You will probably be relieved to hear that this is going to be a shorter post. Ron (husband) was going to take the photos and we didn’t have much time. I am wearing green trousers from the Max Mara outlet in Turin, a leopard top by Marc Cain, python pumps and a dark brown bag by Longchamp. Apart from the green trousers everything is from my wardrobe. The green belt is a recent and inexpensive addition.

Ron’s brother was celebrating his 70th birthday with a family lunch which of course we attended. The lunch was in the Parel van Zuilen where we had taken photos before (in April with my dropped crotch trousers). So no new backgrounds but in any case a new outfit.

The photos are taken by Olaf, a friend of Ron’s brother. They know each other since they were 15, so he feels like family. Olaf is a keen photographer and Ron was very pleased that he could pass the task of photographing my outfit on haha.

Below: To stay with the animal print theme, I wore my python coat. A bit of an overkill on the animal print but the colours matched my outfit so well, I couldn’t resist. This coat is ancient, second-hand and…. Versace Jeans Couture, so high quality. It feels as soft as a baby’s skin. Looking at this photo I feel the black silk scarf is totally wrong. I must find something better (no idea what). I am not very good with coats and scarves, plus I cannot stand wool.

Python print coat

Below: Even from the side I like this outfit, which is new to me as I NEVER wear a short top on trousers.

Green trousers with leopard top

You know what Ron said when he saw me in this outfit? “What a nice tush you have in these trousers!” That did it. I do not have a “nice tush”. As a matter of fact it is more of a scrawny little arse. Getting a compliment like Ron gave me, make these trousers gold for me.

Below: So I am proudly presenting… my tush.

Green trousers with leopard top

Below: This is funny. Olaf took the photo while a boat was passing behind be. Do you see the guy on the boat imitating my pose haha?

Green trousers with leopard top

Below: On the swing. I haven’t been on one since I was 10.

Below: Olaf had to tell me how to get it swinging. See my face go “Eeeeehhhh, is this thing going to hold me???”

Green trousers with leopard top

Below: Earrings: green snake print. Why not? The leopard top you have seen before in this post with my cream pleated skirt.

leopard top

Below: Close-up of the python pumps. Bought them at least 5 years ago.

Python print pumps

Below: Close-up of the bag.

Brown leather bag Longchamps

Below: One last picture with the autumn leaves, feeling pretty good.

Green trousers with leopard top

You know, I feel better and am prouder of my body than when I was 25 or 35. Strange isn’t it? Even though my skin is saggy and wrinkled. Getting older comes with more confidence. At least that is the case with me.

As there are no interesting backgrounds in the above photo, I thought I would show you some pictures of a house a famous Dutch designer and architect (Gerrit Rietveld) built for Miss T. Schröder in 1924. UNESCO placed it on the World Heritage List as ‘an important and unique icon in Western architectural history and a masterpiece of human creativity’. Not too shabby.

Below: See that black rectangle sticking out top right? That is an open window. Totally in harmony with the design of the house.

Rietveld Schröder house

Below: I love this detail below. In the photo above you see it bottom right. The message on the red pole says:

ring first. when no answer speaking tube

The “Speaking tube” is on the left bottom.

Rietveld Schröder house

Below: In a tunnel underneath a road there were tiles showing the chair designs by Rietveld in blue. There are many.

Gerrit Rietveld chairs in blue

Gerrit Rietveld chairs in blue

It is a shame that there is a lot of wear and tear in that tunnel.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: I finally met my best friend Lia again. It has been too long. Losing my other best friend Pat in March was bad and I feel so stupid that I don’t spend more time with Lia who is still alive and within reasonable distance (an hour’s drive). Can you believe she still does not have a grey hair? Below you see us at lunch. I am eating pea soup, very Dutch.

Lia and me

Below: As we walked through the restaurant we saw this pram and had to have our picture taken with it. You see, when we were 17 and just finished secondary school (high school) we went on holiday together. Not with a backpack or a suitcase, but both with a pram. We stashed everything in it: tent, sleeping bags, food, clothes…everything. And did a tour through the Netherlands by train. The feeling of freedom was sooo good.

Lia and me with pram

Sunday: birthday lunch with Ron’s brother and his family.

Monday: work, nothing special. Had a laugh in the morning when I was in the lift (elevator). A Dutch guy (around 40) asked a very fit Indian guy how long he had trained for the half marathon. The answer was: one and a half month before the marathon. When the Dutch guy replied: “Oh so there is still hope for me.” I couldn’t resist saying “Dream on baby” as I got out of the lift. My (female) colleague who got out at the same time burst out laughing. It wasn’t my intention to insult the guy, just to make a little joke. The loud laughing of my colleague and me perhaps made the joke a bit bitter. When we arrived at our department she said: “Only half past 8 in the morning and she has already slayed a man”.

Tuesday: our department went to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven as we sponsor this event (for 9 years now). It was so interesting to see what these young creative brains come up with. It is not just a new chair or car design. Technological innovations meet design. There are medical innovations, logistic improvements, projects to empower third world people to find new ways of income. And all the designs and innovations have the environment as a starting point. It made me happy; perhaps there is hope for the future of this planet.

Below: as usual I haven’t paid enough attention to quote what the guide told us about this. From what I remember, these poles are made from trees that had to be cut down because of road building. And there is a technique of pressing wood etc with which they intend to build a 10 or 20 storeys high building. They call it biobased building.

bio wood house

Below: These walls are made from the seeds of fungus/mushrooms. Or something like that. When it is prepared in a certain way, you get building material. Again, I didn’t really dig deep to find out the details.

Mushroom fungus

Below: And there was also “normal” design, like this futuristic car, undoubtedly environmentally friendly.

future car

Wednesday: apart from the usual errands, I went to the book presentation of Misja’s book (misjaB): Eye for style. Imagine that: from starting a blog with streetstyle photos of people over 40 to publishing your own book. All with her own photos and text. That must have been such a kick. And she was asked by a publisher! What an honour. I will give you a full report next week.

Thursday: the day I had my earlobes “repaired”. The holes are sewn up, now the waiting and recovering begins. In six weeks I can have my earlobes pierced again. So you will see me without earrings for a while.

Friday: we ate sushi at our friends’ house. The friend who has been so ill. It is very good seeing him back home.


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