Long scarf Essentiel AntwerpLow temperatures in The Netherlands means sweaters, leather trousers, boots and scarves. This long scarf by Essentiel Antwerp doesn’t count as winter wear. Purely for decoration. Essentiel had a dress in this print as well, which was a bit short for me. Plus, a dress with such a prominent print is something you usually don’t wear too many times. As I wear a lot of black and white (boring but my favourite combination), a scarf like this is a perfect item to jazz things up.

Above: We were shooting outside the parking garage in the middle of town, which has a lovely glass background. This is a new building integrated with very old buildings.

Below: The gate, the old entrance to the new buildings.

Below: When you walk through the gate you will arrive in a space surrounded by modern buildings: the court of justice in Haarlem. On the left is the entrance to the parking garage.

Court of Justice in Haarlem

Below: See the top of that old building through the glass corridor connecting the two modern buidings? That is Teyler’s Museum, an absolute delight. If you ever visit Haarlem, go to this museum. The building, the collection and usually the expositions are fantastic.

Below: Part of the buildings just outside the gate.

Let’s get back to the outfit.

Below: The item in question. I love fuchsia and green, especially against a black background. And then worn on something white.

Long scarf by Essentiel Antwerp

Below: And this is what the scarf looks like on a black and white outfit.  The leather jogging trousers (Tony Cohen) are nice and warm. See them styled previously with a bright yellow jumper.

Long scarf Essentiel Antwerp

Below: Staring at a plaque in the wall of the old building. This is where printer Joh. Enschedé used to reside. They are the ones who print our Dutch money, although not in this building anymore. They are a remarkable company. Read their story in a nutshell.

white sweater Won Hundred

Below: The plaque in honour of the150th anniversary in 1893 of their type-foundry (department), presented by the staff.

Below: I like the fact that the sweater (jumper) is long so it covers my bum. The boots by Fly London, you have seen several times now. I am so glad I went back to the shop to get them; they really make many outfits look good. And they are comfortable.

white sweater Won Hundred

Below: Outside the gate, behind the big St. Bavo church, is another terrace. Totally abandoned of course as it was freezing. At the moment I am six weeks into my new quest to sit and stand straight. I am not doing badly but on a stool, in the freezing cold, I obviously didn’t think of it.

Long scarf Essentiel Antwerp

Below: Very brave, I took off my coat once more.

Long scarf Essentiel Antwerp

Below: Ron photographed a bicycle, leaning against the building. The council put a warning, dated December 9, on the bicycle. Asking the owner to remove the vehicle for the Christmas festivities. These kind of stickers are also issued if the council thinks a bicycle is abandoned or really in the way. If it is still there after a certain amount of time, it will be removed (and you pay to get it back of course). They call them orphan bicycles.

Below: Close-up of the fuchsia earrings I bought with Susan when we were in Paris last year.

Long scarf Essentiel Antwerp

One last note on an entirely different subject. I got a little Christmas gift from Suzanne Carillo. The love and creativity with which she wraps the gift is so endearing.

Below: See how she printed a blogpost picture of me and made it into a little message card?

On this note of warm friendship I will leave you to enjoy your week. Hopefully you will have a great and loving Christmas period.


No Fear of Fashion


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