Au secours…. a sequined T-shirt

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirtThis sequined T-shirt was displayed in the window of the Essentiel shop (Belgian brand). That shop is located right between my house and the centre of town. Whenever I go to town, which is often, I pass it. It is clearly there to test my willpower. I kid myself I was only taking a picture of this shirt to send to Lisa (The Sequinist) to drool over. Of course it was necessary to go inside and take a closer look at the shirt. You can fill in the rest.

Below: The sequined T-shirt in the shop window of Essentiel. I did not buy the skirt. Tempted yes.

Essentiel shop window

On Wednesday this blogpost wasn’t even born. No photos, nothing. Only an appointment with the oven repair man who was taking up the time otherwise spent on taking photos. Fortunately he finished early and Ron took me to another estate for pretty pictures. We forgot to shoot the estate house etc. That was for a reason. You will find out why if you continue.

Below: We started at a beautiful little gazebo with the casual styling of the shirt. Hold your horses, more pictures of me in skirt are coming up. First the casual styling.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: As you can see I am wearing my trusted G-Star Raw boyfriend jeans, my Essentiel sequined sneakers and a jacket from All Saints. The Obag is schlepped everywhere and the little bag is by Zara. (Jacket and mini bag seen before in this post.)

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: We found some logs and I hoisted my old body up there.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: Pretending to push the trunks. See the red roof behind me?

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: That is the roof of this cute little house. No idea what it is or why it is there for.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

The colours of the jacket and the shirt are wrong for me, but I am hoping the red lipstick and the golden sequins let me get away with it.

Below: On to the next spot. Don’t you just love a park in the fall?

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: The next spot was a large gazebo, more of a bandstand. Built in 1926.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

If you are wondering how I changed my clothes in the middle of a park… quite simple. I stripped. I have no shame. Ron took pictures. Of course he did. And I am not going to be a spoilsport by not publishing them, but I did censor.

Below: The censored images of getting changed.

Getting changed

Below: Lovely trees, nice shot. Didn’t notice my bag wasn’t fastened.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: Pretending to be 19 haha. But the white shirt I am wearing underneath the sequined T-shirt, is to cover up my old wrinkled arms. I think, next time I wear this, I will put on a smoother shirt. And yes it is nicer without the white shirt underneath it. On younger arms. Boots are by Fly London. Seen before in this post.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: Picking up my Obag shopper where I put all my stuff in. This became A Thing. More later.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: Trying to take pictures in front of the lovely tearoom. Most of the shots failed as the camera refused to click. I know Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb would have a lot of intelligent things to say about that, but we had no clue why the camera didn’t work. Most likely the settings of course. Stupid thing was, when Ron played stand-in for me and I took the pictures, it was working fine. Probably my light hair and light clothes were causing the malfunction. I need more camera teaching.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: Here I am, giving instructions. Instructions he already knows by now. See my mouth? That was saying: “You should….”. Result: a very irritated husband.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: And onwards again to the main house. Again picking up the shopper.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: A green door as background for my (fake) blond hair, is always nice.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: As I said, we totally forgot to take pictures of the estate and the big house as we were squabbling all the time. The top of the house is the only shot Ron took haha.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

Below: As the camera often refused to click, it sometimes took a while before Ron could make the shot. And there is only so much time you can keep a smile on your face. Saying pffffffff…..

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

And we drove home.

In the car the pictures turned out quite well so we arrived home in a much better mood. Only to find out I had left the shopper at the estate with my jacket and sneakers in it. Which meant having to go back. We do not get angry with each other over these kind of things. It can happen, we are only human, we make mistakes. We were just a little worried. Would the bag still be there, 40 minutes later?

Below: Yes it was. Yay. Dinner was late that night but we were in good spirits.

Au secours.. a sequined T-shirt

After publishing this post I found out that the skirt isn’t right: too high and wide in the waist and a bit short. I will replace it with another pencil skirt.


No Fear of Fashion

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  1. 24 September 2017 / 17:57

    I had to laugh reading this Greetje, because it sounds so much like Rob & I. Did you change this setting, is there enough battery?? All the questions I end up asking him!
    But what balls you have for stripping in the park! I need to hang around you much more to be so adventurous!!! I’d probably head back to the car and do some gymnastics in order to get the different clothing on!
    But this shirt is super fun and definitely a smile maker!!

