wide green trench coatThey say “Paris is always a good idea” and I agree, but I think the same applies to Amsterdam. I decided to wear my new wide green trench coat from kpa.haarlem, when I went to Amsterdam two weeks ago with my friend Helena. The trench coat is part of my husband’s birthday present. Remember he gave me a coat hanger with a note saying “pick an outfit at kpa.haarlem“? It didn’t take me long to find some good stuff: 1) this coat, 2) black suede slippers and 3) a pair of copper coloured summer trousers. I was able to buy so many items as they were all in the King’s Day sale (half price or even less).

There will be many photos in this post. I hope you like it.

Helena picked me up from Amsterdam central station (below). Such a gorgeous building. The clock is correct; I took these photos on my way back. With so few tourists about, it is sooo much quieter.

Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station

Below: We made our way through Damrak to the Dam. I saw this magnificent building. It must have been a bank or so in the old days.

Amsterdam Damrak

Below: Here is a detail photo of the top of the building. An old man pointed out the monkeys at the top. And I saw owls too. The lions you see in the above photo, are hidden behind the ledge.

Amsterdam Damrak

Below: No idea what this is, but it is near the Exchange.

Amsterdam Damrak

Below: The beautiful passage which I have shown you before in detail in this post (scroll down).

Amsterdam Damrak

Below: Hundreds of little streets like this.

Amsterdam center

Below: There were enough nice backgrounds for a photo.

wide green trench coat

Below: This gentleman walked by and commented, so I invited him to have his photo taken with me. Which he gladly did. We had a bit of fun.

wide green trench coat

Below: The back of the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church).

Amsterdam center

Below: Helena is walking towards the church. We were contemplating on sitting there for our coffee or continue to the Dam square.


Below: We decided to go to Dam square to a terrace where there was sunshine. Looking out onto the Royal Palace.

Royal Palace, Dam, Amsterdam

Below: Helena. I met her through work; she was a journalist for an advertising trade magazine when I was working in the advertising industry. Gorgeous coat. It is a good thing I wasn’t wearing my pink spring coat or we would have been ‘The Terrible Twins’ haha.


Below: Something must have been going on a bit further down the street by the look on my face. The thing behind me in the window is indeed a water pipe (also known as a hookah or a bong).
Wearing a white shirt by Anne Fontaine, a blue leather croc print ‘camera bag’ by L.K, Bennett, a brown vegan tote from many moons ago, sneakers by Vic Matié, boyfriend jeans by G-Star-Raw and the brand of the wide green trench coat is Just (they are sold out at kpa.haarlem).

wide green trench coat

Below: Close-up of the green earring by Lara Design.

Green earrings Lara Design (.nl)

The weather had changed to cold and grey by noon, so we decided to have lunch on a terrace where they had heating.

Below: Cute restaurant but no heating.

Amsterdam, de Nes

Below: Restaurant De Brakke Grond in the Nes, provided heating and their food and coffee were great. Helena snug in the corner underneath the sun shield (to keep the warmth down). We had a heater in front of our table.


After lunch we walked the streets of the red light district. No tourists, so it was really quiet. Very unusual. As we passed a couple of ladies of the night in their window, we just looked straight ahead to avoid looking at them.

Below: Beautiful houses in the Nes.

Amsterdam, de Nes

Below: De Waag where cheese was weighed and traded in the old days.

Amsterdam de Waag

Below: Zeedijk. As in most old towns, the buildings were high and the streets narrow. Although in warm climates this is necessary to keep the sun and heat out, it is not something we have to worry about in our country. I had no idea why they built like that. Lack of space?
When I looked it up, I read that when building houses, they followed existing paths and ditches, which is why the streets are so narrow. From 1902 onwards, the architects changed the landscaping of the city.

Amsterdam, Zeedijk

Below: I pinched a photo from the Amsterdam city archives. This is what an alley in Amsterdam in 1850 looked like. And Covid? How about contagious diseases in those days? Tuberculosis, typhus and cholera. Workers did not live long in 1850.

