SAM_4112_LRRemember I went shopping in Amsterdam Utrechtsestraat? At the shop Centre Neuf this black and cream transparent top got my love. It has the required sleeves over the elbow, it is classic and cute and  has a bow (always a plus in my book).  In spring it is best worn with a top which has 3/4 sleeves as in this post. When it is summer it needs a little tank top underneath it, otherwise it will shock people. I am transparent enough: my life is an open book, everybody always knows everything about me. No need to overdo it.

These skinny jeans (brand Denham) are becoming the best thing I bought in ages. They go with so many things. I adore them. Funny thing is, this top looks totally bad on one of my black skinnies: while being (pregnantly) wide at the front it is giving me a strange bottom at the back. When I wear it with these jeans it is fine. Strange but I will just accept it without asking questions.

And of course, my silver slingbacks!! Thanks to my stepdaugther Nicky who searched and found them for me. By Michael Kors. I love them too. They have what we call, a toe cleavage, meaning they are cut at the front in such a way you can see the beginning of your toes. Some people hate that. I am not too fond of it, but they are also cut wide across (love that), have  the right pointy toe, a gorgeous heel and I can walk on them. SOLD.

You will also see my Prada low heeled black pump with these jeans. That is for comfort.

All photos were taken by my husband at his allotment / (vegetable) garden, which is quite big. He loves it there. Experimenting with all sorts of things and no wife to tell hem to clean after him. Below: me from my left side (watch the bow and the heels!).

SAM_4110_LRBelow: me from my right side haha.SAM_4109_LRBelow: my husband eating an apple, dressed in sensible working clothes and clogs.SAM_4138_LRBelow: I am helping him. Whahahaha. .. do you believe it????SAM_4143_LRBelow: with dog Charlie, who always accompanies the boss. And black Prada slingbacks (so comfortable). (Brrr…. feet are getting old.)SAM_4152_LRBelow: looking reasonable from the back.SAM_4157_LRBelow: this picture is really to show you three old pear trees. The pendant is a leaf dipped in gold, bought in Paris last year.SAM_4172_LRBelow: lovely green garden my husband has. We also have a garden behind our house, but his own garden is bigger and as I said, no interfering wife.SAM_4155_LRI am linking up with Sacramento (Mis Papelicos) who is host to numerous bloggers. The theme is red.


No Fear of Fashion


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