Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (1)Another post with photographs by my husband Ron at his “allotment”. This blue jacket is by Karen Millen, the trousers by Spijkers SIS Spijkers and the shoes: Michael by Michael Kors. You have seen the trousers before. Last summer I combined them with a white tuxedo jacket and with a black jacket. I was not happy with the black jacket …. just a tiny bit too short (how picky can you get eh?). Blue and black are a hot trend (for a while now, but I am a late adopter) and this jacket is slightly longer at the back…exactly what I was looking for, so BUY. The silver shoes will probably get worn out in one season as they take every outfit to a higher level. Now… you have seen my husband’s styling abilities in the black & cream transparent top and in the Rijksmuseum post. Look what he came up with this time….. Below:…”Dear… why don’t you pose further back in the garden”… (where high heels are murder… See how the heels sink through the tree bark into the ground?) Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (8)Below: …”You should stand on a plank.. that way you have support for your heels…. Just cover the plank with tree bark…”Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (9)Below: ….”Let’s move on. Oh.. forgot your flat shoes? Here… take my clogs. That will make a nice picture too…Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (10)Below: …”Now hold this piece of wood and pretend it is a tray and you serve tea…”Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (13)Below:  “… Listen Ron… I want a close shot of the shoes as well…”… “OK, put one foot on that blue chair…”Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (14) Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (15) Below: …”Now sit on this chair but turn it around…” See my face? I don’t trust that chair.. it is dirty and chipped. It might harm my clothes.Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (16)Below: the chair wasn’t that bad after all. I felt totally “Cabaret”.. remember that movie?) …”Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (17)Below: I drew the line when he put that chair in one of the plant beds and ordered me to stand on that wobbly thing.. Not in high heels, no way. See what a difference, flat shoes or high heels?.Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (19)Below: earlier this year I wore the jacket with black skinnies and closed silver shoes when Sylvia of 40+Style visited me. (Shorter, darker hair, puffy face..) Blue jacket and Spijkers trousers (22)Here is the link to the post she did about that day. Now I need more photo shoots as I am holding no photos in reserve anymore. Let’s hope for this magic combination of the right weather, a day off and a willing husband. Linking up to Sacramento who is hosting a Share in Style of bloggers with the theme “Fruit”. Greetje No Fear of Fashion

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