Orange trouser suitI bet you said “WOW, my goodness” when you opened this post. An orange trouser suit is not for the faint-hearted, especially not in such a bright shade. Readers who have been following my blog for a while, know it is definitely something for me. I don’t mind standing out in the crowd. If somebody doesn’t like it, well tough, we are all different, we all have a different taste. You don’t have to like it for me to feel good. Of course if everybody was to tell me I look aweful in an outfit, it would make me doubt. But I do have a mirror and I am not blind.

My dear neighbour from across the road, Loes, took my pictures again on a sunny Saturday. Ron was thrilled and went off to his allotment garden.

Below: We went to a café/restaurant called The coat of arms of Kennemer land (Het Wapen van Kennemerland). On the outskirts of Haarlem, overlooking the meadows. I have been here before in 2013 to shoot 3 outfits. (Still with brown hair and less wrinkles back then.) I now know why they used to call this pub The Stinking Bucket. In the old days the fishermen’s wifes took fish from Zandvoort (by the sea) to the market in Haarlem which is quite a few miles. On their way back they stopped for a rest (and a drink) at the pub, leaving their buckets outside.

Het Wapen van Kennemerland

Below: They have two terraces, so no matter what time of day, you can sit in the shade or in the sun.

Het Wapen van Kennemerland

Below: The lovely waiter above, immediately offered to take a picture of the both of us. See what I mean with overlooking the meadows?

Below: What a peace and quiet. Ideal for walks and cycling tours.

View from Het Wapen van Kennemerland

Below: We started to shoot photos and I took a picture of Loes first who was wearing a nice jeans blue dress. Coincidentally she colour-coordinated with me.


Below: Me against the same white fence. Ron definitely does not like this suit, mainly because of the (length of the) trousers. I have to say, I am not sure about them either. I know it is fashion, but I still have to adjust to that. The brand of this suit is LaSalle Amsterdam. I bought it in Haarlem at Levv Haarlem. Jacky, the owner of the shop always gives good and honest advice. She sells brands you don’t see often. Reasonably priced, often more daring stuff, more colourful than in other shops and still enough basic clothes to let the more daring clothes shine. Really nice shop.

Orange trouser suit

Below: Loes was taking “over the shoulder shots” by my request and hurray, the cows were let into the field.

Orange trouser suit

Below: The Netherlands at its best.

Orange trouser suit

Below: We returned to the restaurant for some more outfit photos.

Orange trouser suit

Below: As you can imagine, the suit is ever so comfortable.

Orange trouser suit

Below: Head to toe shot. The blue patent leather slingbacks are handmade from Turin. Bought them in the sale on one of my shopping sprees with Daniela (The Pretty Cute). For those who know her: Daniela has resumed blogging.

Orange trouser suit

Below: A head to toe shot from the side.

Orange trouser suit

Below: What a sweet doggie this is. I sent the owner the shots I took of him (her?). Thought this photo was particularly nice because of the reflection in the mirror.

Sweet doggie

Below: A close-up of the rings I was wearing, both gifts from Ron. On the left an antique ring with diamonds cut in an old way. On the left the ring he bought me last Christmas, made by Joyce Stouten:


Hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Next week another edition of the “Shopping Saturday girls”. I use the term “girls” loosely, especially as I am one of the three.


No Fear of Fashion

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