Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam featured the Yellow Skirt

Yellow skirt (4)Usually you will find paintings and sculptures of old Dutch masters in this museum. But this time the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam featured the Yellow Skirt. For those who don’t know this phenomenon… the Yellow Skirt travels all over the world, from blog to blog. Every lucky blogger who is bestowed the honour, will style it in her own way. As I have often said, I am not a stylist, far from it. And I am not an artist. So my angle is: show it like a ball gown and find an appropriate Dutch setting for it. Voila… the Rijksmuseum.

It will come as no surprise to hear that I got quite a few strange looks walking around in this skirt. Nobody was dressed for a ball LOL. Having a photographer with me (husband Ron) helped a lot. They did not totally dismiss me as “belongs in a psychiatric hospital”.

Ron and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the Rijksmuseum was very kind to us. They did ask me once not to laugh so loud (I do laugh rather loudly), but they asked it with a smile. The museum is beautiful as a building. Or better said: GRAND. And of course its content is magnificent. We managed to avoid having other people in our pictures, which is quite an achievement. If you go there (I can recommend it), try and go early.

Let’s talk pictures now.

The first photo above was a lucky shot. See how I hold my arm exactly the way the gentleman behind me does?

Below: as I said, the building is magnificent. Here am I, a tiny little figure in a grand hall.Yellow skirt (2)Below: this swan and I seem to form one picture. One in where I am about to be injured severely. The adornments on the skirt are from all bloggers who previously had the Yellow Skirt. Each blogger who features the Yellow Skirt, adds her own “thing” to it.Yellow skirt (3)Below: lucky shot. There were tourists behind me watching the painting and in front of me, waiting for me to move away. Ron captured me in that one lucky second when nobody was in sight.Yellow skirt (7)Below: our former queen Beatrix in a portret by Andy Warhol. Not all old masters at the Rijksmuseum.  Yellow skirt (5)Below:  I saw sculptures, (nice background) in a section where there was a lot of light. So it seemed like a pretty good idea to shoot a picture. Only after uploading I noticed they did not have any clothes on. Perhaps mythological? Then everything is allowed. (Note: the museum sent me information about this work. I was right: mythology… This is the story: Bacchus and Ampelos. Francesco Righetti (1749-1819), Rome, 1781-1782, lead. Bacchus, the god of wine, fell in love with the young satyr Ampelos. When the latter died in a tragic accident, Bacchus changed him into a vine and made wine from his blood. The chalice in Ampelos’s hand refers to this metamorphosis.)  Yellow skirt (1)Below: loads of paintings with merry men. There are all sorts of paintings, subjects and objects, but I don’t want to show you everything and spoil the Rijksmuseum for those who want to visit it.Yellow skirt (6)Below: I am demonstrating my skinny jeans underneath the Yellow Skirt. I did walk around in the skirt all the time I was at the museum, but I did not arrive wearing it. My silver slingbacks seemed the best shoes with this look. And the little black vintage bag is from the fifties.Yellow skirt (8)Below: here are the bag and the shoes in a close-up.

Silver shoes and black vintage bagBelow: this is what I was actually wearing before and after the Yellow Skirt Photo Event.Yellow skirt (10)Thank you Shelley of Forest City Fashionista and Melanie of Bag and Baret for letting me participate. It was a scary (will I live up to expectations?) and fun experience. (After seeing what the other bloggers did with the skirt, my husband asked me whether my styling wasn’t a bit plain….. I defended myself by saying I had to style it according to me. Hope that doesn’t make me plain haha.)


PS: I am joining so many other bloggers at a gathering called Visible Monday.

No Fear of Fashion



  1. 1 June 2014 / 11:11

    Nooooo, not plain at all! Great pictures and a fun reportage of what seems like a very fun photoshoot.

    The skirt is quite ‘out there’, so that, combined with your deafening LOL, must have scared the sh*t out of that swan, making it attack you. Poor thang! (the swan that is, not you;-))

    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 12:30

      Hahahahaha… Funny.

  2. 1 June 2014 / 13:08

    Naturally I was a bit surprised because I never heard about the “Yellow Skirt” before but just checked out your link. Interesting story and a great journey of this skirt.
    You really styled it to yourself and taking the photos in the museum adds the special cultural touch.
    Well done, Greetje!!

