Big orange jumperAs it is getting colder I have a preference for big fluffy jumpers (sweaters), like this big orange jumper. You have seen it before in this post, which I bet you cannot remember. There is not a lot of difference between the outfits in both posts: the jeans are different and I am wearing my Angela Caputi necklace instead of a little scarf. I thought I could get away with posting it again with so little difference as it is a busy time of the year. Many readers will have better things to do than to look at my blog post. Which doesn’t apply to you, you loyal reader. Thank you for visiting my blog despite your busy schedule.

I confess I was having lunch yet again. With my friend Ineke whom I know from when I was 28, which is a pretty long time ago. We usually see each other about once a year and pick up straight from where we left off the last time. This is why I value long friendships: these friends know where you come from. On the other hand I am not excluding any new friends as they are always welcome. Isn’t it great that our heart never takes away any love from old friends but expands to let in new friends whom we love as well.

Ineke and I met at restaurant Polder which has their own free parking space. A big plus in Amsterdam. The restaurant is a former farmhouse by the look of it, now completely surrounded by tall buildings in Amsterdam Science Park. This area holds University science departments, research facilities and some 100 innovative companies: a buzzing science hub.

Below: See the industrial buildings at the right of the restaurant?

Café restaurant Polder Amsterdam

Below: Inside it is like a barn and really cosy or as the Dutch say: “gezellig”. There is no translation for this word in any language. It stands for warmth, friendship, cosiness and much more.

Café restaurant Polder Amsterdam

Below: And here is Ineke. Love her leather jacket; I nearly ordered it myself.


Below: There won’t be much variation in the photos, but we did try to offer you some different backgrounds.

Big orange jumper

Below: Details: big orange jumper by American Vintage, necklace Angela Caputi, bag: Chloé Marcie mini crossbody bag.

Big orange jumper

Below: Leaning to one side makes this jumper very wide and there is something stuck to the toe of my boot.

Big orange jumper

Below: Sitting on the doorstep of what used to be the front door.

Big orange jumper

Below: There is a henhouse behind the restaurant.  My jeans are a bit looser than you usually see me wear; the brand is Denham Jeans.

Big orange jumper

Below: Trying to coo the hens in coming to me. (Nice shot Ineke, very flattering…) The boots are a couple of years old and by Kendall & Kylie, not really my icons (to say the least) but I do like these boots with the little “buttons” at the back. They have a high heel but are very comfortable.

Big orange jumper

Below: Ineke from head to toe. She is wearing a fun pair of wide trousers but you cannot really see it.

What happened in my life this week

Friday and Saturday I suffered from a big migraine, something I thought was a thing of the past. I did manage to do some boring shopping on the Saturday. The rest of the day I stayed indoors and laid low. Wrote last week’s blog post and read a book.

Sunday: read some more and had a quiet day with a little headache. At the end of the afternoon I was back on my feet and Ron invited our friends and neighbours Froukje and Petro for a meal at our house. Dog Watson was a bloody nuisance all evening, apart from when we were eating. He is already trained never to bother us when we are seated at the dining table. Now we need to train him not to want to sit on visitors’ lap all the time.

Monday: at work. My holiday days are finished so I cannot take time off apart from the Friday between Christmas and the weekend. No fitness Monday night as they are closed till the new year. This is very bad for my weight; already gained 2 kilos (4,5 pounds). It is so much harder than I thought to maintain the new weight I reached because of wearing my braces, sigh.

Tuesday: at work in very low temperatures. Facility Management had set the heating 2 degrees lower ‘because there were so few people in the office’. Well, the ones that were there were freezing. My colleagues had put their coats on or wrapped a blanket around their body. As it was the same the day before, I got smart and put thick tights underneath my jeans and a warm top underneath my very warm jumper. It was perfect for the office but I had to take everything off when I got home as it was far too hot to wear in a normally heated house. This red jumper looks far better with flared jeans than it did with my black trousers.

Big red jumper on flared jeans

Left the office early. In the evening I watched André Rieu on TV and cried because bag pipes played Auld Lang Syne which reminded me of my dear departed friend Pat. These things happen when a loved one has died. At the most unexpected moments it hits you. Just the process of mourning.

Wednesday: Christmas day. Tried on more possibilities with the wide fancy blue skirt. Decided to wear the polka dot blouse but with a darker blue top underneath. The golden top was very nice but showed lumps and bumps, the draw-back of getting older. Thank you all for your advice and votes on the three options I showed last week. It was nice to have so much interaction: on the blog, on Facebook and on IG. We were invited by friends to celebrate Christmas day with them, their children and grandchildren. Here is a little collage:

Christmas Day 2019

Thursday: Second Christmas day as we call it (in English it is called Boxing day). We went to my mum’s and brought food. My brother and sister-in-law joined us and it was a very pleasant day. I wore a sleeveless black dress which came from the Midlifechic charity sale last year. Nikki of Midlifechic sells a lot of her clothes once or twice a year and donates the money to a good cause. As sleeveless is not a good idea for my arms, I added mesh sleeves. The floral tights (shown better in this post) and the necklace (also Angela Caputi) make the dress less classic (I hope).

Boxing day

Friday: This was supposed to be a gathering day of the Shopping Saturday girls, but poor Sabine was ill. Anke asked her whether she would be very upset if she went shopping with me without her. Of course, Sabine had no objections. I had every intention of photographing Anke and me during our shopping spree and at lunch, showing her 35 weeks pregnancy belly but I was “in the moment” and totally forgot. Which is good, right? Instead here is a photo of what I wore that day: my boyfriend jeans with my bright pink jumper (remember it from my post with my wide cream trousers?). My sneakers are new (a sales find) by ECCO and ever so comfortable.

bright pink jumper

That is it for this post. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2020.


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