Long striped tunicIn my post Shopping with Sabine in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat, I gave you a little preview of this long striped tunic. Or is it a shirt? I don’t know. That day I was wearing my boyfriend jeans and these white sneakers. Somehow I cannot style it differently. To be honest, after seeing the photos Kitty took, I think it needs tucking in. Somewhere. Otherwise it is such a long, long item.

Kitty and I chose restaurant Dakkas to do this shoot. It is built like a greenhouse and located on top of a 6-floor parking garage, giving you a grand view of Haarlem. The weather was gorgeous (this was two weeks ago…).

Below: The restaurant from the outside.

Dakkas restaurant Haarlem

Below: The inside is fresh with lots of plants. (I think I said CHEESE here or just lifted the corners of my mouth. Weird face.)

Long striped tunic

Below: On arrival coffee on the terrace. The little jar is mine and contains a sugar substitute which is supposed to be pretty healthy and of course it doesn’t have calories like real sugar. This is a typical sight of me. Wherever I drink coffee, I pull my jar from my bag. I did try to drink my cappuccino without sugar but after 6 months I still didn’t like it and gave up.

Long striped tunic

Below: The terrace has steps going to a lower part.

Long striped tunic

Below: And the lower part gives access to a little roof garden. The plants are probably chosen for their bee attraction as there is a hive.

Dakkas restaurant Haarlem

Below: The hive. I love this as we have to be very good to the bees. Their lives are getting more difficult and the world needs bees. You all know the story about the birds and the bees I take it, so you are aware of their importance.

Below: How about this for a view?

Long striped tunic

Below: I love this photo Kitty took from the roof. It is the Sint Bavo church.

Haarlem view from roof

Below: See? Lifting the shirt, makes it less of a long, long thing. Have to find out what works best. I bought the shirt at Zondag, Willemsparkweg 161 in Amsterdam. They sell many fun brands. The brand of this shirt is Lollys Laundry (Copenhagen).

Long striped tunic

Below: “Table shot”.

Long striped tunic

Below: Details. A very cheap ring but fun.

Long striped tunic

Below: The pendant, jade with gold.


Below: We sat inside for lunch.

Long striped tunic

Below: With this view. I had to get up to that cupboard to see what the red flowers were… They were painted on the back of the wall haha.

Dakkas restaurant interior

Below: Nice shot.

Long striped tunic

Below: As we left I saw that there was a cartoon mural on the wall to the garage below.

Dakkas painting

Below: Here is the striped tunic on 3/4 black trousers. What do you think? It was dismissed by Ron and Kitty in favour of the boyfriend jeans.

Long striped tunic

What happened in my life this week

You won’t get a day to day report anymore because it doesn’t matter whether something happened on a Friday or on a Tuesday, right? Who cares.

Knee update: I paid a visit to our company doctor. She gave me an indefinite parking spot in the garage of the company. Which made me glad and sad. Glad because I don’t have to walk distances to the bus (Knee still doesn’t like that). Sad because it means that an expert thinks Knee might never heal. Let’s not lose hope though.

Did a fun shoot with Kitty which you will see next week. My photography days with her will stop for a while as she is terribly busy in November. Loes is stepping in.

One evening husband Ron was trying out a new recipe, bought all the ingredients, cut them and…. found out it had to stew for one and a half hour haha. We don’t like eating late and have only one solution to such mishaps: in the car and off to our favourite steak restaurant Loetje. He cooked the food the next day and I thought it was really nice. However, Ron didn’t like it at all. Too bland for him. He made enough to eat it another day that week. As we don’t throw out food (we were brought up never to waste food), he had to suffer again two days later. Same thing happened with another meal he made this week. Trying out new recipes is a risk.

We visited my step daughter and her fiancé. Of course some wedding stuff was discussed. It is going to take a while before a date is set.

The owner of my favourite tights shop (Stemm Voetiek), put a photo of her wearing a fun pair of floral tights on IG. I was swooning and immediately bought them. I love Stemm Voetiek for their out-of-this-world tights, their service and their advice. They have brought many of my outfits to a higher level.

Spent half the Wednesday creating outfits around those tights. I hate creating outfits. All those clothes, shoes, boots and accessories spread across the bed, the disappointments when you put together an outfit you think is going to be awesome and it turns out to be total crap. And nobody to put everything back in the closets. Just you. It really is not my favourite pastime. This time it went fine. YAY. The floral tights are more versatile than I initially thought and I was able to create three outfits with them. Loes and I “documented” two of them on Saturday.

In one of my closets, the mirror had fallen off the door, luckily not broken (otherwise 7 years of bad luck?). Of course I could put it back up but I had mentioned to Ron that I’d much rather have a proper long mirror instead of half a mirror in the door. I can never see my feet. Immediately he set out to look at the Ebay equivalent in the Netherlands (Marktplaats) and sent me several links. Somebody offered a really nice big one! Sent her an email and the next evening the mirror was in our bedroom. How is that for speed?

The end of this week is filled with parties. How am I supposed to do laundry and stuff like that? Oh, and Selina, my editor is on holiday in Japan.


No Fear of Fashion



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