Checked blouse with skinny trousers

Checked blouse with skinnies 014_LRLast year I showed you this blouse with jeans and mint-green booties. Very handy if you have to walk a lot. But I am a lover of high heels. No fun walking on them, well… at least not as easy as sneakers or ballerinas, but they make me look a lot better. Or is it all in my mind? Anyway, I tried this checked blouse with skinny trousers and high heels and rated this look a lot higher. I took the photos last year just before it started to get cold. So I kept them for spring.

There is not an aweful lot to say about this look. Therefore a short post this time haha. Which is good for me as it is really beautiful weather and I want to sit outside in my garden. Nevertheless, I did some work in advance…. I made an animated gif: four photos in sequence which makes it look like a little film (to be seen at the end of this post). That took me quite some time. I could create it but I could not save it, other than with a licenced Adobe programme (which costs money). Fortunately I have sweet (young) colleagues, who pointed out how to avoid that.

Let’s stop the talking. You are about to see….. :

Blouse with green skinnies and blue patent high slingbacks.

Blouse with yellow skinnies and fuchsia high slingbacks.

Blouse with yellow skinnies and fuchsia high slingbacks and cat Sóphie.

Blouse with yellow skinnies and blue patent high slingbacks.

Missing: blouse with green skinnies and fuchsia high slingbacks. You can have a look at that combination (if you are really interested… ahem) with my blue Kenzo jacket.

And last but certainly not least: a gif: me drinking coffee… hahaha.

Checked blouse with skinnies 009_LR

Checked blouse with skinnies 023_LR

Checked blouse with skinnies 025_LR

Checked blouse with skinnies 027_LR


That’s it for today. Any combination of skinnies and shoes which you prefer?


No Fear of Fashion




    • Greetje
      18 May 2014 / 19:52

      As a matter of fact, they are a bit tight and cheap. I never thought they would be so useful to my wardrobe when I bought them. This year I tried to replace them with a better quality…. but of course this year they don’t sell these colours anymore… So 2013 hahaha.

  1. 18 May 2014 / 15:21

    Love the purple/pink shoes and the green skinnies. The other combo’s are fine too, but those are my favorites.

  2. 18 May 2014 / 18:58

    Me, being me, I had to scroll down and see the GIF first, LOL. What fun! I’m glad you did it. All of your looks are so spring like and cheery today! I love them all, and I feel the same as you; heels do lend a lovely silhouette. Having said that, you’ve got lovely long legs, and look fabulous in flats too!

    • Greetje
      18 May 2014 / 19:53

      I also have flat feet, which doesn’t make flat shoes that nice. But sometimes you have to.
      Glad you liked my gif haha.

  3. Marianne
    18 May 2014 / 19:40

    At last, time to dress for sunnier weather. I especially like the combo with the green trousers. Your blouse is great, you would think it is cotton but I know it is silk. Which means it fits airy to your body.

    • Greetje
      18 May 2014 / 19:54

      Yes, it is a lovely blouse, but as the sales lady pointed out… you cannot wear it as often as a cream blouse…

  4. 19 May 2014 / 00:32

    Very impressed with your ‘gif’ of coffee drinking, I need to learn this fun thing. I seriously want that checked blouse, it’s seriously one of my favorites ever. Can’t quite decide which combo I like best, that must mean they are both fabulous. Although I do prefer the yellow skinnies with the blue sling backs over the fuscia. You are looking ever so chic in this outfit, you and those gorgoues legs of yours.

    • Greetje
      19 May 2014 / 05:27

      I agree, the fuchsia are better with the green and the blue better with the yellow. I have a preference for the green trousers.
      If you want any help with the gif making, email me and I will tell you how I did it. Providing I still know how haha.

  5. 19 May 2014 / 00:55

    Love them both. Especially fond of the green, because that’s one of my fave colors. Prefer the black shoes. You sure know how to mix up the colors for the best outcome. Plus, it’s right on time for the beautiful spring weather….xo….Love the coffee drinking clip. Soon your husband will be into videography.

    • Greetje
      19 May 2014 / 05:30

      Videography eh?? Baby steps Dixie… baby steps. Besides I am not much into videography myself. It is hard enough to take decent photos, let alone a whole video.

  6. myemptybag
    19 May 2014 / 08:51

    If is in your mind also is your look, I’m sure! I always choose the most comfy outfit to me because if I feel that I’m ok I could show my best face. ( marketing professional distortion” maybe 😉

    I like your shirt so much and works perfect with every combination you have done.



    • Greetje
      19 May 2014 / 16:38

      Well…. I do not totally agree. High heels make me feel beautiful but not comfortable. How would my mind express that to the world? But in general I agree (I am a communication / advertising professional).

  7. 19 May 2014 / 09:22

    My favourite combination is the first one, with green pants and dark shoes, but I also like very much the one with yellow skinnies…( I am recently in love with yellow!) the fact is that your shirt has many colours and it is easy to match!
    wow for your last photo! I wish I know how to do …

    • Greetje
      19 May 2014 / 20:40

      Yes, the shirt is easy to match but it is very outspoken, which means you cannot wear it a lot.
      And if you want to I can tell you how I did my last animated photo. By mail? Just let me know.

