Baby blue checked trousers with a golden topYou have already seen these checked pane trousers last year combined with a zig/zag jumper (a really good outfit). Usually I wear a combination the way it is put together when I buy it but this time I managed to create three different ways of wearing the trousers. I am so proud.

My photographer Kitty asked whether we could do two outfits in one shoot as she has to work a lot and doesn’t have much time. In the early evening we went to an area in our neighbourhood and did a shoot with a skirt (you will see that next week) and we did these trousers. Changing without a dressing room (meaning, in the middle of the pavement) wasn’t easy. More about that next week.

Below: This top has been in my wardrobe for ages. First seen on the blog in this post of 2013 when I was still taking my own photos in our garden. I showed the top with a necklace I got from my Italian blogger friend Daniela. The shimmer of the top compensates the colour which is not the best colour on me.

Baby blue checked trousers with a golden top

Below: We found a fancy red car which went really well with my outfit. Would have loved to drive it home.

Blue checked trousers with a golden top

Below: The walking pose.

Baby blue checked trousers with a golden top

Below: I liked this shot as well. It wasn’t an easy surface for high heels but the picture is lovely.

Baby blue checked trousers with a golden top

Below: To prove that not all photos are good and that I always show you the best ones, herewith the photo below. There are many of these. From the 100 photos which have been taken, I can find 4 or 6 where I have the right expression, where my hair looks good and where I am not holding my bag the wrong way etc. It has nothing to do with the photographer and everything with me. The belt is Max Mara and a birthday gift from my mum.

Baby blue checked trousers with a golden top

Below: The tote is from Midlifechic and sold out at the moment. But there are new ones on the horizon. The bracelets are by Klára Földi a.k.a. Strawberry bags. She is a Hungarian woman over 40 who makes bracelets, necklaces and bags. Not expensive, very lightweight and nice to wear.

Red tote plus red and black bracelets

Below: Here you see the bracelets and a necklace by Klára from a previous post.

Rubber jewellery

Below: A close-up of my vintage glass necklace, an Etsy find from years ago. Never worn it until now. I finally found the right outfit for it.

Red glass necklace

Below: Close-up of the shoes. I love these patent leather shoes. Unfortunately they have stains on them (other side of the shoes which you cannot see). They have to be replaced. (By the way, I do not have a giant bruise on my right foot. What you see is shade.)

Red patent leather peeptoe shoes

Below: The third combination with these trousers. Different belt(s), shoes and shirt. I wanted to give this outfit its own blog post but thought “Oh well, why not add it to this post”.

Baby blue checked trousers with multi coloured shirt

What happened in my life this week

I will give you a summary of the most important things that happened this week in a more describing way than day by day. Let me know whether you prefer this or the old way.

Of course there were lunches again. One with my friend Rolf whom I hadn’t seen for a year. We were very busy chatting, forgetting all about taking a picture for you. Wore this to the lunch (link to original post).

Outfit Saturday white trousers with fuchsia shirt

Below: Sunday outfit. Here it is again, the yellow jumper. This time with boyfriend jeans and white Fly London boots. Sort of my signature style. Oh heavens, what am I to do with my blog when I fall into wearing jeans every day? I am fighting it, dear readers.

Outfit Sunday, yellow jumper on boyfriend jeans

One of the nicest lunches (and cappuccinos) was when I met the woman behind Timeless Style on Instagram. I follow her and after we had communicated for a while, we decided to meet in Grand Cafe Krasnapolsky (part of a fancy hotel in the centre of Amsterdam). The staff was very kind, professional but also warm and friendly. And they didn’t object to taking our photo. Twice. It was a thoroughly enjoyable lunch and ‘getting-to-know-each-other. The cappuccinos were excellent.

Timeless Style and me

Timeless Style and me and a tower of champagne glasses

We renewed our 16 solar panels on the (flat) roof as our first ones were put there in 1995. They function but technology has improved and we can do a lot better with the new ones.
Below: the panels on the roof.

Solar panels

It was rather a Murphy’s Law kind of day with a lot of misunderstandings,  extra money to be paid, things not working etc. But all is well that ends well. It just took a lot of my energy that day. Ron bought me a bunch of flowers as thank you for all my efforts. Then the dog threw up on the parquet floor, three times. Murphy came in four instead of three.
Below: I started that day wearing this blouse with my flared Paige jeans and pink EIJK Amsterdam ankle boots but it got cold and I had to switch to a sweater.

Tuesday outfit black and pink patterned blouse

Another interesting thing I did was going to a mindfulness yoga class together with my friend Helga. Yoga is very new to me and my knee is not cooperating. However, this is something I quite like and we booked 10 classes, one each week. Perhaps I will be zen after 10 sessions haha.
Wore my orange dress with a different necklace the rest of the day. I didn’t go anywhere but husband Ron appreciated it.

Outfit Wednesday Orange dress

Ron finished the painting of the shed by doing the doors. Meanwhile our dog Watson tried to persuade cat Sophie to come and play. Unfortunately dogs and cats have opposite signals. A dog wagging his tail is a happy dog. When a cat moves her tail like that she is about to attack.
Below: You can hear the howling of Sophie over the noise of the sanding machine.

Had a day in Amsterdam with my friend Helena and she kindly took photos of my outfit. It will be a blog post in the near future (two weeks?).

Hope you will have a lovely week. Mine will be rather quiet which is good for my finances.


No Fear of Fashion

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