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 13:11

      Thanks Annette, I still think it could have been a bit more adventurous. On the other hand… I am not very adventurous. LOL

  3. 1 June 2014 / 13:22

    This is BRILLIANT. Both the styling and the photos. I already mentioned before that Ron is an absolutely gem when it comes to taking good pictures and he proves it again here. How much fun you 2 must have had taking these pictures in the formal Rijksmuseum. Such a good choice. It fits the yellow skirt so well. You styled it in a ball room, statuesque kind of way which is perfect for this building. Well done Greetje!

    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 13:34

      Gosh, I did not expect much praise for this post.
      Ron had asked me to go to our photo store and ask the sales people what the best settings would be to photograph inside a museum……… Only I did that AFTER we took the photos. The photos could have been even better if I had not been so lazy. Fortunately he has a good eye for styling photos which is very important of course.

  4. Ann
    1 June 2014 / 14:34

    Wow I agree with Sylvia, just brilliant! These pictures capture something special about you. Maybe it’s the color and the place, so lovely and kind of historic.

    blue hue wonderland

    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 14:38

      See…. I don’t really get it. I have no clue why you like this post so much. But I am glad you appreciate it. And I am even more glad that you still visit my blog dear Ann. Miss your posts.

      • Ann
        1 June 2014 / 15:13

        I think it’s what Suzanne says, regal and elegant. I’ve seen this skirt done in a kitsch way but not like this. This yellow is your color!

        • Greetje
          1 June 2014 / 15:34

          I had this in mind. I thought it looked like a ball gown, so I looked for a fitting setting. And being Dutch was another aspect I wanted to use with the skirt. I thought of a museum, my husband thought of the Rijksmuseum. I am so pleased it worked.

  5. 1 June 2014 / 15:04

    This makes the skirt seem rather regal and elegant! A very different take on it. Refreshing that it doesn’t always need to be totally “out there”.

    I love the silver pumps with it.

    Can’t wait to see what you ended up adding to the skirt : )


    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 15:16

      I only added a small black rosette made of fabric with jet beads on it. Only small as I want to preserve space for many more bloggers to add their thing too.

  6. 1 June 2014 / 15:44

    and how fantastic of you both to enjoy the arty moment for all of us to enjoy.
    You are beautiful in that yellow skirt outshining the setting.
    Ps IWANT your shoes
    Love and sunshine

  7. Curtise
    1 June 2014 / 16:00

    What wonderful photos of the Travelling Skirt in very grand surroundings! You look wonderful, and I adore the styling. xxx

    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 16:27

      I am amazed and grateful. Must have done something right haha. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 16:28

      Thank you very much. Yes it was fun. I hope my husband will continue to help me.

  8. Marianne
    1 June 2014 / 18:27

    You thought what Obama can do I can do better. He posed only in front of the Nightwatch. You promoted the Rijksmusum in a much better way. This outfit would have worked for the SAN gala. You made a beautiful contribution to the yellow skirt travel adventure. Tumbs up.

    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 19:33

      Thank you very much. So nice to hear from you. Isn’t it terrible how little we see of eachother since we stopped our little arrangement? Glad to hear you are alive and kicking.

  9. 1 June 2014 / 19:34

    Greetje, that yellow skirt has clearly worked it’s magic with you! Your photos are fabulous!! Isn’t it crazy how that skirt just brings out the personality and beauty of the person wearing it! It’s crazy, but having worn it, I know it’s true! Your location is likely to be THE MOST iconic photoshoot for the yellow skirt. Brave you! I managed with kids and some families around me, but to be wearing such a bold, unconventional outfit in very public place tells me that you confident and self assured! One day, I will land in Amsterdam for a visit.

    PS, I did get your email, thank you…just have not yet skipped over to read. xo

    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 20:18

      I will certainly be your host and show you around when you come over to Amsterdam. Admittedly I am not that confident about everything, but I don’t care a dxxn what people think when they see me like with the yellow skirt. It amuses me that they probably think “she is crazy” haha. And they would be right.

      You are right about the skirt bringing out somebody’s personality. As I thought the same when I saw you style it… thinking: that has Sue written all over it.

