Moss green dressThat was a close call. These photos of my moss green dress were taken yesterday. I nearly had nothing to post. Luckily Ron was prepared to take the pictures and the weather wasn’t bad. Ron found a good spot where I would be protected from rain and wind: a small gazebo at the Elswout Estate in Overveen (adjacent to Haarlem). We will definitely go back there for more photos as they have phenomenal sites and buildings. In summer, when it is nice and green.

When we arrived the path to the gazebo was roped off. After completely ignoring this and two more rope blockings, we arrived at the gazebo and saw that the windows had been smashed. I looked it up: young drunks in the middle of the night. They were caught. Of course we didn’t damage anything while photographing.

Below: the photo on the left shows the gazebo in its full glory. On the right just after the crime. The window at the top right was smashed, one window right from the entrance and all windows at the left. Luckily they didn’t touch the round window at the side.

Gazebo Elswout

Top photo: as if they knew I was going to wear green, they had put a red (complementary colour) bench in the gazebo.

Below: “not that cold” is still cold enough to start testing the camera with the coat on. My hair was headstrong (pun intended). The air was still damp from the rain which is devastating for my hair. Every four photos I rushed to mirror and comb. Don’t for a minute think my lovely hair always looks lovely. Hard work.

Moss green dress

Below: the dress is by Bellamy Gallery, a brand I want to praise endlessly. Because they make do with little profit, provide sustainable clothes with a great fit, easy to wash, most things you don’t have to iron. And, important.. their prices are low. Advice for my Dutch readers: please check out their story and their webshop. They deserve our support. I bought a pair of blue easy trousers and a shirt from them. The white shirt underneath the dress is also by Bellamy Gallery (trying to let a little white sleeve peep from under the green).

Moss green dress

Below: the boots are old (6 years? 10 years?) and by Santoni. They were horribly expensive but they do last forever and are easy to walk on. OK, they are not completely modern, so the dress has to update the boots. As I was wearing a statement necklace I wore only little stud earrings and no bracelet (easy on the focus points).

Moss green dress

Below: Ron had crept through the bushes and was taking arty pictures through the window. Look… I am green because of the stained glass.

Moss green dress

Below: I quite like this one.

Below: in the meantime I had changed boots. Ron likes these over the knee boots best with the dress. I prefer the tan ones.

Moss green dress

Below: I explained to Ron that I am trying to find new poses. So he ordered me up on the bench and I started with the “hands on the hips” pose.

Moss green dress

Below: pose number 2. Hmmm…

Moss green dress

Below: pose number 3. After this one Ron refused to take another picture. He thought it was silly. There is no evidence of that, but by the look of pose number 3, he might be right…

Moss green dress

Below: his refusal made me laugh of course

Moss green dress

Below: another full length shot outside. I have to find a way to stop this dress from sliding to the back. Oh I know!! Dress tape of course!! The sticky straps used by movie stars to avoid undesirable exposure. Those straps are in my closet, totally forgotten.

Moss green dress

Below: we went to a picturesque bridge. The leopard scarf is thick and has beautiful tassles. It is ancient, about 25 years old. It was expensive, just like the tan boots, but price per wear makes it very cost efficient. Such a pity you never know this when you buy the item. Expensive isn’t always a good indicator.

Black Max Mara coat

Below: two close-ups of the necklace. Ron prefers the first because it is arty. I agree with him, but I also like the second one because it is so sharp. I love sharp photos.

The necklace is from Bella (Etsy shop of Citizen Rosebud). She does great vintage stuff.

Vintage necklace by Citizen Rosebud

Vintage necklace by Citizen Rosebud

Below: close-up of the bag by Ellen Verbeek. I only know her bags, but she sells shoes too.

tan bag by Ellen Verbeek

I really should treat this bag better. Leather needs TLC from time to time. Not with shoe polish, but with special leather treatment stuff (need to buy that). And while I am at it, why not treat those tan boots too….. Just found a tutorial for this on Wikihow. You’ve got to love internet. How did we manage in the old days? Oh yes, I remember, these handy tips were given from granny to mum to you.

Which boots do you prefer with this dress? The tan boots or the black OTK boots?


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