Yellow and black pleated skirtFour years ago I bought my first pleated skirt, now I have five of them. This yellow and black pleated skirt is my latest buy and it will be my last one. After all, how many pleated skirts can you wear, right? (Although that question applies to my whole wardrobe as I have so many clothes haha.)

The owner of the shop kpa.haarlem posted a photo of her wearing this skirt on Instagram. Such images lead me up the wrong path. This is how my mind works: “Those Converse sneakers are already in my wardrobe, pleated skirts suit me…so hop, let’s go to the shop.”

Below: The owner of kpa.haarlem. The skirt is sold out but she has a lot of new beautiful autumn clothes in her store. (No, I do not have shares in her business, nor do I receive anything for mentioning her shop. She is just good.)


Kitty took photos of this outfit in the same hour as she did the blue checked pane trousers of last week. Killing two birds with one stone. And I totally forgot to take a picture of her. Shame on me.

Below: There was a lot of green AND yellow in the background when we took the photos in this street.

Yellow and black pleated skirt

Below: When I bought the skirt, I also bought a black linen shirt with it, which you will see later. A yellow top was another obvious option. The only yellow summer top in my wardrobe is this loose jumper, which you have seen me wear with my grey trousers.

Yellow and black pleated skirt

Below: As you can see, this jumper (sweater) has batwing sleeves and it is not easy keeping all this fabric tucked into the skirt.

Yellow and black pleated skirt

Below: Of course I found the perfect yellow top for this skirt (more form fitting) the day after the shoot for only € 20 in the sale. Typical.

Yellow and black pleated skirt with a more form fitting jumper

Below: Close-up of the vintage brooch with a silly smile. Does anybody notice the brooch or do you all think: “Gosh, she’s got big knockers”? As that was the first thing I noticed when I saw this picture haha.
My eyebrows were still very dark; they are lighter now.

Yellow and black pleated skirt

The pleated skirt with a black linen shirt

I could have waited and used the styling of this skirt with the black linen shirt for another blog post, but autumn is approaching and I didn’t want to wait until next spring. The shirt has equally big batwing sleeves, but they don’t give me the same trouble as the yellow jumper. It stays put.

Below: Picking apples in our friends’ garden. Dog Watson is photobombing.

Yellow and black pleated skirt with black shirt

Below: The brooch is vintage. I had put on my yellow eye brooch but Ron advised me to go for this vintage one.

Yellow and black pleated skirt with black shirt

Below: Checking the shots Ron has taken.

Ron taking my photo

Below: Our friends’ garden is nice and big. Ron photographing me.

Ron taking my photo

What happened in my life this week

I haven’t had any comment last week about your preference for this section. Do you prefer it day by day? Or like I did last week? For now I will continue as last week.

It has been a week with the usual coffees, lunches and dinners. Like having a coffee with my former colleague Marita (below), cheerful woman. She wore a lovely dress and a beautiful vintage necklace.


We both love the kpa.haarlem shop and sure enough, when I went in there 15 minutes after we had said goodbye, Marita was in the shop haha.

Below: I tried on this jacket which Marita had found but I thought it deserved somebody with a smaller waist than mine. Lovely jacket though.

At kpa.haarlem in a black kimono jacket

We were invited to dinner at our neighbours who have a marvellous house with one floor more than ours and beautifully decorated. You can see photos of their house on Ingrid’s Instagram account: “Op nummer 50“.
Below: The table setting as we arrived. The food was excellent as well. The company of course was the best.

Table setting at our neighbours

Then there were drinks at friends’ Georg and Marla. Ron took the photos above (with the black shirt) in their garden.
Below: Marla. She hasn’t been to the hairdresser since February, so she put her hair in a ponytail. She is a very beautiful woman and always has been. When she was young she looked like a movie star.


Below: Close-up of Marla’s antique jet necklace.

jet necklace

As my left earlobe is still not healed, unlike the right one, I paid a visit to the piercer again (lovely man). He reassured me that it was just matter of time. The earlobe wasn’t swollen, there was no infection, it just needs more time to heal. And I am sooo impatient.

After my visit to the piercer I passed the Uniqlo store and scored an outfit for my mindfulness yoga. As usual at Uniqlo, the prices are low and the quality is high. Had trouble choosing between the colours of the tops; I chose the right one. Less bright but autumn is on our doorstep.

Yoga gear

Below: I know it is a bit of an overload but I am going to show you 6 photos of an arcade passageway as it is so pretty. It is the Beurspassage, the passageway linking Rokin with Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam Centre.

Arcade in Amsterdam Damrak

Arcade in Amsterdam Damrak

Arcade in Amsterdam Damrak

Below: It says: “Take some Mokum with you”. Mokum is the slang word for Amsterdam.

Arcade in Amsterdam Damrak

Below: I had a cappuccino and a macaroon while sitting on one of these little benches.

Arcade in Amsterdam Damrak

This week was rather quiet so I had time to read a book. One about a Dutch housekeeper (later PA and manager) to English castle owners in the Scottish Highlands. The book is called Cliffrock Castle but that is a fictitious name to protect everybody’s identity. It is a true story that took place in this last decade. To us Dutch, English people and especially the ones that went to boarding school, are another breed. We Dutch are direct and speak our minds. The people the housekeeper encountered, were the opposite. They said more by not saying it than by saying it. She quickly learned how to interpret. Fascinating book. Very much Downton Abbey which makes it so unbelievable it was in this last decade. I don’t think the book will ever be translated as I am sure the English won’t be able to understand the Dutch struggle and find us very rude.

Below: Wore this outfit on Wednesday for about 1 hour before going up in flames. It is just a thin shirt and it was only 17 degrees C (62F). Apparently if they make a winter shirt, however thin, it is still a winter shirt. (Link to original post.)

Outfit Wednesday, red, blue and white tunic shirt

Another exciting event this week was the final fitting of my stepdaughter’s wedding dress. With some minor alterations that day, it was fine and she could take it home.

The weather was getting better here in the Netherlands and on Friday I could pick up my friend Marianne for an afternoon at the beach. She hadn’t been there for a year so she was very pleased and she wore a shell necklace. Below: Marianne.

Marianne at the beach

Below: One of my famous selfies…

Marianne and me at the beach

I wore a white jumper with a new pair of red trousers. New to me that is, as it was a gift from neighbour and friend Froukje. As I was getting Marianne in the car to go back, a voice behind me said: “What a beautiful pair of trousers you are wearing,” The voice belonged to Froukje who was just arriving together with her husband. What a coincidence. We had a good laugh.

Next week is going to be very sunny, so I will enjoy a bit of late summer.


No Fear of Fashion

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