  10. 1 June 2014 / 19:40

    Plain? NEVER! Your idea to shoot your photos in the Rijksmuseum is brilliant. You fit right in! I laughed that they told you (politely) not to laugh so loudly. Bwa-ha-ha – but I can laugh as loudly as I like with you when I’m here at home. The grand hall photo takes my breath away. You are truly queen of the gallery here.
    Thanks, Greetje, for this photo adventure, and your wonderful intrepid photographer, Ron, as well. What a team.
    It’s great that you were able to wear your casuals under this elegant ensemble. Oh, secrets of the models revealed. You look fantastic in your skinnies and animal print – and let’s not forget those shoes…oh my. Love those.

    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 19:58

      Your praise means a lot to me Melanie. After all, you started it all. If I have made you laugh, then my goal is achieved. As you know: making people laugh is what I aim for. As much as possible.
      And the shoes… I adore them as well. They will be on this blog A LOT, coming posts.

  11. Happiness at Mid Life
    1 June 2014 / 20:14

    I love how you elevated this skirt to a new level of elegance. Interesting concept of a traveling skirt. I am a bit envious that this skirt has seen a lot more places than I will in a life time 🙂


    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 20:45

      Hop on a plane my dear. You can make dreams come true by focussing and doing it. If not now (always a problem when you are raising a child of course), then you might do it later.

  12. 1 June 2014 / 23:38

    Greetje, This is absolutely wonderful! Everything about how you fashioned and choose your venue and wore the traveling skirt was brilliant, and I must add extremely brave. I can’t believe you dared to take photo’s inside the art museum with all those tourist around. I am giving you my standing ovation right now! And I’m sending you extra hugs for doing such a marvelous job, the yellow skirt makes for the perfect Ball Gown.

    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 06:05

      Being around tourist walking around in a yellow skirt was easy for me. I don’t care what they think. As a matter of fact, most of them don’t think much of it.
      Coming up with a concept after so many artists before me had styled it their way… that was difficult.
      Glad you like it. Never thought I would get such good reviews on this post.

  13. 2 June 2014 / 01:07

    Beautiful. You have some great shots. I love the one of you in the archway. It really looks like the images in the painting are admiring you. You are fortunate to be able to take pictures. Our larger museums won’t allow it.

    I haven’t seen the yellow skirt since Sue wore it. With your height, you carry it well.

    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 06:07

      With my high heels it was just the right length. Our museums are pretty cool about taking photos. You just cannot use flash because that would harm the artwork. Sara came after Sue and before me. If you click on the link in my post (or on the button on the right side) you can see all the previous Yellow Skirt posts.

  14. 2 June 2014 / 07:38

    That yellow skirt outfit blended into the art museum perfectly. Liked your animal print coat as well!

    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 10:21

      Thanks Stacey. Much appreciated. And I love my leopard coat. I photographed it last year on a lady I met in Amsterdam. When I saw the coat in the shop a few months later, I could not resist it.

  15. Lorraine
    2 June 2014 / 10:27

    What a great article! So much fun! I laugh too loudly as well!

  16. Lorraine Mills
    2 June 2014 / 10:30

    PS I see there are things sewn onto the skirt….Are you going to add anything?

    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 17:52

      I have sewn a small black rosette on it: fabric with jet beads on it. Glad you liked the article. I did not expect so many enthousiastic responses, but there you go.

  17. myemptybag
    2 June 2014 / 14:29

    hahah really fun shooting! I like the yellow skirt combined with the yellow necklace but I prefer your original outfit in jeans definetly!



    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 17:54

      I prefer the jeans outfit as well. That is because we are “modern girls” haha.

  18. 2 June 2014 / 14:41

    I love this elegant take on ‘the skirt’. You styled it beautifully. I have been following the skirt’s journey since the beginning and your interpretation is one of my favourites!

    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 17:54

      You could not have surprised me more. But thank you, thank you.

  19. 2 June 2014 / 14:43

    Absolutely fabulous, Greetje! You do the yellow skirt proud, and what a timeless setting. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 17:55

      If Obama can pose in the Rijksmuseum, so can I. LOL

  20. 2 June 2014 / 14:50

    Fabulous, fabulous photos!! I love those silver slingbacks too…

    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 17:57

      I have to try and figure out what makes this post so special as everybody is so full of praise… Then I can improve on future posts as well.

