Piazza Sempione trousersThis outfit caused my bankruptcy (well sort of, not really). You know, the stuff I bought in Maastricht? These Piazza Sempione trousers are part of a suit with a double breasted jacket. I haven’t figured out yet whether that was a smart move. Why buy it? you may ask. Because I am a sucker for matching gear. In my youth I could never buy really nice clothes. Matching clothes like a suit or a bag in the same colour as your shoes, were things we would dream about.

And something totally different: at the end of this post you will see me in a little video (one and a half minute), speaking Dutch but with English subtitles. A colleague from the bank where I work, interviewed me about our house and how we made it sustainable. It has been on Facebook so you might have already seen it.

We took the pictures on a Sunday with 40 minutes before the rain was going to pour down again. (This country is very green for a reason.) Which makes a very boring blog post. Neither Ron nor I were very pleased with the outcome. We are getting critical. The photos do however, show the clothes pretty well.

Below: We first did a few try-outs with my coat still on as it was very cold.

Piazza Sempione trousers

Below: Don’t think these trousers touch the ground haha. They don’t when I walk. But they do when I lean on one leg.

Piazza Sempione trousers

Below: Close-up of the trousers (told you it would be a boring post; I have to make the most of what I’ve got). The white line at the side is just as intentional as the horizontal crease 20 inches above the ground. That was specifically pointed out to me. I wonder what the dry cleaners are going to do with that.

Piazza Sempione trousers

Below: It is a perfect fit for an inverted triangle body shape like mine. It creates an A-line which is very good for my figure.

Piazza Sempione trousers

Below: Over to the close-ups. Here is the top. Brand is AR.RT, an Italian brand. I had never heard of it. It is well-made and cheerful.

Piazza Sempione trousers

Below: Want to see the sleeve? Here you go.

Piazza Sempione trousers

Below: The black ankle boots I showed you three weeks ago, were to accommodate these trousers (brand: Kendall & Kylie). I wanted high heeled boots on which I could walk for a long time (as in shopping). I thought that was impossible but they turn out to be ever so good.

Black ankle boots Kendall & Kylie


Black ankle boots Kendall & Kylie

Below: This bag was from the Design & Craft Fair in 2015. I hardly use it as it draws a lot of attention, usually too much for an outfit. The colours in this photo aren’t exactly right as the pink/orange of the top is about the same as the pink/orange in the bag. You have seen me wear the bag before with a black sweater, jeans and a scarf. The brand is Marck & Mo.

Bag Marck&Mo

Below: And that is all I have this time.

Piazza Sempione trousers

Why did I buy the suit? Because I have had a black Piazza Sempione trouser suit before and it lasted me forever. You could see the quality from miles away. Was it a sensible thing to do? Only time will tell. You will see it featured regularly though. Have to get enough mileage out of it.


Here is the promised video of our house and how we made it sustainable. I seem very calm, cool and collected in this video. That is because they’ve edited all the laughter and giggles and funny faces out of it. A shame, don’t you think  😆 ?


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