Checked blouse with skinnies 014_LRLast year I showed you this blouse with jeans and mint-green booties. Very handy if you have to walk a lot. But I am a lover of high heels. No fun walking on them, well… at least not as easy as sneakers or ballerinas, but they make me look a lot better. Or is it all in my mind? Anyway, I tried this checked blouse with skinny trousers and high heels and rated this look a lot higher. I took the photos last year just before it started to get cold. So I kept them for spring.

There is not an aweful lot to say about this look. Therefore a short post this time haha. Which is good for me as it is really beautiful weather and I want to sit outside in my garden. Nevertheless, I did some work in advance…. I made an animated gif: four photos in sequence which makes it look like a little film (to be seen at the end of this post). That took me quite some time. I could create it but I could not save it, other than with a licenced Adobe programme (which costs money). Fortunately I have sweet (young) colleagues, who pointed out how to avoid that.

Let’s stop the talking. You are about to see….. :

Blouse with green skinnies and blue patent high slingbacks.

Blouse with yellow skinnies and fuchsia high slingbacks.

Blouse with yellow skinnies and fuchsia high slingbacks and cat Sóphie.

Blouse with yellow skinnies and blue patent high slingbacks.

Missing: blouse with green skinnies and fuchsia high slingbacks. You can have a look at that combination (if you are really interested… ahem) with my blue Kenzo jacket.

And last but certainly not least: a gif: me drinking coffee… hahaha.

Checked blouse with skinnies 009_LR

Checked blouse with skinnies 023_LR

Checked blouse with skinnies 025_LR

Checked blouse with skinnies 027_LR


That’s it for today. Any combination of skinnies and shoes which you prefer?


No Fear of Fashion


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