orange dressThe Shopping Saturday girls met again. We were so pleased to see each other again. And after carefully sanitizing our hands, Sabine took photos of me with my camera. It was very hard to get the colour of this orange dress right. The light, the sunshine changed the orange, like in the above photo. It looks much lighter on the chest than it is in reality.

I bought this dress when I showed my friend Peggy the shop Meent Boutique as they sell good quality items. There aren’t a lot of such shops around anymore. The orange dress caught my eye because of its bright colour and when I put it on I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. The style, the colour, the fit, the length, everything suits me. I did wonder whether I would wear it much now that I am retired. On the other hand, you just put it on, you don’t feel any restrictions and with sneakers it is actually pretty ideal. At the pay desk I found out it was also in the sale. YAY.

Below: Apparently not everybody dares to wear this colour as there was another example left in the shop when Sabine and I passed it. Come on girls… let some colour into your life. I got loads of compliments on my dress that day. See my little red and pink bag in the window? Amazing that it isn’t sold yet. Such a beauty.

orange dress

Below: I hadn’t thought of my red and pink bag with this dress but chose the blue clutch my friend Marianne gave me.

Sabine and I started the Saturday together as Anke could only join us for lunch. With a toddler, a baby, a husband, a household and working 4 days a week, there isn’t much extra time in her life anymore. She is in that stage of her life and we understand that her family has priority so we really enjoy the time we get to see her.

Below: Sabine completely upstaged my dress haha. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Below: At the side of the Saturday market in the main Market Square. The dress billows in the wind,

Below: Head to toe shot,


Below: Close-up of her earrings which are very lightweight. (Only 14 days until I can start wearing my earrings again. Looking forward to it so much.)

Earrings Sabine

Below: Sabine called back the gentleman on the bike to pose with me haha. And he did. Good sport.

orange dress

Below: I love his hat. Suits him so well. Of course I gave him my blog card.

Below: We took some photos in this street but the sunlight was too sharp. It is a good close-up of my necklace though (present from my friend Anja, the Curly Traveller). Don’t I get a lot of presents?

orange dress and a floral necklace

Below: On the other side of the street against a dark door we finally got the orange right.

Below: I showed Sabine a shop on the corner of Warmoesstraat, called Lab Women’s Clothing. The sneakers I am wearing are from here. It is a really nice shop with quality stuff and a great staff.

orange dress

Below: Walking towards the water (Spaarne).

Below: Yay, Anke showed up for lunch. We had coffee and lunch in the garden of Vascobelo. Such a nice place with lovely staff and a good cappuccino.

Anke and Sabine

Below: Of course Anke had to pose before she could leave again.


Below: She was wearing snake print sneakers which we bought together on one of our shopping sprees last year.

Snake print sneakers Anke

Below: Close-up of her cute earrings.

Below: Anke returned to her family and Sabine and I continued our shopping at kpa. (Zeilstraat).


Below: At another store she tried on these green patent leather sandals. Cute but they didn’t feel right.

green sandals

Below: It was a lovely day and for the first time none of us bought anything. Call the papers. We might have to change our name from ‘Shopping Saturday’ to ‘Just hanging out together’.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. All of the above.

Sunday. Ron and I decided to walk dog Watson together on the beach. While putting on my shoes I did my back in, something which has never happened to me before. Perhaps it was caused by the way I sit nowadays, leaning forward too much. We walked Watson for an hour after which I sunbathed for an hour, properly covered in sun protection cream. Ron went off with Watson again and upon his return we had a lovely beach lunch. It is like a holiday when you live near the beach and the sun shines. We are very lucky.

My back didn’t like the beach bed one bit, so after arriving home I did my weekly exercises which helped. Took a pain killer and went to bed for half an hour. That helped as well. At the end of the afternoon we brought paella to our friends Georg & Marla for dinner. Thoroughly pleasant evening.

Monday: A photo shoot with Loes again. Our first one since Covid-19. We disinfected our hands before touching the camera and kept our distance. We both missed these little trips. Had coffee and cake at Vascobelo. (If the place is good I like to return). Cannot show you the photo of us as that will be in the next post. But I can show you a photo what I wore the rest of the day (link to original post):

Blue and white striped tunic Monday

Tuesday. A day full of drama. I was supposed to meet my friend Marjolein and as I was driving on the motorway (highway) I sang out loud with the radio on high volume: Roar by Katy Perry. Which is why it took a while before I noticed a very strange and disturbing sound: a flat tire. Well… flat… I drove it to shreds, smoke coming off it. Fortunately I did not lose control over my steering wheel and could park it on the road shoulder. Phoned the AA. Long story short: it took 3 hours and a new tire and I had to leave my car at a garage. Ron picked me up. Bummer. Of course I had already phoned Marjolein to tell her to turn back home. I knew our day was shot. The only good thing about it is: it was a drizzly, wet day.

Anja came over for an hour in the afternoon and I wore this (link to original post), a very relaxed and easy outfit:

Floral jumper Tuesday

Wednesday. Nothing special, exercising, blogging, reading. It was a sunny day. Anja came over again. And I decided I wanted to get rid of the hair extensions. They are too uncomfortable. I cannot make the coupe which I like with the heavier hair and I am still very apprehensive of anybody spotting my extensions. It is all too much for me. I accept my thin hair. I will be the lady with the thin hair. Who cares.

I got an invitation for a barbeque in September at the house of one of my former colleagues. With my old team mates. How extraordinarily nice of them to include me.

Wore my lovely long dress again (link to original post):

Thursday. My back was fine again until Wednesday night. Oh the ache…From my left buttock cheek, through my left leg to my shin. So Thursday was a day of pain. I had to drive Ron to his garage as his car got a check-up. We spent the day in his luscious allotment garden. It is beautiful there but the pain kept me busy.

Friday. At 8 a.m. I was at the physiotherapist who told me the pain was caused by my sacro-iliac joint and it could take up to 6 weeks, the first 5 days being the worst. Oh my God…I never had such ailment and thought it would pass in two days. I am not a good patient. I moan and groan the whole day. My pain will not go unnoticed. My husband Ron is so much better in this. He will tell you once something is hurting him and then you won’t hear him anymore. Poor fellow is stuck with whiny me. As an extrovert who shares everything with everybody all the time, I share this too. 

I am not wearing my body shaper, just trousers with loose elastic in the waist and a big shirt covering everything. Comfort is now more important. Wearing my Delft Blue jewellery again (more info in last week’s post, scroll to the bottom).

Easy outfit in blue

I had my hair extensions removed in the afternoon. They did make my hair look thicker but, as I said above, there were many reasons to get rid of them.

The back ache waned, it’ll be that way for a while.
At one point Ron said to me, sitting on the sofa: “It looks as if you have quite a belly haha”. And he put his hand on my stomach…only to find out I DO have quite a belly. He never notices this as I am always wearing a body shaper. He felt awkward as if he had accidently insulted me and I had to laugh so much. Yep, that’s reality for you.


No Fear of Fashion

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