wide black skirt with leopard print topCan you believe I didn’t know how to style this black skirt? It is so easy. I have shown you about four or five outfits with this skirt in this post. Today I like to add this outfit with the leopard print top to the possibilities. You have seen this top (Marc Cain) a couple of times (with my cream pleated skirt and with my green trousers). It is more versatile than I had imagined. Loes was my photographer this sunny day.

Below: We chose a mill as background for the photos. It is in a field but not that far from the houses and the shops. It takes about 10 minutes driving from the centre of town to this mill and that is mostly because of the traffic lights. It is nice to have such a rural spot in a town.

Dutch mill

Below: This is the mill from one side, zooming out a bit.

Dutch mill

Below: And the mill from the other side of the field.

Dutch mill

Below: The fence and the house next to the mill provide a nice background as well.

wide black skirt with leopard print top

Below: In this close-up you can see the structure of the skirt (bought in the Max Mara outlet in Turin years ago). I discovered the little white spot on my skirt later. The boots are by Hugo Boss and really old. They were a good investment. I don’t care whether the toe or the heel is still in fashion or not (no idea really). To me they are timeless. The Chloé Marcie mini crossbody bag has become my go-to bag.

wide black skirt

Below: The back… Hmmm, is that top a bit tight? Never mind. I can live with it.

wide black skirt with leopard print top

Below: Loes and I went across the field for a different background. The sun had moved behind a cloud, providing a better light for photography. But by the time I was in place, it was back again. So here I am shouting at the sun for not cooperating. I am wearing a thin black top underneath the leopard print top. Both for warmth and for elongating the sleeves. The sleeves are a bit short and elbows aren’t the most beautiful things.

wide black skirt with leopard print top

Below: I was wearing opaque hold-ups (thigh-highs) that were years old. The elastic holding the stocking up, had gone and the right leg was falling down all the time. Trust Loes to take a quick picture of me hoisting it up haha. When I got home I threw them out. This seldom happens to me and I wear hold-ups every day. They usually have runs before the elastic goes.

wide black skirt with leopard print top

Below: I finally discovered that white spot on my skirt and tried to rub it out.

wide black skirt with leopard print top

Below: Say cheese…. nothing happened, keep walking folks…you didn’t see the above two pictures.

wide black skirt with leopard print top

Below: Loes in a bright and cheery red jacket (it is very red, but hard to capture with the camera). She says she is running out of outfits to wear on my blog. She is not as obsessed with clothes as I am haha.


Below: One last happy shot and we drove off to the nearest restaurant.

wide black skirt with leopard print top

Below: The coffee was good and Loes looked so nice I had to take a photo.


What happened in my life this week

Saturday was my stepdaughter’s (Nicky) birthday and a sewing machine was what she wanted as a present. Rather than buying it online, we all went to the shop in order to get some explanation. Nicky has never worked on a sewing machine before and I will teach her. Which meant we both needed instructions.

In the same street is a shoe shop which had a big sale going on. It was Ron’s suggestion we’d go there and have a look. Here we are, fully enwrapped in the moment. Decisions to make. I am contemplating whether I can justify buying the pair of black ankle boots I am trying on here (not an elegant pose, I know). Nicky was trying on three pairs for different reasons. One pair had low heels and was the most sensible choice, one pair was golden and sooo nice and we were both in love with the ones that have a zip at the front. They were heavily reduced so in the end Ron bought her a pair, I bought her a pair and she paid for the third pair herself. By this time I had found a perfectly good reason for buying the zip ankle boots for myself too (I am weak, shoot me).

shoe divas on tour

Below: Driving back, there were a lot of parcels in the back. Birthday girl is looking happy. Boyfriend carried all the parcels.

birthday girl

Sunday was a very quiet day. Sorting out my finances (….), doing laundry, reading a book, doing some blogging. That kind of stuff.

Monday: I was at work from home. These days between Christmas and New Year are so quiet. The agencies are closed as well. Not much to do.

Tuesday: worked from home but there was so little to do that I went to Amsterdam to pick up a ring which the jeweller made smaller. As I was in the neighbourhood, I visited Marianne for a cup of coffee and dropped off two tops I am not wearing anymore. Hope they’ll fit her and that she likes them. When I got home again I checked my business email: nothing at all urgent.

New Years Eve or as we call it, Old Years Evening, we traditionally spend with our friends Georg and Marla. This time Ron cooked and we brought the food to their house. Georg backed the “oliebollen” (deep-fried doughnuts) and “appelflappen” (apple turnovers) which is tradition on Old Years Evening. Here is a photo of the set table. The “oliebollen” are the furthest on the table, the “appelflappen” in doughnut shape are at the front.

oliebollen and appelflappen

Wednesday: as with a lot of people, my weight is at an all-time high. It is January again, time to lay off the food. Did absolutely nothing this day.

Thursday: back to the office. Had some good laughs and worked on things to train my successor who is starting next Monday. Not that she needs much training, she is highly skilled.

Friday: I took the day off to teach my stepdaughter how to use her new sewing machine, how to hide a hole in a garment and how to sew on buttons. An old person like me learned these things at primary school and from mum. This generation didn’t. Nicky turned out to be a fast learner and with a bit of practice she will do fine.


No Fear of Fashion


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