Green leggings with side stripeThe reason I bought these green leggings with side stripe was their comfort and the great quality. I figured I could use them a lot. As it turned out, styling them was not that easy. Nevertheless I managed to create 4 outfits (quite unique for me) with the outfit above being my favourite. I prefer to wear the kimono jacket open. It looks and feels like silk, but it is not. It is viscose and cupro (never heard of cupro before). Bought it at Levv in Haarlem, which has a very skilful and lovely owner to help you.

As Sylvia of 40+Style was back in The Netherlands for a short week, she photographed it. Twisted her arm.

Below: Sylvia in her house, wearing a relaxed outfit.

Sylvia of 40Plus Style

Below: “Let’s try and make photos outside where the light is better.”

green leggings with side stripe

Outfit details: jacket: LaSalle, necklace Angela Caputi, bag: O bag, high/low top Eileen Fisher and the shoes: EIJK shoes. Of course.

Last Sunday I wore the leggings with my Acne tunic, which you have seen before. Last time in this post. It is nice but not really, really nice. It is my least favourite outfit of the four.

Below: With the Acne tunic.

green leggings with side stripe

The fact I could finally bring out those brogues again, is lovely though. Haven’t worn them since Kings Day 2014 (great post). Which is a shame as they are sooo soft.

Below: Close-up of the brogues.

orange brogues

Anyway, I wore this outfit to the celebration of my sister-in-law’s birthday. We also celebrated the birthday of my mother who had become 89 the week before.

I am going to show you a typical Dutch birthday. Which means we all sit in a circle and talk to each other. Not really a party concept. Fortunately my family is very talkative, almost like an Italian family. Lots of noise, people talk, talk, talk, you can hardly hear yourself and (another lucky thing) changing seats a lot. The beauty of this is that I get to talk to a lot of my relatives who I only see a couple of times a year. So, although I don’t think much of the concept itself, it does work. I really like my family gatherings. Always lots of laughter and warm feelings.

Below: From left to right, from top to bottom: my brother, my mum and nephew, my niece, my sister-in-law, my niece and her husband and baby girl, the wife of my nephew with their daughter (they have two sons too, not in the picture).


Below: A little conversation with my brother (love him; but I love my whole family).

green leggings with side stripe

Below: See? Circle.


Below: Little Janne wasn’t afraid of our dog Charlie. My grand nephew is still assessing the situation.


Below: Back to the outfit. My sister-in-law thought I needed a prop for a relaxed pose and provided the watering can.

green leggings with side stripe

Below: Then they started “grilling” me about the straps on my shoulders. Being the same stripes as on the leggings. How did I achieve this effect?

green leggings with side stripe

Below: “Come on, take that top off. We want to SEE!!” (They are very bossy  😆 )

green leggings with side stripe

Below: My sister-in-law’s sister is giving me a hand.

green leggings with side stripe

Below: See? It is a top from the same brand but it is much too low at the front (wrinkles), so I am wearing another top underneath (also for warmth).

green leggings with side stripe

Below: Lo and behold, they thought the outfit was much better without the Acne tunic and I should wear it just like this. Whahahahaha. NEVER!!!

green leggings with side stripe

I should probably not end a post with a picture like this, but there you go. The other two combinations (with a lime jacket and with a big orange sweater) you will probably see in the near future. Haven’t photographed them yet.

The family gathering was thoroughly enjoyable. Hope you liked this peek into my life as well.


No Fear of Fashion




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