BVA friends, allotment garden and familyBVA friends, allotment garden and family.. means a bit of everything. Not a very thought-through, well styled (ahem) post but more like a lot of things thrown together. You don’t mind, do you? It is about friends, outfits, husband’s allotment garden and a family Sunday.

My BVA friends visiting me on a rainy day

My BVA friends came to visit me (except Marianna, who couldn’t make it) and usually I make many photos on such a day together. This day the rain came pouring down, it was dark and by the time the weather cleared up and we were all ready to hit the town and do some shopping, my knee started hurting again. No shopping for me, no photo opportunities. Marianne decided she didn’t need anything and she’d keep me company. She took my outfit photos and for variation and laughter, she suggested I would pose lying on the table with a flower in front of me (above)…whahaha. I comply wholeheartedly with such requests.

Below: Marianne in ochre.


The pictures below of Jilske, Claudia and Marijke, I took in our garden when the rain stopped.

Below: Jilske


Below: Claudia


Below: Marijke


Below: And me in my new thrifted A-line jacket which is slightly quilted. Of course it is as comforable as a little blanket, even better as it doesn’t itch. I liked the sleeves, the pattern, the colours, the shape, so why not buy it? Well, I did hesitate for a minute as I thought it was a bit of a “bed jacket”. Get what I mean? To my amazement Ron really liked this jacket. Blue jeans trousers: J Brand. Golden boots: Hoss Intropia.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Marianne was taking the pictures but as her hands are not very steady, we looked for ways she could rest the camera on a stand of some sort and then press the button without shaking the camera. Eureka, we did it.

Below: Jilske brought me these petunias. I decided not to hang them this time, but to put them on the garden table. That way you can bring the outside inside. (Photo taken through the garden doors’ window.)

Below: Claudia brought me so many tulips I had to use two vases.

Family and allotment garden of Ron 

The following weekend it was bright and sunny. Ron’s daughter Nicky and her boyfriend Randolf visited us as they wanted to see Ron’s allotment garden (300 m²). Ron loves his garden. We have a garden at home as you have seen above, but this garden is HIS. He can potter about, keep himself busy, think of new things, hatch new plans and, as he puts it: nothing should, everything could. I seldom visit him there as I get bored out of my brain with absolutely nothing to do. And if I want to read a book, I much rather do it in our own garden. Me not being there is a huge advantage of the allotment haha.

Below: His little “house” with terrace and sun shade.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Above picture is taken facing the house, the photo below is taken facing the garden. As you can see, he has a big pond with floating plant islands. At the end is a warrior of the Chinese Terracotta Army guarding the pond. No, not the real thing, are you kidding?

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Ron put in big doors as a partition. He does not put away that turquoise hose when he is not using it (I would hassle him about that).

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Randolf took a picture of Nicky and me underneath a fruit tree in bloom (don’t ask me what kind of fruit.. no idea).

Greetje and Nicky

Below: And I took a picture of Nicky.


Below: Here is Randolf, watering the plants.

Below: Nicky helped as well.


Below: And Ron himself of course. I was the one slacking, happily making photos.


Below: Father and daughter inspecting the plants.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Dog Charlie, always happy when she can wander about and Ron is around.


Below: When I saw this photo I decided never to wear this beautiful scarf like that anymore. I look like a boyscout, totally wrong. The scarf is thrifted from Bella’s Etsy shop: Citizen Rosebud and far too pretty to use like this. Scarves and me.. not a great match. However, one day this pretty little scarf is going to lift an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Me, white shirt Bellamy Gallery, light blue trousers: J Brand. Minibag Manoukian (gift from Marianne). As you might have noticed I use that fuchsia bag often.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Translation of the sign “Laboratorium voor ongebruikelijke experimenten”: Laboratory for unusual experiments. My guy has a very good sense of humor.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: A detail of Ron’s garden: half a green horse. He loves quirky stuff.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: And some art as well. Yes indeed, genuine art, not made by somebody as a hobby, but made by a genuine artist/designer.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: An iron woodpecker in the tree.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: OK, he is rather mad. He needed this plant pot for something in our garden at home and wearing it like a fez was his way of transporting it.


Below: Final picture: man and dog, I love them.

I have done a post about Ron’s allotment before in August 2015. All the plants were fully grown and he had cleaned the place up for my mother who visited. You can see the inside of his “house” in that post as well, although he changed quite a few things now.


No Fear of Fashion

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