Christmas outfit 2019As I have so many clothes, I decided it was ridiculous to buy a Christmas outfit this year. Surely I could create an outfit from the stuff in my wardrobe? The answer is yes I can, but I am still not sure what top to wear on this festive skirt. You can help me decide, there is still time. (This wide blue skirt made its first appearance on the blog in a spring version.)

Below: My first try, prompted by Selina, my blog editor who asked me “what will you be wearing this Christmas?” My answer was: “No idea” and I dived in my wardrobe. The blouse is black with yellow polka dots, the top underneath purple blue. I thought this was quite nice but both Selina and husband Ron voted against it.

Christmas outfit 2019

Below: Second try met both their approval. This golden top is by Max Mara and totally second-hand for a very small price. A bit dangerous as it is rather tight (any lumps and bumps showing?) Nevertheless, I thought I was done. Then after a few days I started to doubt. Was the top not too dark? Was the belt not making my upper body look too short? Was a short white pearl necklace perhaps better than the gold necklace? Did I need another top after all? I decided if I did, a gold colour would still be best.

Christmas outfit 2019

Then I suddenly remembered my other golden top which is rather shiny and not too wide. I thought I hit the jackpot.

Below: Ron was kind enough to document it for you (although he hates it and swore never to take my photos ever again).

Christmas outfit 2019

Below: A few more photos and I would have a Christmas blog post. YAY. Ron asked me to light the candles for a nicer picture.

Christmas outfit 2019

Below: Artistic angle.

Christmas outfit 2019

Below: The outfit with the candles lit. Not that much difference haha.

Christmas outfit 2019

Below: Close-up of the Christmas tree with me in the corner.

Christmas outfit 2019

Ron went out to walk the dog while I uploaded the photos for this post. Rats… would the outfit not have been nicer with the blue belt? The light was rapidly fading…

Below: After adding the belt I tried to take my own picture in the hall mirror. Not very good.

Christmas outfit 2019

So I quickly went next-door and woke up my neighbour who was taking a nap (poor girl). Although she was still half asleep, I asked her to take a picture outdoors in her garden. (I am ruthless when it comes to blogging.) She was kind enough to take a dozen or so.

Below: In the neighbours’ garden with the belt. I had to erase the evidence of being out in the cold if you get my drift. For these kinds of things I do use Photoshop.

Christmas outfit 2019

Below: Which one would you advise me to wear? I think my preference is the top right one, but with a short pearl necklace, although I still like the blouse with the yellow polka dots as well. The difference between the bottom two outfits is the belt.

Christmas outfit 2019 collage

What happened in my life this week

It has been a busy weekend and week.

Saturday: I did the “try-out” of my Christmas outfit. In the evening we went to friends to celebrate Marla’s birthday. They are very good cooks and the food was delicious, as usual. Everything was fish or made with fish. Ron brought a dish as well. It was such a nice evening.

Sunday: great day for me as we went to my favourite jeweller. The ring I usually wear no longer had my love and my other antique ring wasn’t to my taste anymore either. I wanted to sell them back to the shop, pay some additional money and leave the store with one, big, more modern ring. I succeeded but the “pay some additional money” is an understatement. I took it out of my pension savings. This ring is something I wanted for years and it is my retirement reward for 49 years of continuous fulltime working. Ron suggested it might not be such a good idea to flaunt it on the internet as not to attract thieves.

Monday: normal working day with my usual fitness class in the early evening.

Tuesday: meetings in the morning. Quiet working day. Then in the afternoon I discovered I missed a message from Sara, my British friend who lives in the USA. She was already in the Netherlands for 4 days and this Tuesday was her last day. As my workload is hardly heavy this week, I left the office to meet her and her daughter at a restaurant. The photo below doesn’t do Sara justice. Sorry Sara. After drinks we decided also to have dinner together.

Melissa and Sara

Below: Sara took this photo of me entering the restaurant.

Meeting Sara

Wednesday: a smooth photo shoot with Loes, always a pleasure. In the evening Ron and I went to the movies again. For years we haven’t been to the movies and now three times in one month.

Thursday: the day started with a Christmas breakfast at the office. As I am gradually gaining weight, I was determined not to eat anything, only to drink water. Failed miserably by the look of ham/cheese croissants and thick yoghurt with fruit. Why not some chocolate in the afternoon as well? In the evening I managed to eat half a mackerel which was in the fridge. No self-control whatsoever.

Friday: got on the scales first thing in the morning: ouch, there was the punishment for my indulgence the previous day(s): gained more weight and had regret after the fact. Worked from home and in the afternoon created this blogpost. It wasn’t a nice day as I had a giant headache, bordering on migraine. Took 4 pills and went to bed for a nap. To bed in our new bed: new mattresses and new spiral bases were delivered that afternoon. It felt like heaven. Hope it will be as good as I think it will be.

Wishing you a fantastic Christmas, you lovely readers. I will continue my posts every Sunday, but just in case you miss next week’s post, I wish you a Happy New Year too.


No Fear of Fashion

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