Amsterdam, Zeedijk in 1850

Below: The house Leeuwenburg on Oudezijds Voorburgwal, is the Goodwill center of the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army Amsterdam

Below: In front of the house is a bronze bench with the statue of the late Major Bosshardt. She was really a Lieutenant Colonel of the Salvation Army in Amsterdam but everybody in Amsterdam knew her as Major and respected her. She was almost like Mother Theresa, always there for people who needed help. I sat myself down beside her.

wide green trench coat

Below: Helena on the bridge across the Salvation Army house.


Below: It was time for cappuccino again. Attached to the Oude Kerk (Old Church) is this adorable little place, called De Koffie Schenkerij.

Amsterdam near the Oude Kerk

Below: I am a sucker for places like this.

Amsterdam near the Oude Kerk

Below: This cake was too much for me after a big lunch. I packed 3/4 of it in a napkin and took it home in a plastic bag for Ron. Delicious cake.

Amsterdam near the Oude Kerk

Below: We left Amsterdam through this narrow street.


Although cold, it was a lovely day and great to catch up. Helena and I hadn’t seen each other for nearly a year.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday Ron and I visited mum. No photos of her this time but you get to see my outfit below. The top has been in my wardrobe for years and never worn. I knew it would come in handy one day. As I wasn’t going to do much walking I opted for very high heels this time. You have seen this jacket with blue trousers and sneakers in this post.

Sequinned jacket

Below: These earrings (yes, from Lara Design), are perfect with the jacket.

Earrings by Lara Design (.nl)

Below: As it was still very chilly, I needed something warm outdoors. The sequinned sleeves are a bit of a problem for a coat. The kimono shaped coat solved this issue.

Kimono type coat

Had a nice Facetime conversation with Anja in Spain as well that day. It seems that everything is working out as she has planned it. So nice.

Sunday: Did nothing but reading and blogging.

Monday: Loes from across the road came to tea in the afternoon. We are looking forward to the day we both will have had our second vaccination. Then Loes can do photo shoots as well, relieving Ron of his duties. I was full of energy that day and did so many chores.

On Tuesday I still had the energy and in the morning I carried on doing stuff I normally procrastinate on. In the afternoon Marjolein and I had agreed to meet each other at the mall of Amstelveen as the weather was going to be bad again. Fortunately it was OK at lunch time.

Below: Marjolein in Amstelveen. She isn’t smiling brightly as she is in the process of getting her teeth fixed. It wasn’t raining, we even saw some sunshine, but it wasn’t warm.

Marjolein in Amstelveen

Below: Marjolein fell in love with this broderie dress from Costes.

Marjolein in a white dress

I came home with three items which was totally unexpected. We went to an outlet and they had very friendly prices. As my purchases aren’t really worthy of a separate blog post, you get to see them now.

Below: I bought a polka dot jumper which was great to wear last week. It wasn’t until Friday that the temperatures went up. The jumper is totally polyester and/or acrylic which means it doesn’t itch and I can bung it in the washing machine. Yay.

polka dot jumper

Below: This white denim jacket is something I have never had. Everybody has a denim jacket and often one in white too. I never had. This is my first one.

white denim jacket

Below: As I tried the denim jacket in the fitting room, I grabbed the nearest top from the rack to wear underneath it. Turned out to be my size, it is light and silky, it is wide enough to hide my tummy and it has the right neckline. I have been searching for this top for years. What a happy occasion.

blue silky top

Thursday was a quiet day. Lots of reading and such. In the evening I visited our friends Maurits and Marcel together with my friend Helga to show her their apartment. Helga wanted to know how you decorate an apartment with just windows on two sides as she is moving into such an apartment.

Friday was a glorious day. Lots of sunshine, hot temperatures and a visit to the hairdresser. A good day.

Summer is finally here and I am going to enjoy it next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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