      • 23 May 2014 / 15:39

        It would be very nice of you to let me know how do animated photos…even if I am not sure I will be able to understand! (unfortunalely my know how on technology subjects is quite low!)

  8. 19 May 2014 / 13:03

    Well done on the gif Greetje! My favorite is the combi with the yellow pants and funky shoes too. It just makes for a great colorful outfit!

    • Greetje
      19 May 2014 / 16:40

      My choice is the green trousers with the fuchsia shoes. But all combinations work, so it is a slight preference. The blue shoes are more comfortable.

  9. Happiness at Mid Life
    20 May 2014 / 08:05

    What a fun gif! I think my favorite is with the green and heels. That shade of green is so pretty on you. And I am a big fan of heels too and actually prefer to walk in them over flats. Flats just have no support and actually hurt me at the end of the day.


    • Greetje
      20 May 2014 / 16:40

      Hah… I wonder whether this means you have already ruined your feet with high heels. Or whether you need support soles.

  10. 20 May 2014 / 15:53

    I appreciate all of the combinations that you have created, but I must say that I am taken with the pink shoes. A very vibrant touch.

    I have to laugh as I drink my coffee this morning! You never fail to make me smile.

    • Greetje
      20 May 2014 / 16:38

      Making you smile (or laugh) is the biggest compliment you can give me. Thank you.

  11. 21 May 2014 / 13:53

    Hello my dear! I hope all is fine with you.
    What a great work you did creating all those looks. That blouse is a winner!
    Love all the looks you styled, but the pink shoes are the only thing that makes me choose that look as my fav. I guess you must try the pink shoes with the green pants 🙂
    As always your funny side is showing with the coffee drinking, put a big smile on my face.
    Thank you so much for dropping by and left such kind words.
    Glad you liked my new hair style, I’ve been in doubts. But I trust you give me your honest opinion.
    Have a nice week.

    • Greetje
      21 May 2014 / 22:57

      Putting a smile on your face, just made my day.

  12. 21 May 2014 / 22:23

    I love the the yellow trousers with the pink shoes the best.
    Always glad to see you modeling, my dear Greetje.
    Love and sunshine
    Don´t forget to join Share-i-Style: Red this Saturday. It wouldn´t be the same without you.

    • Greetje
      21 May 2014 / 22:58

      I will try but with another post than the next one (which is not going to be red..).
      Enjoy your daughter’s visit.

  13. 22 May 2014 / 06:51

    Great blouse, great skinnies, and I guess my fave shoes with this are the fuchsia heels, but you definitely shine in all these combos. And I LOVE your animated gif. It’s so great to see people in motion.

    You said it well about heels. Every time I wear platform shoes and a woman motors past me in comfy flats I think, oh, you look so comfy, and I sigh and think, but I feel so faaabulous. Probably the woman in flats does too – but I’m just saying…
    You are tall as a tree, love that!

    • Greetje
      22 May 2014 / 08:26

      Being tall was not always something I liked about myself. Now I am appreciating my long legs and regard them as my better features. Besides… everything is functioning, that alone is reason enough to like my body.

    • Greetje
      22 May 2014 / 08:28

      And I could and should have done even more combinations. And more different. Perhaps I will come up with something else. Looking for inspiration.

  14. 23 May 2014 / 15:00

    A darling outfit, Greetje! You look fab in skinnies and have a great collection! Love that shirt! Cute GIF! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    ♥ carmen

    • Greetje
      24 May 2014 / 08:28

      Thanks Carmen. I do like my summery skinnies. Well… I like all skinnies.

  15. Elle
    23 May 2014 / 23:14

    This is a tough choice. But I think I’ll go with the yellow skinny jeans with the pink shoes. I absolutely love the animated bit at the end, it really makes me smile. I’m so glad that you are enjoying some lovely weather. Kisses, Elle

    • Greetje
      24 May 2014 / 08:29

      I even have 12 days off of work and the weather is beautiful over here. I am a lucky girl.

  16. 27 May 2014 / 00:22

    Those pants make your legs look a million miles long.

    That gif made me laugh : ) and I prefer the black shoes.


    • Greetje
      27 May 2014 / 09:23

      Blue shoes. I am a matchy/matchy girl. And I know what I am doing wearing skinnies. LOL

  17. 27 May 2014 / 19:16

    You have your own gif! Now you are completely cool. Well worth the click through!
    That’s a great blouse with all the hundreds of ways to wear it. I like all the combinations equally! I’ve had my eye on one in a similar broad palette. I love how trim this classic casual style looks on women with fabulous figures like yours. I tend to look busty, too much “boobage” and the tomboyish look is ruined.
    So I’ll just admire you in it! I may yet pick up the shirt in question, but alterations will be needed. And a minmizer bra!

    • Greetje
      27 May 2014 / 20:12

      I often look quite busty as well, especially sideways (man…. that can be so horrible), but this blouse somehow doesn’t do that to me. YEAH for this blouse.

  18. 27 May 2014 / 22:12

    Hi Greetje, Great blouse! Madras plaid is my favorite – preppy and so versatile because you can mix and match with many colors. I have a blouse, skirt, and dress in a similar print. Bravo!

    • Greetje
      28 May 2014 / 11:22

      Hi Jody, how nice of you to return visit. Yes I like plaids but they are very outspoken so I don’t wear them that much. Nevertheless I do like this shirt a lot.

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