BVA friends, allotment garden and family

BVA friends, allotment garden and familyBVA friends, allotment garden and family.. means a bit of everything. Not a very thought-through, well styled (ahem) post but more like a lot of things thrown together. You don’t mind, do you? It is about friends, outfits, husband’s allotment garden and a family Sunday.

My BVA friends visiting me on a rainy day

My BVA friends came to visit me (except Marianna, who couldn’t make it) and usually I make many photos on such a day together. This day the rain came pouring down, it was dark and by the time the weather cleared up and we were all ready to hit the town and do some shopping, my knee started hurting again. No shopping for me, no photo opportunities. Marianne decided she didn’t need anything and she’d keep me company. She took my outfit photos and for variation and laughter, she suggested I would pose lying on the table with a flower in front of me (above)…whahaha. I comply wholeheartedly with such requests.

Below: Marianne in ochre.


The pictures below of Jilske, Claudia and Marijke, I took in our garden when the rain stopped.

Below: Jilske


Below: Claudia


Below: Marijke


Below: And me in my new thrifted A-line jacket which is slightly quilted. Of course it is as comforable as a little blanket, even better as it doesn’t itch. I liked the sleeves, the pattern, the colours, the shape, so why not buy it? Well, I did hesitate for a minute as I thought it was a bit of a “bed jacket”. Get what I mean? To my amazement Ron really liked this jacket. Blue jeans trousers: J Brand. Golden boots: Hoss Intropia.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Marianne was taking the pictures but as her hands are not very steady, we looked for ways she could rest the camera on a stand of some sort and then press the button without shaking the camera. Eureka, we did it.

Below: Jilske brought me these petunias. I decided not to hang them this time, but to put them on the garden table. That way you can bring the outside inside. (Photo taken through the garden doors’ window.)

Below: Claudia brought me so many tulips I had to use two vases.

Family and allotment garden of Ron 

The following weekend it was bright and sunny. Ron’s daughter Nicky and her boyfriend Randolf visited us as they wanted to see Ron’s allotment garden (300 m²). Ron loves his garden. We have a garden at home as you have seen above, but this garden is HIS. He can potter about, keep himself busy, think of new things, hatch new plans and, as he puts it: nothing should, everything could. I seldom visit him there as I get bored out of my brain with absolutely nothing to do. And if I want to read a book, I much rather do it in our own garden. Me not being there is a huge advantage of the allotment haha.

Below: His little “house” with terrace and sun shade.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Above picture is taken facing the house, the photo below is taken facing the garden. As you can see, he has a big pond with floating plant islands. At the end is a warrior of the Chinese Terracotta Army guarding the pond. No, not the real thing, are you kidding?

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Ron put in big doors as a partition. He does not put away that turquoise hose when he is not using it (I would hassle him about that).

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Randolf took a picture of Nicky and me underneath a fruit tree in bloom (don’t ask me what kind of fruit.. no idea).

Greetje and Nicky

Below: And I took a picture of Nicky.


Below: Here is Randolf, watering the plants.

Below: Nicky helped as well.


Below: And Ron himself of course. I was the one slacking, happily making photos.


Below: Father and daughter inspecting the plants.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Dog Charlie, always happy when she can wander about and Ron is around.


Below: When I saw this photo I decided never to wear this beautiful scarf like that anymore. I look like a boyscout, totally wrong. The scarf is thrifted from Bella’s Etsy shop: Citizen Rosebud and far too pretty to use like this. Scarves and me.. not a great match. However, one day this pretty little scarf is going to lift an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Me, white shirt Bellamy Gallery, light blue trousers: J Brand. Minibag Manoukian (gift from Marianne). As you might have noticed I use that fuchsia bag often.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: Translation of the sign “Laboratorium voor ongebruikelijke experimenten”: Laboratory for unusual experiments. My guy has a very good sense of humor.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: A detail of Ron’s garden: half a green horse. He loves quirky stuff.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: And some art as well. Yes indeed, genuine art, not made by somebody as a hobby, but made by a genuine artist/designer.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: An iron woodpecker in the tree.

