Yellow skirt (4)Usually you will find paintings and sculptures of old Dutch masters in this museum. But this time the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam featured the Yellow Skirt. For those who don’t know this phenomenon… the Yellow Skirt travels all over the world, from blog to blog. Every lucky blogger who is bestowed the honour, will style it in her own way. As I have often said, I am not a stylist, far from it. And I am not an artist. So my angle is: show it like a ball gown and find an appropriate Dutch setting for it. Voila… the Rijksmuseum.

It will come as no surprise to hear that I got quite a few strange looks walking around in this skirt. Nobody was dressed for a ball LOL. Having a photographer with me (husband Ron) helped a lot. They did not totally dismiss me as “belongs in a psychiatric hospital”.

Ron and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the Rijksmuseum was very kind to us. They did ask me once not to laugh so loud (I do laugh rather loudly), but they asked it with a smile. The museum is beautiful as a building. Or better said: GRAND. And of course its content is magnificent. We managed to avoid having other people in our pictures, which is quite an achievement. If you go there (I can recommend it), try and go early.

Let’s talk pictures now.

The first photo above was a lucky shot. See how I hold my arm exactly the way the gentleman behind me does?

Below: as I said, the building is magnificent. Here am I, a tiny little figure in a grand hall.Yellow skirt (2)Below: this swan and I seem to form one picture. One in where I am about to be injured severely. The adornments on the skirt are from all bloggers who previously had the Yellow Skirt. Each blogger who features the Yellow Skirt, adds her own “thing” to it.Yellow skirt (3)Below: lucky shot. There were tourists behind me watching the painting and in front of me, waiting for me to move away. Ron captured me in that one lucky second when nobody was in sight.Yellow skirt (7)Below: our former queen Beatrix in a portret by Andy Warhol. Not all old masters at the Rijksmuseum.  Yellow skirt (5)Below:  I saw sculptures, (nice background) in a section where there was a lot of light. So it seemed like a pretty good idea to shoot a picture. Only after uploading I noticed they did not have any clothes on. Perhaps mythological? Then everything is allowed. (Note: the museum sent me information about this work. I was right: mythology… This is the story: Bacchus and Ampelos. Francesco Righetti (1749-1819), Rome, 1781-1782, lead. Bacchus, the god of wine, fell in love with the young satyr Ampelos. When the latter died in a tragic accident, Bacchus changed him into a vine and made wine from his blood. The chalice in Ampelos’s hand refers to this metamorphosis.)  Yellow skirt (1)Below: loads of paintings with merry men. There are all sorts of paintings, subjects and objects, but I don’t want to show you everything and spoil the Rijksmuseum for those who want to visit it.Yellow skirt (6)Below: I am demonstrating my skinny jeans underneath the Yellow Skirt. I did walk around in the skirt all the time I was at the museum, but I did not arrive wearing it. My silver slingbacks seemed the best shoes with this look. And the little black vintage bag is from the fifties.Yellow skirt (8)Below: here are the bag and the shoes in a close-up.

Silver shoes and black vintage bagBelow: this is what I was actually wearing before and after the Yellow Skirt Photo Event.Yellow skirt (10)Thank you Shelley of Forest City Fashionista and Melanie of Bag and Baret for letting me participate. It was a scary (will I live up to expectations?) and fun experience. (After seeing what the other bloggers did with the skirt, my husband asked me whether my styling wasn’t a bit plain….. I defended myself by saying I had to style it according to me. Hope that doesn’t make me plain haha.)


PS: I am joining so many other bloggers at a gathering called Visible Monday.

No Fear of Fashion

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