balancing the sweetness of the dress with a jeans jacket (always a good idea). And she loves heels (great legs).

Holiday with Marja

Below: And this is what I was wearing. My checked silk shirt by Equipment, my G-Star Raw boyfriend jeans (such a trusted pair) and my pink French Sole ballerinas. I have seldom worn this shirt. It is not really me and I didn’t know how to style it (see two previous ways here and here). When I wore the combination below to the office I got sooo many compliments. Leaving me totally confused.

Holiday with Marja

Below: The obligatory photo of the two of us. The guy of the flower stall took our picture. I will ask anybody whom I think will not run off with my camera.

Holiday with Marja

I did feel obliged to buy some flowers afterwards haha.

Below: He had beautiful flowers, see them below. They both held for a week.

Holiday with Marja

Holiday with Marja

That is it for this week. More outfits and friends next week.


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