Floral tights with a red skirtAll items of this outfit are from my own closet; the only new item are the floral tights. To document it all for you ( 😎 ), my photographer Loes and I went to the Music Building in Amsterdam, called Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. It is a beautiful building with fabulous views, glass walls all around (= lots of light), a restaurant and toilets. Ideal for winter photography. As it happened, the sun came out shortly after we arrived and we could take some shots outside as well. 

Of course we started with cappuccino, that is a given. Just as people watching is; never get tired of that. There was a “do” with cellos: concerts, workshops, children’s event etc. More about the event in two weeks. Today is about views and boats.

Below: View from the terrace, adjacent to the restaurant. This was the weather when we arrived. Ten minutes later the sun came out.

Below: The restaurant of the music building is light and modern. With plants. I love plants. And trees. Any city without trees or any room without plants doesn’t get my vote.

Floral tights and a red skirt

Below: The head to toe shot. The red skirt is second-hand and lived its life as a strapless dress. I bought it in Vancouver (see the post of the blogger meet-up in Vancouver) thinking it was a long skirt. Never even saw the bulges on the side haha. My seamstress transformed it into a pencil skirt. The black sweater is an old love in my closet (see it with my “tuxedo” black and white skinny here). The Chloé crossbody bag Marcie is my new love. The ankle boots are Kendall + Kylie.

Floral tights and a red skirt

Below: The center piece of the outfit: the floral tights. I love them. The owner of my tights shop (Stemm Voetiek), posted a photo of herself with these floral tights on Instagram and I fell totally in love with them.

Floral tights

Below: The weather was so nice that we could do an outside shot.

Floral tights and a red skirt

Below: Three hurrays for Loes. She created a Rembrandt photo with that light/dark and this background.

Floral tights and a red skirt

Below: A darling dog was very enthusiastic and jumped up to Loes.

Below: Time for lunch in the restaurant, where I secretly took a photo of this elegant lady. I know, naughty.

Below: When I looked up at the window above the kitchen, I saw a moving pipe with steam coming out. Huh?

Below: I ran outside and saw this cruise ship.

Below: The ship was very slowly turning 180 degrees to leave the port. It barely fits widthways in this water (called the IJ). You will see a couple of stages of the turning of this ship. Sooo cool.

Below: And away she went. A couple of years ago a ship performing this manoeuvre reversed right into the front of a restaurant across the water. Totally wrecked the front of the building. Sensation! (No wounded.)

Below: While I was photographing the ship, Loes snapped me with her iPhone.

Below: We headed upstairs for the next outfit. You will see that in two weeks. Please observe the buttons on the boots (thank you).

Floral tights and a red skirt

What happened in my life this week

A quiet weekend having dinner at our friends’ house. Fab dinner as always. I can never restrain myself. And especially not with the snacks at 5 p.m. I am peckish at that time. Trying to be civil but failed. I made the bites disappear from the table as if 10 mice just stacked their winter supplies. And the three course dinner was yet to come. Dessert was hot pear with home-made almond paste. So nice. The next day I hit the scales. Oh dear, oh dear. The two kilos I lost early this summer made their way back and my trousers feel very tight. Back to water and lettuce (not really, but that is my phrase for cutting all extras). Checked my diary and I still have 6 (SIX) dinners in November and a lunch. OMG, how am I going to manage that?

With two girlfriends we went to see a try-out of a comedian which was very funny. Of course there were bits that needed to be edited, but that is why the ticket is cheap and why it is called a try-out. He had a very different way of looking at things. One thing I wrote down as I can “use” that a lot at work: “Solutions”, he said, “solutions… are the PITS for problems.” Hahaha.. I like that.

Rest of the week I did boring stuff. Like trying to figure out how much electricity and gas we will have used by January in order to switch to another supplier (which is usually lucrative). And like changing window cleaners as the last one let me pay monthly but only did my windows every 6 weeks. Cheat.

Had an intake at the orthodontist. My teeth are going walkies in my mouth. A few of them are hiding behind others. I have a very small mouth anyway due to a little hick-up in the blueprint of my body (receding chin), plus 4 molars missing. Those molars were pulled by my dentist when I was 8. I needed braces and he had to create space in my jaw. So you can understand I have no need for teeth suddenly messing up my smile. It won’t be easy, wearing braces for one and a half year when you are 64. Plus paying quite a bit of money for it, but what needs to be done, needs to be done.


No Fear of Fashion





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