Wide green trousers with purple jumperIt was such good shopping at the Max Mara outlet in Turin. Here we have a pair of wide green trousers, totally different from the previous green ones you saw two weeks ago. Since I know that wide trousers really suit me, I am investing in them. They are very hard to hem though. These ones have been taken up twice and were originally meant to be worn with sneakers. After looking in the mirror right before this photo shoot, I felt they had been taken up a bit too much (my fault entirely) so I opted for my pointed black flats from Eijk Amsterdam. That would have been a good choice if it wasn’t for the fact that they are summer shoes. Far too cold as I found out that day. When I came home I let the hem down again to wear the trousers with (not too high) heels from now on.

The purple jumper creates a nice colour blocking or doesn’t it? I am never sure when I am or am not colour blocking. It is something I do not get the hang of. Anyway, purple (a red) and green should go together as they are complementary colours. The brand of the jumper is Bellamy Gallery and the model is called Judith, 100% merino wool, very affordable and it doesn’t itch!!! I really should buy them in all colours as this is such a treat for me. Bellamy Gallery is a very transparent and sustainable brand. They give you a footprint passport with every garment.

To brighten things up I added the modern Sportmax brooch, which I snatched up just before paying the bill at the outlet. I am always on the look-out for modern brooches and I love how this one lifts the outfit. The nonchalant black and white belt by Isabel Marant finishes the look. The sunglasses add glamour.

Loes was my photographer and we challenged the camera. Loes is far more patient than husband Ron so I had more time to figure out how to get it to focus. It still is behaving strangely, but we got good photos.

Here we go.

Below: It was sunny and very cold. I don’t really like long coats on wide trousers or they have to be floor length. A short, cropped leather jacket is much nicer but soooo cold. The coat is at least 6 years old and by Max Mara (bought at full retail price in a shop; sometimes I go wild). Wearing purple leather gloves with the coat which I found at a second-hand store for next to nothing, never been worn. The photo turned out nicely; this is a very good bokeh shot by Loes. Apparently the light was harsh as both my face and Loes’ (in the next photo) are pretty white and that isn’t true.

Purple coat Max Mara

Below: Loes in virtually the same spot. The fact her scarf wasn’t sitting right, was something I noticed too late. She adjusted it, but this first photo is the nicest of her.


Below: Such pretty autumn colours. We were at the Elswoud estate. I have taken blog photos here a couple of times. Once with my orange leather skirt and once with a moss green dress.

Below: My blonde hair against a green door is always good. Put me in front of a yellow brick wall and it is horrible. See how lovely the trousers hang?

Wide green trousers with purple jumper

Below: The back. This is tricky. As the trousers are pretty tight around the hips you can see everything that is going on underneath. In this case I was wearing a full body shaper with hooks at the bottom and it shows. If I put a thin top underneath the jumper, it will show as well. That is a bit of a drawback.

Wide green trousers with purple jumper

Below: The hair was behaving for a change.

Wide green trousers with purple jumper

Below: This was my view from the little white bridge: sheep.

Elswout park and estate

Below: Beautiful ornament on one of the buildings.

Elswout park and estate

Below: We found this little lady and I was asking her whether she wasn’t cold without any clothes on.

Wide green trousers with purple jumper

Below: She said clothes would spoil the scene she was creating. My kinda girl haha…everything for a perfect look.

Wide green trousers with purple jumper

Below: The grass was high and wet and my trouser legs wide and long. Not a good combination.

Wide green trousers with purple jumper

Below: I put my coat back on and we walked to the main house, which is pretty magnificent.

Elswout park and estate

Below: There was another lady, right in the middle of the front lawn “creating a scene”.

Elswout park and estate

Below: I love this shot on the stairs in front of the house.

Wide green trousers with purple jumper

Below: Here is another grand one. The lady behind me has more clothes on than the others. I wonder what she would think of me in trousers.

Wide green trousers with purple jumper

Below: I made Loes take off her coat as well, although in the sunshine it wasn’t too bad.


Below: Here is a photo of Loes with her scarf neatly tucked into her coat. That white ball on the left is what “we in the trade” call a flair.


Below: Gorgeous trees, gorgeous estate.

Elswout park and estate

Below: As we left the estate I saw this beautiful house across the road. Picture perfect.

House near Elswout park and estate

Below: Loes and I had lunch in a café/restaurant nearby. I took a stupid “welfie”.

Loes and me

Below: And I saw the doggie which I had photographed before (in this post with my orange trouser suit). Don’t come too close to him. He looks nice but he sounds aggressive.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: Running errands and doing the washing. Plus I had to take Watson out as Ron was away that afternoon. Walking the dog is not my cup of tea. At all. I love him but walking outside in the rain… no thank you. As you have to give and take in a marriage, I did it of course and for sure it rained. He is now nearly 10 months and has become very handsome:

dog Watson

Sunday: friends came over in the afternoon and we were supposed to walk the dog together. I let the three of them go as I bowed out to set the table and prepare the titbits for the drinking hour. Ron cooked a lovely meal: mussels with chorizo sausage (and more), french fries and a perfect salad. We had fish mouse with a small piece of trout for starters but no dessert. I didn’t know what to get as one of our friends is very allergic to lactose. As it happens we were all trying to watch our weight, so no dessert was fine by everybody. Got pretty flowers:

Autumn flowers

Monday and Tuesday: working at home as I was feeling ill. My throat felt like the Sahara…it burned and was aching. In such cases I’d much rather not talk and wait until this throat ache has transformed into a cold.

The nicest thing happened on Tuesday. A package arrived from Cynthia, a reader in the USA. She sent me Moleskin patches to use on my shoes and/or feet in summer to avoid blisters. It was sooo nice of her to send me this gift. She doesn’t know me apart from what she reads in my blog posts. I was chuffed. As soon as summer is here I am so going to try these patches. Hopefully it is the answer to my problem.

Wednesday: feeling better. The cold had set through and doesn’t bother me as long as I have handkerchiefs with me. Went to a big store with Ron in search of a new mattress.

Thursday: nothing special, just work.

Friday: We recently switched to a different mail programme at work and I found out how to operate the application two colleagues failed to find. At the age of 65 this is very satisfactory. Felt very proud. This is one of the reasons I want to continue working after my retirement at my current company (in 5 months). I want to feel proud of what I have done, to be challenged, keep up to date with technical stuff, laugh with my colleagues and (last but not least) have a “catwalk” to show my clothes (I don’t think I will be walking around in high heels and a pencil skirt at home). In March I am seriously going to try and find another job for less hours and less pay to fill this need but I am already “spreading the word”.


No Fear of Fashion

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