My big fluffy orange sweater and Anja

orange sweaterAs I am always on the lookout for bright coloured clothes, I immediately spotted this orange sweater. Jumping from the rack, screaming: take me home! It combines very well with my green legging with side stripe. Only the legging isn’t that warm while the sweater is. There are fashionable people who walk around bare legged in winter to go to a party in lovely strappy sandals (you know who you are). Or who wear boots in summer with a tanktop. I cannot do that. My outfits are either for winter, for summer or for in-between. Never a mix. Which is why this orange sweater is better on jeans with boots. I might try thick tights underneath the striped legging; it was rather an awesome combination.

My friend and neighbour Anja is back in town and she agreed to come into town with me. Quite a miracle as she hates the cold. She loves The Netherlands for her friends and the fact she can layer her clothes and wear cuddly coats. But the cold… not her cup of tea. So I was very pleased she agreed to come out and “play” with me. “Play” in our case means: taking pictures for blogs as Anja also has a blog, a travel blog (Curly Traveller).

Below: Anja in her colourful outfit as she is a “more is more” person. A feast for a photographer. She really brightens up the day.


Below: I was wearing my cuddly coat as well (seen before in the post about my red sweater). And the new black booties I showed you two weeks ago.

Below: Anja posted this picture on her Instagram saying: “It is cold in The Netherlands”. We liked the red table and benches against our green coats.


Below: Anja knew a nice shop (Home Stock) with furniture and interior decorations which she thought would provide a good background for our photos. And … (important).. no wind blowing. We used her camera as hers is better equipped for indoor shooting. Even so, the light indoors is never sufficient. The store is indeed fantastic. Very creative with a warm, homey atmosphere.

orange sweater

Below: Spread across the couch. You have to think of something original. 😆 The sweater is by American Vintage.

orange sweater

Below: The long green sweater which I wore in the video (two posts ago, at the end) is also by American Vintage. Here I am trying it on in Hudson Bay Maastricht.

long green sweater American Vintage

Below: We tried several couches. Anja is my boho friend.


Below: And she loves velvet (this tunic is blue). Look at that bear rug underneath the blue chair! How cute is that.


Below: Searching for a place to have coffee and take photos. This place had pretty marble stairs but it was too dark for photos.

orange sweater

Below: On our way to another place. I love Anja’s hair. I know it is high maintenance, but gosh the result is worth it.


Below: Hah, we found a place.


Below: Anja photographing me across the table and me photographing her. People around us probably thought we were insane. Not dangerous, but definitely not normal.


orange sweater

Below: The scarf is by Pauw. Added to create more interest to the outfit.

orange sweater

Below: Close-up of the big watch. Present from Ron a couple of years ago.

Below: When I took this picture it was still too bright to see the pretty lights.

Below: But darkness soon settled as we walked home. Anja goofing in front of the bears in the window.


I am glad Anja is back. Many cups of coffee and chats.


PS: I am linking up with Adrienne and Jill, who are hosting “How I wear my blazer (or jacket)”. This is the last month they are hosting “How I wear my..”. A shame but understandable.

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  1. 10 December 2017 / 17:34

    Hi Greetje. You bought this sweater right on time. What a snowy day you are having in Holland. Amazing! I love the bright colour on you. It goes well with your bright smile. Have a good start of the new week. Love, Lieske

    • Greetje
      10 December 2017 / 17:50

      A good start of the new week means: me and the car getting to work and back home in one piece. Snow is not really my cup of tea. The days of throwing snow balls are over. Thanks for the compliments. It put another smile on my face.

  2. Riley
    10 December 2017 / 17:36

    Your sweater looks so warm and comfy, and very stylish. Every Sunday morning (my time–in USA), I open my computer and look forward to reading your weekly post. I imagine that I am joining you and your friends for a cup of coffee and some good laughs. You always seem to have so much fun! This week is no exception.

    • Greetje
      10 December 2017 / 17:56

      Glad you enjoy my posts so much. The sole reason why I have a blog: to entertain. And please tag along vicariously. The orange sweater is like a big lightweight blanket. Snuggly and as you say, stylish.

  3. 10 December 2017 / 17:37

    Thanks for making me feel like a schtar for a moment, hahaha….

    I had planned to go tango-dancing today, but the snow (and hence the road conditions) kept me home. No, I don’t like the cold and I also don’t like snow;-).

