Birght purple blouse on 7/8 blue trousersAs I grabbed my things together to go to Marijke for the BVA girlfriends gathering, I didn’t check my blue trousers. I intended to wear my other blue 7/8 trousers with this bright purple blouse. As it happened these were better. And I know, it is ridiculous having two almost identical pairs of trousers. I have nothing to say in my defence, but they were good quality and inexpensive at the Max Mara outlet in Turin.

You saw me wearing this blouse when I bought it together with Sabine. Sabine wore it in a fantastic combination with red trousers. My take is a bit more modest, mainly because I do not have red trousers. Otherwise I might have blatantly copied her. Sabine and I discussed whether the blouse needed a necklace. I suppose not, but as I am a matchy matchy person I like repeating the white of the ankle boots with the necklace.

Let me introduce you to my BVA girlfriends again. Such a lovely group of women. The only one missing that Saturday was Marianna who couldn’t make it.

Below: Claudia in a terrific combination. With the animal print dress (very on trend) she wears a soft yellow top, fashionable sneakers with yellow and a yellow bag. A+


Below: Marianne, looking perfect as always. Note the beautiful boots and the round bag.


Below: Marijke. Last time Marianne, Marijke and I met in Amstelveen, she was looking for a trouser suit. Only to find it in her own town. Such a classy suit.


Below: Jilske. She wasn’t feeling at all well and was on heavy medication which made her swell up. So she wasn’t happy which is very understandable. Hopefully the medication helps and can be reduced.


Below: Jilske photographed me most of the times. In this photo you can see how thin my hair really is. When light hits me from behind it clearly shows there isn’t a lot of it. The boots are by Essentiel Antwerp and still a challenge to walk on because of their height.

Bright purple blouse on 7/8 blue trousers

Below: Chat, chat, chat and serious talk. As we women do.

Jilske, Marijke and Claudia

Below: Marianne was paying attention. Love her new glasses.


Below: And we laugh a lot. Marijke in stitches. Luckily she didn’t drop the cakes.


Below: We were also trying on clothes. This is a blue leather jacket which Marianne brought. It fits me and I like it, but I don’t like it on blue jeans. As I wear blue jeans most of the times, it isn’t wise to hang this jacket in my wardrobe. Marijke is now the lucky owner.

Blue leather jacket

Below: This equally bright purple blouse or jacket is in my wardrobe for many, many years. I tried to give it to one of the girls but they all decided it suited me best and I shouldn’t part with it. Sigh, Marie Kondo wouldn’t approve. (Photo taken by Claudia.)

Bright purple jacket on jeans

Below: Claudia en Marianne brought tulips for Marijke.

Marijke with tulips

Below: The other bunch of tulips. They always have such a spring vibe.


Below: I wore the bright purple blouse with jeans as well. I added my little silver bag  and changed the boots. The white belt is the white to match the Fly London boots. I couldn’t pose properly and was goofing around.

Bright purple blouse on jeans

Below: How about this Jilske?

Bright purple blouse on jeans

Below: And it usually ends in a lot of laughter.

Bright purple blouse on jeans

After lunch we all did some clothes shopping. Drinks, bites and dinner after that and home again. As usual a very nice day.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was a splendid day. In the morning Loes and I did a photo shoot for next week’s post. On our way home I picked up the calling card case from the repair shop. It is a present from Marianne; beautiful but also delicate. The hinge to lift the top, broke the wood, broke off a mother of pearl piece and came undone itself, hence the repair shop. It took me ages before I had found somebody who could do this.

Calling card case

In the afternoon Sabine and I visited Anke and her husband Paul to see their new-born daughter and bring presents. We didn’t stay too long as not to tire out the parents and I annoyed Paul with taking photographs all the time. I really must take the effect of that on other people more into consideration. When I take photos, it is as if I am in another dimension but of course that is not true. I am there and I should interact with the people I am with, not looking at the photos afterwards to enjoy. I did do so before he came in (which was later) haha. Still, it is something I should improve on. The funny thing is, I didn’t take a photo of the new-born girl called Evy. I was very much in the moment when I saw her and she was sleeping.

Below: Anke, who is back in shape after 5 weeks. How does she do that?


Below: Roos (pronounce Rose) helped unwrapping the gifts. We got her a little present as well (Sabine thought of that).

Anke with Roos (Rose)

Below: Paul and Roos. He is sooo in love with his daughters. Very endearing.

Paul with Roos (Rose)

Below: Sabine in a fantastic jumper (sweater) with her new bag and fashionable sneakers. She is a big sneaker fan.


Below: Close-up of her sneakers.

Sneakers Sabine

Below: Close-up of her new bag.

Sabine's YSL bag

Below: and a close-up of her fun earrings.

Earrings Sabine

Sunday: Marianne celebrated her birthday that day. Marijke and I were present.

Below: the birthday girl, wearing a black dress (although it looks lighter on the photo). Also a loose faux fur collar, tied with the attached green scarf, keeping her stylish and warm.

Marianne on her birthday

Below: Marijke wore a smashing blue shirt with white feathers and blue trousers.

Marijke on Marianne's birthday

Monday: hoo ha at the office (a bank): because of the Corona virus we had to divide our teams into two: one group working from home and one group working at the office. Switching after a week. The bank is very cautious, as money transfers should never be in danger. We would get notice when this would go into action. In the afternoon three of us went to the advertising agency as I have to do some work for my two colleagues who will be on holiday in the coming weeks.

Tuesday: in the morning I had coffee with one of the directors of an advertising agency my company used to work with. I still hold them dear. It was just a catching-up talk and I asked her to be on the look-out for any kind of job after my retirement. The more people who know me, know what my work is like and are aware of my wish to keep on working (at a slower pace) the better.
When I arrived at the office, the message had come through…effective from Wednesday morning all the staff of the bank is either working from home or in the office. And “the twain shall never meet”. Which means I will not see a lot of my colleagues until this virus mess has blown over. My farewell party will be postponed until then. Oh well, other people are far worse off, like Daniela, my Italian blogger friend.

Wednesday: in spite of it being my day-off I worked as I wanted a job done that had been lingering on for weeks. Did this blog post and not much else.

Thursday: worked and got into a little professional fight over an advertisement. We will have to work that out next Monday. The prime minister held a speech about measurements to try and contain the Corona virus. Looks like I won’t be meeting Susan of Une femme d’un certain age in Paris this April. Bummer, but again, compared to what other people are going through, it is a minor thing.

Friday: nothing special, worked from home. Made a date with Loes to take photos on Saturday if the weather is OK. Also called my mum to see if she is all right, has enough food and doesn’t take too much risk. All is fine.


No Fear of Fashion

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