  21. 2 June 2014 / 18:35

    You did a wonderful job styling this my dear! I love that you are a statuesque beauty and think you fit right in among all that art!

    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 21:43

      Coming from an art person, that is quite a compliment. Thank you.

  22. 2 June 2014 / 18:35

    WOW! What a wonderful idea! I cannot wait to check out where else the skirt has been. And I think you did a great job with the styling and the location. : ) Ana

    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 21:45

      I have put two links in my post where you can check out the other yellow skirt posts. Also I have a Yellow Skirt badge on the right side of my blog. That takes you to the page as well.

  23. catherine
    2 June 2014 / 19:36

    Your yellow skirt blend perfectly with the timeless setting, great funny post.

    Joly Look

    • Greetje
      2 June 2014 / 21:29

      Thanks Catherine. I am so surprised by the many raving reviews. Never thought this to happen. Fortunately I have also seen somebody saying on Facebook she did not like the skirt on me at all hahaha. Good for balance.

  24. 2 June 2014 / 22:27

    I think you styled it just right for your own style – and to those who said otherwise (I see your comment about Facebook above), I feel sorry for their lack of imagination and fun when it comes to fashion. I love all the photos of the museum, and I bet you made it an extra-fun trip for the other people there! Well done!

    • Greetje
      3 June 2014 / 08:27

      Well, Sheila, you cannot please all the people all of the time. We all have different taste.
      Thank you very much for visiting and your praise.

  25. 2 June 2014 / 22:58

    You styled the skirt in a wonderful personal way! That beautiful museum seems to be the perfect location … my favourite photo is the one in which we can see the jeans and the shoes you are wearing under the long skirt: it’s a nice picture and reveals your playful nature…
    by the way, do you know that shade of yellow really suits you?
    I love your vintage purse! I had never seen it before in any post of yours…it’s lovely indeed!
    very happy to see you again in modern clothes ( last photo ) …that is the real Greetje and the one who I prefer !!

    • Greetje
      3 June 2014 / 08:30

      So do I Dan. It is a Max Mara coat… Could not resist it. And yes yellow suits me well. Also purple, fuchsia, red, oranje, green. And I have used this vintage bag once in an old post (before you started following me).

  26. 3 June 2014 / 01:08

    You wonder why this post is such a success. Well, I can think of the following reasons:
    -the concept is different and more then ‘just’ an #OOTD post
    -the pictures are great and artistic (composition, concept)
    -the both theatrical and majestic outfit fits wonderfully in the beautiful setting (aka the Rijksmuseum: the architecture and the art)
    -you and your reportage of the event are fun
    I think this all lifted this post above and beyond fashion into theatre and art.
    Kudoos to you and Ron!

    • 3 June 2014 / 04:56

      I agree with Anja. Good photography in a very special setting takes the post to a different level. Even though the photos are not perfectly sharp, the compositions are perfect. Have you seen Melanie’s little discussion that she added to her article? It’s hilarious. You may have to add it to the article. This woman is a comedy genius!

      PETER: Who is that woman?!
      THIJS: I have no idea but get rid of her. Nobody is looking at us when she’s standing there.
      PETER: Shameless attention hog. Such a poser.
      THIJS: Look who’s talking Mr. Fancy Pants with frilly lace around his neck.
      PETER: Oh shut up, you’re wearing one too.
      THIJS: Hm, yes, I can’t help admiring it. But I mean reeeally, that yellow abomination. It’s ghastly.
      PETER: Nobody usurps our manly authority and greatness.
      BOTH: Security! Arrest that woman!!

      • Greetje
        3 June 2014 / 08:34

        You are right… Melanie is hilarious and I love her little discussion.

    • Greetje
      3 June 2014 / 08:32

      Thanks. It means I have to be very nice to my husband, in order to keep him wanting to take my photos. LOL He is the creative brain as you know. Although this post was a good and balanced co-production.

  27. 3 June 2014 / 01:40

    Neither you, or your styling of the skirt, are “plain”. Every shoot with the skirt doesn’t have to be over the top crazy; it’s nice to see the elegant side and your choice of location is perfect. The silver shoes are so pretty. I’m glad you were able to add your contribution to the list of Sisters of the Travelling Yellow Skirt

    • Greetje
      3 June 2014 / 08:36

      Thank you very much Shelley. Your mails and encouragement helped me to style it. I was a bit lost at the beginning.