    But I’m indeed very happy to be back in Holland, so that I can have lots of cappuccinos and chats with my favourite freighbor (=friend+neighbor=YOU)

    • Greetje
      10 December 2017 / 17:57

      The pleasure is mutual my dear. As is my distaste of the snow. Have to go to work tomorrow in this weather… brrr..

  4. 10 December 2017 / 18:29

    Once again, you’ve found a bright color that looks fabulous on you! I’d love to visit the Netherlands around Christmastime; I’ll bet it’s lovely (even if cold). Indoor photo shooting is such a challenge, isn’t it??

    • Greetje
      10 December 2017 / 20:20

      Oh yes, any old town around Christmas is lovely with lights etc. At the moment there is snow as well so everything looks very Christmassy. Just not my cup of tea. Big traffic jams and warnings not to hit the road unless it is really necessary. This is with 10 cm snow. Can you think what this country would be like with 1 meter snow everywhere haha? Too many people living on this tiny spot which means you cannot have too many disturbances. Thanks for liking my new sweater. Oh guess what… I found a really big “rhinestone” brooch, transparent/white with lavender and I put it on my fuchsia coat. It reminded me so much of the green coat from Tara Jarmon. The brooch is plastic, not even rhinestones, was € 8 and looks fab.

  5. 10 December 2017 / 19:27

    I’m just like you in that I gravitate toward the fun, and colorful pieces, Greetje. In fact, there are times that I look in my closet and think yippee!!!!! But there are also times that I’m missing the basics, and I need to remember that basics are important too (although boring IMO…ha ha)!
    How wonderful to have Anja come play with you!! Our friends add so much value to our life!!
    And I was enthralled with that little bear rug—I need that for in front of my fireplace (for the kitties, of course)

    • Greetje
      10 December 2017 / 20:23

      What a splendid idea, to buy that little bear rug for the fireplace. Never thought of that. What a scream. I might splurge on that. And I agree about the missing basics. Buying clothes that draw attention all the time, gives you (me) a wardrobe full of items which cannot be combined as they all scream: “Look at me!!” Boring indeed, but very necessary.

  6. Marilee Gramith
    10 December 2017 / 20:07

    For some reason I’m thinking Anja is a woman to laugh and cry with. Something in her eyes and maybe you describing her as your Bohemian friend makes me think it’s easy to share good heart to heart conversations with Anja. That’s something we all need in a friend.
    I love your bright and cozy orange sweater Greetje. Here is a sweater that will cheer you on and just bring out your fun side. The leopard scarf adds that perfect touch of sophistication to this relaxed outfit. Hey Greetje! Those metallic, rounded toe boots that you have would be fun with this look too!
    Seeing you with your dear girlfriends makes me miss the cherished friends I will see so much less of now that my husband and I have moved to our mountain retirement home in western South Dakota. At a holiday party last night I learned that I have a Dutch neighbor!! She is a physician and I met her Englishman husband ; she wasn’t able to attend the party. Wish it was YOU who lived in my neighborhood! :-):-)

    • Greetje
      10 December 2017 / 20:30

      Oh yes, we have heart to heart conversations all the time. That is what friends are for. And although we are very different from each other, we have a lot in common as well. I had to think what you meant with metallic, rounded toe boots, then it dawned on me: you mean my golden boots. Oh my dear golden boots, always nice, always a good idea.
      Moving house is always a difficult thing. Making new friends is harder when you get older, but doable when you try. But missing your old friends…such a heartache. I hope that the Dutch neighbour is nice. And I would love to live in a lot of neighbourhoods, I can tell you. Blogging is wonderful. The downside however, is making friends who are so far away.

  7. Pauline
    10 December 2017 / 20:41

    Hello there I have just found your blog, I love both the orange and the green sweaters, both my colours.Also I am with you about winter and summer outfits I like to keep to the seasons, I can not understand how people can wear short sleeve tops and fip-flops in the winter as I often see here. Here in England we have just had our first snow about 6″ (deep for us) Also I love how your friend can wear her style of clothes.

    • Greetje
      10 December 2017 / 21:01

      We have about 4 inches of snow here at the coast. Worse further east. I am glad you found my blog. Every Sunday at 17.15 Dutch time a new post is published. I hope I can keep you entertained, even though it is only once a week. By the way: I am not a boho person at all, but I also love Anja’s style. On her. She wears it well.

  8. marjolein
    10 December 2017 / 20:59

    So are a colourful person!love the big orange sweater and your black boots are just perfect!I know I have something with shoes…. Anja’s ..lightblue boots are very nice as well.