    • Greetje
      24 September 2017 / 20:42

      I thought: “What the heck. Changing is done in a few seconds. I am up here in the bandstand, there are hardly any people in the park and not close either (for as much as I could see). And what if someone sees my knickers? Will I die?” As the answer was clearly “No I will not die”, I just went ahead with it.

  2. 24 September 2017 / 18:02

    Cute top! I like it with the jeans best. My husband is so nice and always offers to take photos when we go out, but I always have to remind him to keep the shoes in the picture. And even then about half of the shots are cut off at the knee! 😉

    • Greetje
      24 September 2017 / 20:44

      As Ron doesn’t like taking pictures, he says it is my responsibility to have a good working camera with the right settings. But I already have so much on my mind…. And we both have little patience. He does, however, has a very creative eye for the right angle and the right background. I do rely on him heavily.

  3. 24 September 2017 / 19:46

    I’m sitting here killing myself laughing at you stripping in the park, Greetje… You are so bloody hilarious!!! What would we do without you 😉

    And that is a NICE t-shirt, love it with the jeans. Like Lisa AKA The Sequinist, I can’t resist a bit of daytime glitter – thought the slogan makes me laugh (as well)!

    Catherine x

    • Greetje
      24 September 2017 / 20:46

      Most people don’t speak French so I don’t think there will be many ambulances storming up the road. Nor muscly men trying to save me. I prefer the jeans version as well. I tried to do “just T-shirt with classic skirt”, but I think I need another skirt with it. This one doesn’t sit right at the waist. I have a blue one which will probably be better.

  4. 24 September 2017 / 20:37

    Both looks are great. I love your humor with the censored images of swapping the clothes!

    • Greetje
      24 September 2017 / 20:47

      Anything for a laugh Nicole. If everybody around the world had more things to laugh about, wouldn’t that be a nicer world to live in?

  5. 24 September 2017 / 20:56

    Hi Greetje. Such a funny post. Whenever I read something about Ron not liking taking pictures I go like: What? They always look so great!
    I think the jeans version is absolutely fantastic. It is stylish and youthful at the same time. Brilliant choice. Have a good week. Love, Lieske

    • Greetje
      24 September 2017 / 21:20

      I am with you. But I wish you would all tell me what is wrong with the skirt version. I think I know (the waist of the skirt is wrong: too wide and too high), but I would love the opinion of my readers.

      • AndreaR
        25 September 2017 / 00:29

        Your blog always brightens my day! I think the only problem with the skirt is that it’s black and my eye traveled to the skirt, not the tee. Does that make sense?

        • Greetje
          25 September 2017 / 21:06

          It does make sense. I will try my blue pencil skirt. That one is slightly longer and less high and wide in the waist.

  6. 24 September 2017 / 21:30

    Fantastic top Greetje, I love it both ways. Your strip act did make me laugh! I wonder if anyone saw you! I bicker with my husband too when we do photos, he’s not always very patient but I have to bite my tongue! My 8-year old daughter took some for me a few weeks ago, and she’s bossier than him – a chip off the block. Also I have to return the favour and take photos of her to put on the blog…she’s getting in on the action twice this week!

    Emma xxx

    • Greetje
      25 September 2017 / 21:08

      Your daughter will follow in your blogging footsteps. She makes a good back-up photographer. Always nice to have more options. Glad I made you laugh.

  7. 24 September 2017 / 21:50

    Oh Greetje, I’m still giggling at you and poor Ron squabbling over the photos and the camera (we do the same) and especially at you changing clothes outside. I’m like you, I wouldn’t die if someone saw me in my underwear. I’ve changed my clothes in my car many times in the middle of London (for the blog, not just for the fun of it). If someone sees me in my bra, I reckon it is the same as a bikini, so no big deal really. AND you left your bag… I mean, only on a day like this. I love that I’m inspiring you to buy sequins (you wear them so well; they REALLY suit you!) and I love the slogan. It seems especially appropriate given the day you had! xxx

    • Greetje
      25 September 2017 / 21:12

      Blogging is such a fun thing to do. Even these squabbles and clothes changes add to the fun. And I made you giggle again. Great.
      Perhaps there is such a sequined Breton sweater waiting for me on ebay or so. Or they might issue them again. Who knows.