BVA friends, allotment garden and family

Below: OK, he is rather mad. He needed this plant pot for something in our garden at home and wearing it like a fez was his way of transporting it.


Below: Final picture: man and dog, I love them.

I have done a post about Ron’s allotment before in August 2015. All the plants were fully grown and he had cleaned the place up for my mother who visited. You can see the inside of his “house” in that post as well, although he changed quite a few things now.


No Fear of Fashion



  1. 13 May 2018 / 17:43

    Dear Greetje, what a warm blogpost again this week. I think you’ve got a fantastic family and great friends, sharing lots of fun and laughter together. So sweet of Marianne to stay with you for the afternoon.

    As for the fashion part: I absolutely adore your bright pink mini bag and like you, I struggle with styling scarves. I often wear them, it’s just that I have got a pretty limited creative way of doing so…Well, that means there is a lot of growth potential for us in that field (to stay in tune with the gardening bit of this blogpost)! Love, Lieske

    • Greetje
      13 May 2018 / 21:08

      Very good comment Lieske, very eloquent haha. Scarves.. what a struggle and I have so many lovely ones. One of the loviest family things happened to me yesterday when I received such a card from Nicky, wishing me a great stepmother’s day, accompanied by sweet grateful words. We have had a troubled past, the two of us and I am so glad that we really and truly like and love each other now. Never thought this would ever happen.

  2. 13 May 2018 / 21:06

    I love Ron’s quirky accents in the allotment garden. The feather (?) print jacket is quite nice on you. The scarf is so pretty…keep playing until you find a way to wear it that you like.

    • Greetje
      14 May 2018 / 08:44

      I am beginning to style like Judith, the Style Crone: I keep everything in my closet for years and then all of a sudden, bingo, it is the right piece for the right outfit haha. The only thing I need is a lot of closet space (not) and a good memory (yes).

  3. 13 May 2018 / 21:14

    Hooray for your thrifted top/jacket!

    I would love to have a little spot like Ron’s to escape to. How lovely. I adore all the quirky accents and art he has added, including the pot-as-a-hat. Ha!

    Looks like you’ve had some really wonderful days. Having friends so close to spend time with is a gift.


    • Greetje
      14 May 2018 / 08:46

      It certainly is Suzanne. One of the biggest advantage of overcrowded Holland: hardly any distances. Ron’s allotment is his equivalent of a second home in France. Much closer, only the weather is more fickle.

  4. Ann
    14 May 2018 / 02:56

    Hey there…went back to read your post from 2015 as I had not found you at that time. Anyhow love the photo of your mom and Ron talking about his garden. She with her hands on her hips and looking down, I assume totally absorbed in what Ron had to say. This must be a universal “mom” poise because my mom used to do the same thing when she and my husband were up to no good😄

    • Greetje
      14 May 2018 / 08:48

      Funny, your comment. My mom and Ron get along like a house on fire. They adore each other. When my father was still alive, it was the same with them. We are very lucky in this respect. Ron always jokes: “They are so happy with me because they finally got rid of you”, haha.

  5. 14 May 2018 / 12:52

    As I mentioned in my own blog post this week, I love a scarf but I just feel so uncomfortable wearing them! I love the pattern of the one I photographed, but I feel fussy in a scarf. I dunno. I love yours on you though. The colours are beautiful. One day, we’ll find the perfect outfit for our scarves 😀

    Ron’s allotment is so charming. I love every detail, especially the quirky ones. I think a garden is so much better than a ‘man cave’ and I love that he even has that fabulous little house to escape to. A room of one’s own. I love that. xx

    • Greetje
      14 May 2018 / 17:16

      This is his equivalent for a second home in France (his first choice). But it is even better as this is close by. Far more time to spend here (10 minutes drive from our house) than in the south of France. The argument is of course the weather. You win some, you lose some.

  6. 14 May 2018 / 13:44

    I do love your friends’ pictures, they look so gorgeous!, and you look fabulous too in your quilted jacket (comfy&cool) and those boots, so lovely!
    Also lovely flowers and plants in your garden, and so amazing quirky decoration and details at Ron’s allotment garden!, such a genuine spot!