  28. 3 June 2014 / 02:01

    Hi Greetje. I think you looked lovely in the skirt and that it was absolutely right to wear it as yourself and not how you think you should wear it just to be like the others. Showing it off in the museum was a great idea. I kept thinking that it looked like you were the showpiece and all these men were enjoying your presence. Then you hung out with the nude dudes and nearly had a penis on your head. What fun!

    • Greetje
      3 June 2014 / 08:36

      Hahahahaha…. You made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

  29. 3 June 2014 / 03:23

    I love everything about this – your post- and pre-photo shoot outfit, your courage, your styling of the yellow skirt in the Rijksmuseum!! It’s just amazing! How am I going to ever top that when I get the TYS?

    The funny thing is, we just saw a film about the renovation of the Rijksmuseum! It was fascinating, and irritating to see how long it took!

    • Greetje
      3 June 2014 / 08:40

      The renovation took so long because there were too many people having something to say….
      And it is as Sue (A Colourful Canvas) said: “It is crazy how that skirt just brings out the personality and beauty of the person wearing it! It’s crazy, but having worn it, I know it’s true!” So don’t worry Val, it will happen with no trouble at all. Thanks you for all your kind words.

  30. 3 June 2014 / 03:35

    What a fantastic way to showcase the Travelling Yellow Skirt, in an art museum, styled by an artist herself! x

    • Greetje
      3 June 2014 / 08:51

      Nice compliment haha, but so untrue. LOL I am most certainly not an artist, but I did have a lot of fun with this skirt.
      I was lucky my husband helped. Normally we cannot work together without having a fight, but with the photography we are a good team. Strange but nice.

  31. 3 June 2014 / 15:38

    Brilliant, Greetje! The Yellow Skirt as regal ball gown amidst the masters! And having fun, which is your way of living life. Brava!

    • Greetje
      3 June 2014 / 17:38

      Thanks for cheering! Yes, having and bringing fun … that’s my main goal in life. You are right.

  32. 3 June 2014 / 19:33

    Hello Greetje! I’m so glad I found your blog through the travels of the yellow skirt. I think you did a wonderful job displaying it in your own personal style, and thank you for sharing with us the beautiful Rijksmuseum.

    • Greetje
      4 June 2014 / 07:05

      Thank you very much. For visiting and for leaving such nice compliments. Perhaps you’d also like my reports on shopping in Amsterdam. They are all together underneath the tab Amsterdam in the top navigation.

  33. barbara
    3 June 2014 / 19:52

    phew;;;;quite a scroll down b4 I can comment…..I must try to post my comments sooner.
    Yet another A’dam hotspot on my list. it’s gorgeous, surprising, great pics.
    is that really true about the yellow skirt? does it travel by air mail to bloggers all over the world?
    cheers from Antwerp,

    • Greetje
      4 June 2014 / 07:09

      Yes, that is true. I have a Yellow Skirt badge in my right side bar. If you click through you’ll see the full story and the styling of previous bloggers. I received it from Sara in the UK and the skirt is now on its way to Australia. I have to say Barbara that I have never gotten so many comments and raving reviews on a blog post before. I am quite overwhelmed.

  34. 4 June 2014 / 04:14

    Of course! Where else would you wear the yellow skirt? Only you, Greetje, and you wore it beautifully. Ball gown in Amsterdam in one of the premier museums in the world. You’ve made a wonderful post, in the tradtition of the sisterhood! Lovely. Someday, I’d love to see a detail of all the individual touches you have all put on it.
    I’m going to have to go look up all the names of the painitngs now … I’ve seen many of them, but not “The Threatened Swan” That would be worth the whole trip just to see that one. I recognize “The Meagre Company” (Dan like to point out that men have dressed better in the past … he’s a lover of costume!) and know I’d have such a fine time there.
    Thank you, as always.

    • Greetje
      4 June 2014 / 07:19

      I have to admit I have failed to put makers and dates to the artwork I am showing. I should have done that. Being rather a culture and art barbarian, I did not think anyone would want to know. Forgot how well educated you are. Recognizing the Meagre Company…. you impress me.
      I am still trying to find out who made the bronze naked men sculptures, as, oddly enough, there was no information with it.
      If you want to, I can send you photos by mail of all the different things the bloggers have put on the skirt, as I took pictures of it before I sent it on.