    • Greetje
      11 December 2017 / 07:06

      Thanks Marjolein. Shall I check for you where Anja got the blue boots from?

  9. 10 December 2017 / 21:47

    Those black boots are fabulous; they look so sharp and perfect with everything. The orange sweater, what can I say, it suits you down to the ground. PERFECT! I’m also loving Anja’s coat and jeans and velvet tunic… I could basically just jump into either of your outfits and feel very happy! I’m glad Anja is back and that you have a fashion and coffee playmate to get into trouble with! xxx

    • Greetje
      11 December 2017 / 07:08

      Oh no I am not getting into more trouble again. Just coffee and chats. At first I was surprised you liked both putfits as they are pretty different. Then I thought of your outfits and understood.

  10. 11 December 2017 / 04:14

    How nice to see you two out together! I love that it was a blogger photography date : ) Those are fun.

    You are both looking fabulous. Have to say I’d wear everything that Anja is wearing, but you already knew that.

    I like the bright orange with the leopard scarf on you.

    It can’t be too cold when you both aren’t wearing hats or gloves.


    • Greetje
      11 December 2017 / 07:11

      It wasn’t bitter cold and my gloves were in my bag for the photos. At the moment we have snow and it is around freezing point. Neither Anja nor I leave the house haha. But it will be better starting tomorrow.

  11. Rebecca
    11 December 2017 / 04:39

    How nice that Anya is back in town so you two can play! I feel like Anya – I hate the cold and snow but so far winter in NYC hasn’t been too bad. You both look great and are having so much fun together. Thanks for sharing.

    • Greetje
      11 December 2017 / 07:13

      It keeps surprising me how loving one friend does not take away any love for another friend. It seems the more friends the more love. It just multiplies.

  12. 11 December 2017 / 15:36

    It’s wonderful to see you two friends together, having a blast and looking gorgeous. Your sweater does indeed look cozy, and Anja’s coat is magical. thanks for linking up, xox


    • Greetje
      11 December 2017 / 17:22

      Friends, coffee and going into town… my favourite pasttime.

  13. 11 December 2017 / 21:54

    Wonderful colourful girls in Haarlem, good to see both of you. You can cheer up Anja a little bit, she’s not happy I guess because of the snow!

    • Greetje
      12 December 2017 / 12:31

      If everything went according to plan, then Frits is back in The Netherlands too to cheer her up.

  14. 12 December 2017 / 13:15

    You look like 2 gorgeous colorful cuddly teddy bears. Miss you. Lots of hugs xxx

    • Greetje
      12 December 2017 / 18:09

      Ha, thanks Sylvia. Miss you too. It is a shame you won’t be here for Christmas. We will probably have to wait until June? Just know that I will be in Spain from June 16 to June 23… I cannot warn you soon enough haha.

      • 13 December 2017 / 08:53

        You are going to Spain???? What are you going to do there? To Javea again?

        • Greetje
          13 December 2017 / 19:57

          Yep. Did you call Marijke yet?

  15. 14 December 2017 / 01:18

    Love the contrasts of style epitomized by your green fluffy jackets. So different and so perfect for each of you. I love both styles. If I were to wear your gorgeous solid green I would add Anya’S embroidered booties, a combination..I am in between and a fan of both…
    You two with your cameras.. funny shots!
    Love the red sweater and scarf combo, and Anya’s gorgeous tunic,
    You are both fantastic.
    Btw, if kids in their teens were taking shots of one another, no one would think twice about it… so why not we girls, in our, ahem, advanced years?

    • Greetje
      14 December 2017 / 20:15

      I agree, why would we grown-up girls not get to play, right? And the sweater is orange, not red. It is as orange as an…. orange.

  16. 15 December 2017 / 02:17

    That orange sweater looks so soft and snuggly! It is very cold and snowy here, so I would love to have a couple of sweaters like that right now. I LOVE Anja’s coat! Fun and colourful coats like the green ones you both have help make winter bearable.

    • Greetje
      15 December 2017 / 07:03

      Winter is so much severe in your neck of the woods. I saw your photo of the white wonderland. Pretty to see but difficult to deal with in traffic. I normally do not have saeaters like this as most of them are wool and itch. These don’t, yay.

    • Greetje
      17 December 2017 / 17:43

      I never think of that. I just love any shade of red. As long as it is a bright colour.

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