  8. Jules 4a
    25 September 2017 / 00:00

    I love your honesty! And I love the tee shirt. I think you are right, the skirt needs to be more fitted around the waist, but lucky you, you have a waist! Thank you for another great Monday morning read, Jules

    • Greetje
      25 September 2017 / 21:15

      I don’t have much of a waist but itbis slightly better since I had the plastic surgeon suck 7cm off it. No joke. I was fed up with the extra fat I got around my (not existing)!waist when I hit 55.

  9. Ann
    25 September 2017 / 00:57

    Greetje –
    I never know what you will write and share, only that I will be entertained. Is there anything better that laughing together about the ridiculous situations in which we find ourselves? It was hilarious that you changed clothes on the bandstand, a stage!, instead on somewhere with less visibility. Oh well, if I had your body I might change on the stage, too! Well done. 🙂
    PS: Glad you found your bag.

    • Greetje
      25 September 2017 / 21:18

      It is not that I am confident about my body that I had no problems with changing clothes on the bandstand. There just weren’t many people around plus at that moment I couldn’t really care either. You made me happy by saying I entertained you. That is so much my goal.

  10. 25 September 2017 / 02:03

    AS FOR THE ARMS……………There is a GORGEOUS DAME on INSTAGRAM…….who buys socks and cuts them and sews the ends…….when I come across I will send to YOU!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 10:49

      Judith, the Style Crone gave me an address too:
      As they are USA based I am still hesitating. Customs, shipping and perhaps returning is holding me back.

  11. 25 September 2017 / 02:53

    What I love about the changing photos is the big black butterfly sticker you wear on your bum. Hahaha! I love that you change like this. A true pro. And you’re right, it won’t hurt anyone. I love both ways you’ve styled your sparkly T-shirt, which is excellent. I like the colours on you, but as you said, they are not overpowering. They look good. And the skirt styling, the Fly London boots are great with this.

    If you hadn’t told us, nobody would know that you and Ron were having camera problems. I’m glad you did share this bit – your posts are real, honest, and always make me smile and laugh.

    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 10:34

      Mission accomplished. I made you smile and laugh. I am not that good at photoshoppingnor collages. Not at all really. Not like you. But a butterfly I can do. Thought I wouldn’t shock the world too much haha.

  12. 25 September 2017 / 03:06

    Ha ha! What a story!

    Truly your shirt says it all…right? You know what it means in French right?…”HELP!”

    That really made me laugh when Ron took photos of you changing. You Dutch have no shame. No shame at all! hahahahahahahaha!

    I’m very happy your bag was still there. It could have been a sad ending.

    Love the top on you and I’m shocked…SHOCKED you didn’t buy that skirt that was in the window with it.


    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 10:30

      Oh yes I know what the shirt said haha. We had to learn three foreign languages at secundary school: German, French and English. But as you experienced in Amsterdam, my knowledge of French is still quite rudimentary. Au secours is not that difficult so I remembered. As for the skirt… hmm I went for the shirt and thought I could use it with this jacket. Combining it with a skirt came later and I thought I had good pencil skirts. This black one was really only for underneath dressed that are too short. It was alterted (widend) at the waist. Shouldn’t have used it as a normal skirt.

  13. Linda Henderson
    25 September 2017 / 03:07

    So fun to read your blog. Thank you for your hard work.

    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 10:23

      No, thank YOU for taking the time to write this lovely comment. So much appreciated! I love to entertain and the only way I know I succeeded is through comments like yours. No hard work at all. It is a fun hobby.

  14. 25 September 2017 / 03:56

    What a fun post in another fabulous location! Love the sequined tee and also loved the skirt with it in the store, and think it would look great on you..hint, hint..
    I do love the styling here, the blazer is on point and I think you wear it well with the red lipstick.
    Love the bag and the way it was hung on the door towards the end of the shoot.

    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 10:19

      Thanks Elle. Your “hint, hint” is understood 😊. Unfortunately the skirt is not for sale anymore. Oh well I have some other items left in the closet 😇. I might try my blue pencil skirt. See how that works out. If not, I will just stick with the jeans outfit. I bought the shirt with this jacket in mind.

  15. 25 September 2017 / 04:00

    I forgot to mention the skirt. I like that outfit too, but I like the first style better. Maybe the skirt is too high waisted for a tuck in tee? Not sure..and I also forgot to mention the booties, which are stunning. Love the bone color with the back trim, so chic!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 10:21

      You are right about the skirt. I had it altered at the waist but it was meant only as a skirt underneath dresses that are too short. The booties are good right? So glad I went back for them. (I was hesitating to buy them at first.)

