bright pink jacket with leopard trousersThis photo does sort of jumps off the screen, doesn’t it? The owner of the shop (kpa. Haarlem) suggested the combination of the bright pink jacket with the leopard trousers. I was only in the shop to look at the new spring items and chatted with the owner. No intention of buying anything. Alas, staying too long in a shop with nice items is very dangerous and both trousers and jacket were heavily reduced in the sale. Weak as I am in this area, I didn’t stand a chance.

Having shoes in this shade of pink and a little leopard bag to go with the outfit, is the result of owning too many items. I know it is not sustainable to keep on buying new clothes. I do give away a lot; it does not end up in a landfill. Every season one or two items of the things I bought, are so good that I will hang on to it/them for a very long time. In our small house this big wardrobe is becoming a “problem”. I can hear you think (eyes rolling): “Give me your problems” and you are right.

The photo shoot

Loes and I chose a few little streets in the centre of Haarlem as background.

Below: Having a fuchsia coat to go with the outfit is a matter of loving colour. The streets date back to 1602 as you can see above my head.

Fuchsia coat

Below: The owner of this house had a photo of a man with a cigarette in his window. The man seems to look at me in a mean way.

bright pink jacket with leopard trousers

Below: Sitting on the windowsill with the smoker still looking at me. Smoking is sooo passé. In the Netherlands we heavily discourage smoking. You cannot smoke in public buildings, bars, restaurants and more and more the smokers are driven into a tiny corner. On the other hand, the cafés and restaurants have put chairs and tables outside on the pavement for smokers, covered with sun blinds and for warmth there are heaters and blankets. As we are a cold and rainy country, this is pretty new to us. With this smokers’ solution the streets are now more like France and Italy.

bright pink jacket with leopard trousers

Below: I went back to the house a week later to take a photo of the whole house, as we had forgotten that. Of course there is a bike in front, ruining the photo.

House in Haarlem

Below: The house has lovely old details.


Below: The letters tell you that the house used to be a pig abattoir. Brrr… I hate slaughtering, hunting and caging animals. I am against zoos as well. Which makes me a bit of a hypocrite as I still eat meat. But a lot less than I used to and only from free range animals. Still… I don’t know how they kill them. Is that done in a humane way? Perhaps it is a matter of time before I become a vegetarian.


Below: For another take on these trousers, we walked on, to another area with old houses. The cobblestones chipped my little stiletto heel. Rats. I should have worn flat shoes walking these streets.


Below: This is rather unique for me: wearing a jumper (sweater) tucked INTO my trousers. The way the trousers are cut plus the pockets give me a shape I don’t really have (a -thin- hourglass shape haha). Wind-blown hair again. The necklace is from Zsiska, bought in Amsterdam in January 2014 (see? I hang on to good stuff). Unfortunately the shop is closed and although this is the website of Zsiska, it isn’t an online shop.

Leopard trousers

Below: Even my tushy isn’t that bad. Still small but not the flat pancake shape it is in reality.

Leopard trousers

Below: A blurry background. (Don’t you hate it when the strap of your bag pulls your jumper or dress into a funny shape?)

Leopard trousers

The photos were taken, the weather was cold, so we quickly dashed to a restaurant. It is a good recipe for the photo shoots.

Below: Restaurant Wolkers has a homey feeling, it is quirky and one side overlooks the big canal in Haarlem (Spaarne). Love the wallpaper.

Restaurant Wolkers Haarlem

Restaurant Wolkers Haarlem

Restaurant Wolkers Haarlem

Below: And again I found great lamps. (Actually Loes found them.)

Lamps at Restaurant Wolkers Haarlem

Loes wasn’t feeling 100% which is why there isn’t a photo of her in this post.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: a wonderful day meeting 4 of the other 5 BVA girls at Marijke’s house. The recipe was as always: cake and coffee, lunch, shopping, drinks and dinner. Poor hostess of the day. These days with those women are very precious to me. Next week there will be a post about it.
My new PJ’s arrived and they are wonderful. My new pocket spring mattress is very airy but also a lot colder than my previous latex mattress. The PJ solved this inconvenience. They are my first PJ’s; never had any as I always slept in a nightdress. The legs need some alteration as they are too wide at the hips because I wear the trousers a little lower than my waist.


Sunday: the day of rest, reading, blogging and laundry.

Monday: quiet day at work and fitness in the evening.

Tuesday: From 12 o’clock we had a department gathering outside the office with bowling to relax/have fun at the end of the afternoon. This turned into a sad day for me. At the beginning there were presentations and it was fine. Then we had to split up in teams and exercise what we were going to change in our way of working. And I am no longer part of either a team or the future. It hit me and I was so sad having to say goodbye to all these lovely colleagues that I left and went back to the office to work. At the moment I know what I am losing but I don’t know what I will be gaining. What will replace the fun and socializing? I know I will have to change my way of thinking and approach this in a more positive way. I will, but I had a weak moment.

Wednesday: fitness and meeting my friend Eefje in town for lunch, coffee and a lot of chatting. Always great to see her. We go back to 1984 or so. Did some shopping and bought a birthday present for Marianne.

Thursday: actually worked. At lunchtime I went to the piercing shop at another address to have my repaired earlobes checked by The Man (Sebastian). He has a lot of experience with repaired earlobes. Verdict: wait until at least 8 months after the operation. Too risky to do it now. Bummer. I wish I had known this before. Not that I wouldn’t have gone through with the operation, as I would have. Only it would have prevented me from disappointment. Managing expectations as we call this at work.

In the evening I received an email from the sales lady of the shop where I bought a long shirt last Saturday. She wrote that she had overcharged me on the shirt (it had just arrived and wasn’t priced yet). Could she send me a gift voucher for the difference? Isn’t that lovely and honest? I would never have found out. How did she know my email address you might think? I gave her my blog card and my email address is on the blog. Of course I could have insisted that she refunded me the difference in cash, but I was so smitten by her honesty, I didn’t want to go there. Instead Marijke cashed the gift voucher and bought a yellow spring/summer jumper for me which I had been trying on but hung back as I thought the shirt was enough money spent.

Friday: working from home. Actually working ….tsss.. Only three weeks to go to retirement. Finished this blog post. Had a  laugh with Ron. Generally a nice day.


No Fear of Fashion

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