    • Greetje
      14 May 2018 / 17:17

      Ron spends a lot of time in his garden, changing around things all the time. Painting the house grey/blue and then the next year, painting it black. Etc. As long as he is happy, I am happy.

  7. 14 May 2018 / 16:35

    so much joy in these pictures Greetje, I find myself smiling like a cheshire cat!
    Ron’s allotment looks like a holiday destination somewhere fancy, nothing like I expect an allotment to be. Or is it that the English don’t know how to do them as stylishly as the Dutch? 😉
    I’m so cheeky…

    • Greetje
      14 May 2018 / 17:25

      Ron had three desires in 1996 (??) and I was holding him back from fulfulling these desires (.. tssss): he wanted a boat, a dog and a second house in France. So I told him: start saving for your boat because if you want a boat, get one. It will be yours, not ours. A dog arrived in 2006 when he had enough time to walk it properly. My “change” was: no house in France. “Fine by me”, he said, “I haven’t got enough money for a house in France anyway”. This allotment is his house in France, closer to home. Less sunshine hours but more time to spend there as it is only 10 minutes drive away from our house. Most people grow vegetables on their allotment, but Ron would not be Ron if he didn’t do things differently. So it is not so much Dutch as it is Ron.

  8. Sheila (of Ephemera)
    15 May 2018 / 02:58

    Your friends remind me of my own group, although I’m not sure what BVA means. I love Ron’s allotment garden and his quirky pieces of art and sculpture! Your blue and yellow jacket is lovely – it looks very soft.

    • Greetje
      15 May 2018 / 19:24

      The blue and yellow jacket is indeed very soft and comfortable. BVA means Bond van Adverteerders, which is the name of the company we all used to work at. It means Advertisers Association.

  9. Karen
    15 May 2018 / 12:48

    Hi Greetje,
    Such a lovely post, looks like you had a great time with your friends and the family in the garden. I loved Jilske’s scarf and your white shirt outfit – remember seeing that shirt on a previous blog and thought how much it suited you. I always enjoy seeing white shirts styled, though I sometimes struggle getting one just right as I am of a larger framer and can end up looking like a sugar cube ha ha !!! The garden looks very pretty, please pass on praise to your ‘head gardener’ ( mine is busy as I type !!)

    • Greetje
      15 May 2018 / 19:36

      I will pass your praise on to Ron, but he never believes any praise. Tells me that all my readers just want to flatter haha. Whatever he wants to think. No skin of my nose.
      A white shirt is not something I like on myself very much. I don’t look like a sugar cube (I had a good laugh over your joke), but I don’t think they flatter me either.

  10. Marilee Gramith
    16 May 2018 / 06:06

    First if all, I’m sorry I didn’t explain that Pinterest picture I sent to you more clearly! It just made me think of you.
    What a nice variety of photos you’ve included in this post Greetje! I always enjoy the way you include family and friends and even interesting folks you run into of observe. It helps create a genuine sense of your life.
    I love your blue snd yellow tunic! It has a very tribal vibe of perhaps it’s an African print? I also like the white outfit and the colorful scarf at you neck is pretty!! You don’t look like a boyscout!

    • Greetje
      17 May 2018 / 18:19

      Well Jude, I know I can do a hell of a lot better with the white outfit and the scarf. Just didn’t take enough time to create a proper outfit. Hardly looked in the mirror even. Including friends, family and total strangers, makes a blogpost so much more lively. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen, nothing interesting going on and you will get just an outfit post. Fortunately everybody in my surroundings is pretty OK with his or her picture being shared on my blog.

  11. 16 May 2018 / 12:45

    A great allotment garden. My pony has been in the same situation as this statue and at the other side of the “haag” someone was cutting it with a machine. When you are in the neighbourhood of Nijmegen come and vistit our garden with your husband. I can talk green with him and fashion with you

    • Greetje
      17 May 2018 / 18:20

      Hahaha, that is funny: talking green with Ron and fashion with me. I will bear you in mind. Sounds like fun. For the time being I don’t go very far.