  35. 4 June 2014 / 05:19

    You have done the skirt justice! Cheers from a fellow TYSFS model.

    I tried to take pictures once in a museum in San Francisco and was given a stern warning not to do that.

    • Greetje
      4 June 2014 / 07:25

      Hi fellow TYSFS model. As I said, the people at the Rijksmuseum were really sweet about it. As long as you don’t use flashlight. Which I can understand. Being a beginner at photography and not knowing how to set the camera properly for indoors, made the photos not as sharp as I would have liked them to be. And of course there is this thing about copyright, so you cannot publish all art. The makers of these artworks have died a long long time ago. I do not forsee any problems. And I am trying to warm everybody to go and visit.

  36. 5 June 2014 / 10:03

    magnificent show!!, so fabulous background for The Yellow Skirt Fashion Show!!, and you look gorgeous!!, so cool and elegant and artistic!!

    • Greetje
      5 June 2014 / 14:27

      I am very flattered. Thank you for your kind words.

  37. Rosemary
    5 June 2014 / 16:55

    Hi Greetje, Amazing! Absolutely fab!! The backdrops couldn’t be better. You’ve really “rocked” it. Well done you.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from http://www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.com

    • Greetje
      5 June 2014 / 18:09

      Thanks ever so much Rosemary. I thought you might like this.

  38. Elle
    5 June 2014 / 20:00

    Say what you will but wearing that yellow skirt in that setting, was clever indeed! I love each and every picture as each is classically styled and is truly a work of art. This is truly a post to linger over.
    I loved when you pulled up the skirt that I could see your skinny jeans, you are so funny. I also love the before and after. Great post! Kisses,

    • Greetje
      5 June 2014 / 21:57

      Thanks Elle, I get really shy. All these comments are so nice. I never expected that. Glad you enjoyed it.

  39. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles
    7 June 2014 / 19:26

    Wow Greet you indeed channeled your inner princess with this pretty yellow skirt….and thanks for the museum tour!!!


    • Greetje
      8 June 2014 / 20:14

      You are very welcom my dear. It was fun.

  40. 16 June 2014 / 03:11

    Hi Greetje-
    I’ve saved this post since receiving it because I wanted to remember to tell you how very much I enjoyed it. Kirk and I have been traveling – a couple of wonderful weeks related to our Music and Markets Tours – and i’m finally able to catch up with things I wanted to do after being so busy.
    Anyway, I just loved the setting and thought you were a lovely addition to the art and architecture in the Rijksmuseum : ) I’ve never heard of the Yellow Skirt, and this was a wonderful introduction to it! Wishing you the best – Anne

    • Greetje
      16 June 2014 / 08:12

      Thank you very much Anne. I know how you appreciate Amsterdam. As I do too.
      I was pleased mixing all these things together.

  41. 18 April 2015 / 22:44

    My God, that lovely post! Wonderful artwork and spectacular skirt. You look like a princess in the palace.

    • Greetje
      19 April 2015 / 20:33

      You put a big smile on my face. Indeed so nice to see your comments again.

  42. Lucy
    12 February 2016 / 18:32

    A lovely stylish skirt on a lovely inspirational lady. Thank you.

    • Greetje
      14 February 2016 / 11:23

      Well… the skirt was more cheap than stylish but that was the fun of it. The task of the one who got the skirt was to style it in her own way. I saw the way some artists had styled it and that was so creative. But this is me. Thanks for the compliments.

  43. 29 August 2016 / 22:28

    Greetje, I love how you’ve styled it up. Yes, you are a stylist as this is elegantly done, with thought to all the elements and location – that’s what styling is! You look beautiful, regal and very calm, if you know what I mean. Here we are two years on, and your addition to the skirt is still there, along with so many, many other adornments. The skirt is a great ambassador for global love. I’m proud to have been allowed to take part in the huge wave of sisterhood that is encompassing the world like a tidal wave of joy and sharing. Hurrah for the TYS!

    • Greetje
      30 August 2016 / 09:35

      I totally agree with you. Isn’t it wonderful how something that started so small can grow through love?

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