Python boots with black pleated skirtThis is the first outing of these python boots. I prefer them underneath a longer skirt as they draw a lot of attention to themselves. On the other hand, they are so pretty, I might change my mind. The top and skirt are from the Max Mara outlet in Turin. The necklace (Iceberg) is a couple of years old and you saw me wear it before with jeans and an Acne tunic. The bag is my trusted Chloé Marcie mini bag. Such a handy little bag. The belt is ancient (about 30 years).

You will first see more of this outfit after which I am going to show you some women, dressed to the nines, who attended the presentation of Misja Beijers‘ book, Eye for Style. Misja is a blogging friend of mine and she photographs women and men over 50, all with a keen interest in outfits.

Now first my outfit with the python boots.

As both my photographers were busy I asked husband Ron to take photos and that was a bad idea. The camera had all sorts of hiccups and refused to focus. If there is anything that annoys Ron it is a camera not performing. I tried a couple of times myself and nope, it just didn’t want to cooperate. So, Ron is now definitely never going to take my blog photos anymore. Dammit.

The photo above is sharp and taken by my next door neighbour. I had to have one sharp photo for this post and I asked him for help.

Below: This was really the best photo, but I am pulling a bit of a funny face, so it didn’t make it to the top.

Python boots and black pleated skirt

Over to Ron’s photos. His idea of using the beautiful autumn leaves as a background was of course a good idea.

Below: This would have been my first photo had it been sharp.

Python boots with black pleated skirt

Below: We have quite a few nice big parks within a quarter of an hour’s drive.

Below: The shoot started with my green leather jacket and a bright yellow scarf.

Python boots and leather jacket

Below: I decided that the yellow scarf was a bit too much. Off with it. Of course Watson was with us, playing with other dogs and running around with a stick that was far too big for him. In the photo below he is digging a great big hole.

Python boots with a black pleated skirt

Below: “Darling… you cannot see the boots from the leaves….”.

Below: Trying to stand on this tree trunk. Didn’t really manage it.

Below: Back on the ground then.

Python boots with a black pleated skirt

We decided to call it a day before things got really nasty.

Presentation of Misja’s book: Oog voor Stijl (Eye for Style)

The presentation was in a fantastic old and very respected bookshop (De Vries Van Stockum). They are top of the bill and have an online shop, delivering outside of Europe as well. I only had my iPhone with me as my camera would have taken worse quality photos. The space between me and all the people whose picture I wanted to take was far too small so these are not going to be grand photos.

Below: Let’s start with a photo when the first speaker addressed Misja, who of course looked lovely. Behind them is a photo of the cover of Misja’s book.

Below: Misja in turn, gave two first examples of her book away, one to Lucy, who is photographed by Misja a lot.

Below: I had my copy of the book signed by Misja.

Below: A few photos of the guests. I think all the ones of which I took a photo, appear in the book.

Below: Misja takes photos of men as well, like the man below in red. The lady standing next to him is also in the book. Love her cute bag.

Below: This lady surprised me by recognising me. I had taken a picture of one of her bags in 2015 at the Design and Crafts Fair. She designs pleated leather bags and I was drooling over a red one at the time (just drooling, no money). Her company is called Mrs Rosehip. See for yourself on her website what a treasure bags they are.

Below: Ans Markus (on the left) with a good friend. Ans Markus is a famous Dutch artist, well-known for her paintings and I seem to run into her at fairs and book presentations.

Below: And here is Misja again, being very happy. Who wouldn’t be?

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: trying to do this photoshoot with Ron. Not very successful to use an understatement. I ran some errands and went to the birthday party of my friend Helga. Her theme for the night was “flowers”. No problem. I wore the blue summer dress by Cabi with a Uniqlo heat tech shirt underneath and black over-the-knee boots. As finishing touch I added a white flower necklace, a gift from my friend Anja. I had to laugh when another friend at the party looked at me and said: “I presume you had no problem with the theme? You just had to look under F for flowers?”

Sunday: visited old neighbours who moved to a village nearby. They had done a very good job of renovating and styling the house. Watson embarrassed us with a wee indoors. As dog owners always do, we cried out: “He never does that”. And it is true, he never tinkles indoors, he is house-broken. Perhaps he was marking his territory? As their dog died a couple of months ago and his smell was perhaps still in the house. Luckily they have had so many “accidents” with their dog indoors that they are used to mopping it up. Of course we apologized profusely.

Monday: work and a training course. I was very active in asking inquisitive questions during the course. I often wonder whether my colleagues think: “Oh woman, why don’t you shut up”. The ones I ask whether I am annoying, always answer that they like my interest and my questions. But you can never be sure whether they dare to be honest.

Tuesday: work and a very pleasant restaurant lunch with my friend Aafke who works near my office at the moment.

Wednesday: Photoshoot with Loes. It was cold but sunny and crisp weather. A lovely autumn day. The camera was still on the blink but I found a way around it, so I think that the photos are all right.

Thursday: loads of meetings. There was a lovely incident when I got this compliment: a woman (she was almost 40) stopped me in the office corridor and said: “I saw you approaching and thought “Wow, she looks good, what a great outfit”. As you can imagine, I gave her my blog card. Nice when people notice your efforts and appreciate it.

Friday: working from home and eating French cheese at friends. Went to the camera shop to seek advice. Dog Watson got his head trapped in a box haha. We came to the rescue.

Watson in the box

Nothing special this week but all was nice.


No Fear of Fashion

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