  12. 16 May 2018 / 19:07

    What a wonderful compilation of photos . This is like viewing a picnic in action. I love the photo of you lying on the table. How fantastic! Your friends are beautiful and I love to see you all together and the colorful outfits that you wear. I specially love that thrifted jacket, so gorgeous.

    The allotment garden is so fresh and unusual, the half horse is delightful and quirky.

    That photo of Ron wearing that plant pot on his head is hysterical. You two lovebirds are so perfectly matched !

    • Greetje
      18 May 2018 / 06:23

      Thanks for the compliments Elle and sorry I am missing some of your posts. It is busy in my life at the moment. Ron and me are indeed a perfect match. Which does not imply we don’t quarrel haha, but healthy quarreling, nothing serious.

  13. Caroline
    16 May 2018 / 20:29

    Lovely pics, lots more colour and cheer! Your blog is a happy place. I like your Ron’s allotment very much, especially the little house and the quirky details. Your comment about the hose made me laugh! Caroline x

    • Greetje
      18 May 2018 / 06:25

      You can understand why Ron loves his man cave, can’t you? No wife nagging him to clean up things. He can be a batchelor there. With the exception of the women part of that of course haha.

  14. Trish
    17 May 2018 / 10:38

    Sorry to hear the knee is still so bad. I hope the summer sun ( when we get it) will improve things. I love your green/ blue jacket. It’s a bit like a kimono. As for scarfs, always difficult to get and keep the presentation right. They slip and slide around. Ron’s allotment looks amazing. I live next to some allotment in the UK and no one has a fascinating place like that! What fun! I love the half a horse and the terracotta guard pool. I wish I had a green- fingered husband. I can’t even get mine to cut the grass. Best wishes and a speedy recovery. Tx

    • Greetje
      18 May 2018 / 06:31

      The knee is getting better Trish but oh so slowly. Far too slowly for an impatient person like me. I moan about it all the time, which makes Ron flee to his allotment haha. (I am trying to cut that moaning.)
      I don’t know whether Ron has green fingers but he is definitely better than me. I can not distinguish weerd from plants. Honestly. I always ask Ron if I want to pull out weed in our own garden. Half of the time it is a plant I was about to destroy. He doesn’t shy away from experiments in his own garden. Like the time he fetched elephant manure from the zoo, to see whether it would make his crop grow bigger haha. I have a very original man for a husband.

  15. 28 May 2018 / 03:28

    There are so many things to love in this post, especially that you got to be a happy slacker! Hahaha. But you did do photography duties. Well. The shot of you on the table made me laugh, great idea by Marianne. If you were naked, those lovely flowers would cover your own lady garden. Did you plan it like that? Hahaha? Lovely to see your friends again and Ron and your family. I check the previous allotment post too and there was turniphead. Hahaha. With more orange!

    • Greetje
      28 May 2018 / 06:12

      Oh yes, there was turniphead! Lovely T-shirt. And yes the flowers on the table were strategically placed. Orders from Marianne 😂.

  16. 11 June 2018 / 03:34

    I remember seeing your post where you first revealed Ron’s allotment. It’s perfect! It really is! We have small allotments in our community. I think the waiting list to get a plot is about a hundred years, LOL. And they aren’t big plots…not sure if you can even put up a structure on them. BUT….they are wonderful options for people who don’t have their own gardens…or…who want a little piece of land that is all their own. I love the motto…nothing should, everything could.

    • Greetje
      11 June 2018 / 18:51

      We have many allotment places in the cities. Or better said, on the outskirts of the cities. As you state, a lovely option for people without a garden. Usually there is a waiting list of about a year or half a year. Much better than 100 years haha. And we are even a tiny country with little land.

  17. 17 June 2018 / 11:07

    What a lovely post! I love Ron and Charlie as well and his garden is fab. I share a love for the quirky with him and for some jokes and humour in a decor, whether it be a home or a garden.
    Very cool!

    • Greetje
      17 June 2018 / 17:21

      You do share quirkyness and humour in a decor with him. Funny people… that’s what you are haha.

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