  16. Donna
    25 September 2017 / 04:39

    oh my! Just as I think I couldn’t love you more you go and put pictures of you stripping in the park AND story of you annoying Ron :):) love love love these stories… so true with most couples. The only thing to make this more perfect would of to have Charlie in the pic’s

    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 10:13

      Oh hi my dear Australian friend. As you know Charlie is in many posts. Did you see that little video of her in the park a while back? I am so glad you are still enjoying my posts. Makes me really happy. So thank you for taking the time to write this lovely comment.

  17. 25 September 2017 / 09:02

    Okay, then please replace it with the skirt from that shop!!!! I am reading this while I AM having breakfast , laught out loud! What a fun post! My god, what nerveus you ve got. I don t even dare to pose in public! Let alone change my clothes!! You are such a lovely lady!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 09:44

      I don’t think it is a matter of having nerve. More like having no shame at all and couldn’t care less haha. Really liberating such an attitude. And you know what? Nothing bad happens when I do these things. Quite the opposite. People chatting with me while posing. Although I don’t want them to chat to me while I change clothes 😂.

  18. Wendy
    25 September 2017 / 13:23

    Always look forward to reading your blog ….. you can always make me smile!
    My favorite look is withe the jeans ….. love the addition of the blazer

    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 09:47

      I am so happy you said I made you smile. Achieved my goal!
      With the jeans is also my favourite look. When I saw the T-shirt I was thinking of combining it with the jacket. But I wanted to show the letters better and thought of the skirt. I will see whether another pencil skirt will make that look better. If not, well.. ditch that option then.

  19. 25 September 2017 / 18:15

    Never stop blogging Greetje! You have such a fantastic sense of humour, and your outfits are awesome. Like so many others the jean outfit is my favourite. You look so vibrant and vivacious in it. As long as it doesn’t rain I could easily change my clothes out in the open too. But it would take something i bit larger than a butterfly to cover my behind!!! What luck that the bag was still there when you returned. A perfect ending to your “ordeals”! As for the skirt – haven’t you earned that skirt after all the work with teaching your husband proper camera settings, getting changed in open air and posing everywhere? I think you do! Thanks for a must entertaining post Greetje!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 09:52

      Now you had me laughing with that larger butterfly for your behind haha. No problem. In photoshop you can make them as large or small as necessary. I would love to buy that Essentiel skirt after all but it is no longer for sale. Oh well. I will try my blue pencil skirt. And if that isn’t improving the look, I’ll just settle for the jeans look.

  20. 26 September 2017 / 04:06

    So funny! When I ask my husband all the tech questions he gets annoyed with me, so I trust he has it all under control. Greetje, you look uber cool in the tee with the boyfriend jeans and sneakers – so cute!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2017 / 09:56

      Thanks Glenda. Trouble with us is that Ron asks ME the technical questions. As he has no interest in how the camera works. He says that is my job. Which is a bit difficult but I am indeed the person who wants these pictures so I better learn how to operate that camera better.

  21. 1 October 2017 / 16:32

    Having had a bit of experience with you camera, I think he may have a point, haha. You already had some great feedback on the skirt look. That has the potential to be a great outfit. The outfit with the jeans already is!

    • Greetje
      1 October 2017 / 19:36

      Thank you my dear. Took many photos in Amsterdam today and they all turned out fine. I suppose it just depends which side of the bed my camera gets out haha.

  22. 1 October 2017 / 17:17

    So glad I was able to stop by today! Love the butterflies! Oh, gosh, I’m still chuckling! Funny stuff! And I can relate to the camera woes and photographer scuffles! You are the universal blogger! Still chuckling….!

    • Greetje
      1 October 2017 / 19:38

      So glad I made you chuckle Julia. One of the main goals in my life: make people smile or laugh. Have to stop by your blog too. (Guilt!)

  23. 6 October 2017 / 07:12

    LOLOL…Ron may complain about taking your blog photos, but hey…he got a chance to snap pics of your bum! Too cute that!

    Today’s post really shows that you are having fun with clothing! And that’s really what it’s all about!

    • Greetje
      6 October 2017 / 17:52

      And it is also about making you laugh. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any new posts from you lately.. hmm .. have to check your blog to see whether my email subscription to your blog isn’t on the blink.

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