Striped jacket on flared jeansBecause trendy stuff, like a striped jacket with big sleeves, will become quickly dated, it is not something I am usually very fond of. In a couple of years or perhaps already next year, someone might say: “Oh that is quite old, isn’t it?” On the other hand, if something looks good on you, who cares? It will probably not be the friendliest person on earth who says this anyway. Mind you, the Dutch are very direct (blunt?), so the comment could also come from a nice person, who is just genuinely wondering.

Never mind, I fell for it and I like it with my flared jeans. I am not sure whether to put on my black boots with it or my white ones. I chose black because I didn’t want to draw attention to my feet.

Kitty took the photos straight after work. As she works in the centre of town, there are many lovely old streets to serve as our background.

Below: Don’t you love the white flowers in the windowsills? There were 6 trays.

Striped jacket on flared jeans

Below: The statue of the peacock was really high. I am 1m75 (5ft74) and couldn’t reach its head.

Striped jacket on flared jeans

Below: Peacock sitting on my head haha.

Striped jacket on flared jeans

Below: We found a little free book stall on a corner. You can take books home with you and you can put books into it. It is all free of charge and nobody abuses it. There are several stalls in town.

Free books

Below: Of course this is just a pose (grin). Nice to have something to do with your hands. Ron said: “Why don’t you use one of the photos where you take a book from the shelf? There is more action in that shot and it looks as if you really take out a book.” I replied: “Because I am not fooling anybody. It is just a pose.”

Striped jacket on flared jeans

Below: In the window of the book stall house was this beautiful portrait. Kitty told me how to stand and look.

Painting of a woman

Below: Nice lamppost and Kitty made sure it wasn’t “growing out of my head”.

Striped jacket on flared jeans

Below: Oh…blossom and bicycles. That makes for a pretty picture.

Striped jacket on flared jeans

Below: As we turned a corner, we suddenly discovered a small, enclosed park with a little gem of a statue.

Striped jacket on flared jeans

Below: Close-up of my ring. A gift from Ron a few years back and made by Joyce Stouten of It is gold plated and holds 2 pearls and a lapis lazuli stone.

Ring with pearl and lapis lazuli

Below: Close-up of the Lara Design earrings. Such a pretty design and colour.

Mint green earrings by Lara Design

After the photo shoot was done (which took half an hour) we went to sit in the sun on a terrace. Good times are returning.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: visited mum. She had ordered a new blouse which arrived as I was there. I just happened to have a few necklaces with me and this pink one (present from Bella, the Citizen Rosebud) was brilliant with the blouse. So here mum is again haha.

mum in her new blouse

Below: I was wearing a very casual outfit, which I called scruffy but my editor says it is slouchy. Do I have an editor? Oh yes, lovely Selina in London, looks at every post and edits my mistakes, for years now. I am proud to say that I usually get away with 5 to 10 edits. She does it for free and I am so grateful.

Casual outfit

Below: This is Selina.


Below: I jazzed my slouchy outfit up a bit with dainty earrings by Lara Design.

Earrings by Lara Design

I was very proud of my mum. One of the apps on her iPad (Wordfeud) reported “a system error” and wasn’t working anymore. She checked whether the Wi-Fi was on the blink: no it wasn’t. And then she unplugged the modem and plugged it back in. Problem solved. So, so very proud of my tech savvy mum.

Sunday was a sunny day and I want into town and had a nice chat with Karlijn of kpa.haarlem. She was back from a very necessary short break and back in business.

Monday: Fitness and fetching apple pie for my friend’s visit on Tuesday. Of course I also got an apple crumble pie for Ron and me that Monday. My weight is becoming worrisome haha. Had a Team Viewer conversation with my computer guy to get my mum’s computer working in a way I can take over her screen. So that is done.

Tuesday was a fine day, starting with the visit of Ankie, a friend of mine whom I met at fitness class a couple of years ago. It was great talking to her again after such a long time. She is fully vaccinated and I had had my first vaccination 3 weeks ago. But we did keep our distance to be on the safe side. Ankie had never been to our house so I gave her a tour. It is a perk for me when somebody new comes to our house. It means that I clean and tidy everything. Forgot to take her photo; sorry.

Went to my niece in Amsterdam to drop off my sweater with the rose (and the stains). She is going to try to hide the stains.
In the (late) afternoon it was so sunny I put my bikini on and laid on a stretcher in the garden and repeated this on Wednesday. When I can sunbathe in spring for two days a week, being exposed no longer than one and a half hour each day in the safe hours (15.30 to 17.00 hrs), I will get a nice tan with minimum risk. Apart from wrinkles and blotches of course. There is a price to pay for everything.

Had 3 new fire detectors installed. Very important.

Thursday again was a wonderful day, spent with my friend Helena in Amsterdam. No photos to show although I took many. They are reserved for a blog post (probably next week). Oh, OK, here are two shots of the canals to give you a preview. The weather was sunny in the morning but very cloudy in the afternoon when I took these photos. In normal times you can hardly move here for all the tourists as this is the red-light district. Now, just a few Dutch people and a lot of bicycles (as usual).



Friday was rather uneventful apart from the photo shoot with Kitty at the end of the day. The wind was so fierce it was blowing us off our feet. We tried to find spots where there was no wind but there were none. In two weeks’ time you will see the wind-swept photos. After the shoot we went for a drink on a terrace as they are open again. Despite the cold and the wind, the terrace was filled with people. At one time the wind blew the wine out of Kitty’s glass onto her jacket.

Below: This is what it looked like.

Kitty and me on a terrace in the wind

It’s a wrap dears. See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion



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