Yellow and silver jacketReassessing the items in my wardrobe is what I ought to do and sometimes I do. You have seen my yellow and silver jacket twice before: in 2014 at the bloggers meet in London and in 2018 when I styled it with a soft yellow sleeveless dress. The most obvious styling is of course with a pair of jeans. It is a lovely lightweight jacket that gets a lot of compliments.

Loes was my photographer again. YAY. We were very carefully following the Covid-19 rules. Still, we hung out again. So nice.

For a background we chose the same street as where we had photographed the black pleated skirt outfit with the red and pink bag. We just walked further into the street.

Below: Still with extensions in my hair, in front of a shop window, or at least we thought it was a shop. Holding my bag with the back to the front (sigh… I never learn).

Yellow and silver jacket

Below: A closer look at the window…Ah…it is a studio, an atelier of an artist.

Shop window

Below: Loes, being summery and colourful.


Below: She’d cut her hair short and was wearing nice earrings again.

Earring Loes

Below: I brought this shopper because a mirror, a brush and sunglasses don’t all fit in my little bag. But…the little bag does fit in the shopper.

Below: A bench, flowers… yep, pretty picture.

Below: The little street we were in, is called Frankestraat.

Yellow and silver jacket

Below: And in Frankestraat we met a man called Leo who has lived there for 67 years (if I remember correctly). He told us a bit of the history of the street and showed us photos of the old days. I could photograph them off his smartphone.

Haarlem Frankestraat in the old days

Below: Same view as the photo above, but now in 2020. Unfortunately, it was container-emptying-day.

Haarlem Frankestraat

Below: As you can see, they still had carts in those days.

Haarlem Frankestraat in the old days

Below: We could hear music coming out of the building with the magnificent hydrangea. It is an Indonesian restaurant at the moment but in the old days it had been a tavern.

Yellow and silver jacket

Below: Beautiful gable stone, indicating what was going on in the building.

Below: Let’s hit the terrace for some cappuccino, shall we? (My hair did look full and thick with the extensions… sigh. Never mind, it wasn’t worth it.)

Yellow and silver jacket

Below: Oh yes, cappuccino at Vascobelo, always good.

Loes and me at Vascobelo

Below: Close-up of the bag. It comes with a shoulder strap as well but I don’t like the way it dents my jacket. Bought it the sale last year when Hudson’s Bay was closing its doors.

light grey bag

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. Happy day, meeting my friend Lia. Forgot to take a photo because of all the chatting we did. Wore this outfit as it was beautiful weather. (Link to original post.)

Outfit Saturday with blue wide legged trousers

Sunday. I cannot remember a thing about this Sunday. No idea what I did.
Below: Looking happy because my extensions were removed. The red sandals are by Hesther van Eeghen, a very good Dutch shoe and bag designer. I have had them for 10 years, but with my sensitive feet, I could never wear them. Thanks to reader Cindy who kindly sent me two packages of Moleskin, I have now taped the inside of the strap. I would have been able to wear them with the tape. Then I found out they are too big for me, sometimes my foot slips out of the front of the shoe. BUMMER.

Outfit Sunday with polka dot dress

Monday. Ron and I walked dog Watson on the beach in the morning and I did some sunbathing for less than an hour. In the afternoon the physiotherapist had another go at my back which is now almost completely all right. A hint of pain is all that is left and that will go in time. Wore this outfit (link to original post from 2013; changed the shoes and the bag).

Striped pencil skirt Monday

Tuesday. Visited my friend Nicoline (see the post of us together last year) in the afternoon. We hadn’t seen each other since last year, so there was a lot of catching up to do. Wore my summer dress (link to original post). Wore different shoes to the original.

Green maxi dress

Wednesday. Loes and I did another photo shoot (you’ll see the result next week) and had a lovely coffee on a terrace. In the evening Ron and I had dinner at our friends Ger and Marja’s house. Ger is a very good cook so it was lovely. We hadn’t seen them for a long time, lots of catching up. Wore this outfit again, with a different pearl necklace.

Green jumper on Paige jeans Wednesday

Thursday. Ron had an appointment so I stayed at the allotment garden with Watson. The dog always has a great time in that garden as he is allowed to dig deep holes. He buries his toys in there. Months later he digs them up again and with great pride presents his wet, muddy, stinking trophy to you. Yuck.
In the evening my friend Helga treated me to a dinner at a fancy restaurant. I wore my orange dress with heels this time as I thought it was appropriate for the occasion. Ron took a proper picture of the dress (and Watson, sitting next to me).

Orange dress and white block heeled sandals

Below: Helga. She has a Marilyn Monroe type, hourglass figure, thick hair, no wrinkles and a bubbly, happy character. Oh and brains. Yep, she has got it all.


Below: The obligatory photo at the end of a splendid meal.

Helga and me

Friday. Marjolein and I hit the town of Leiden. The day started cloudy with a fine drizzle, completely ruining my hair as I cycled to the train station. Below: with fancy face mask in the train on my way.

Face mask on my way to Leiden

Met Marjolein at the station and we went for a coffee (of course) in the centre. Below: Marjolein in a very soft leather jacket in our favourite colour fuchsia.


Below: It as a cute coffee café: Lavendi Coffee.

Marjolein at the coffee café

After the coffee fuel, we started walking, in and out of shops and sightseeing. The drizzle had gone, just a cloudy day.



Below: At lunchtime the sun came out and we found a spot on a terrace near the water.


Below: Leiden is a beautifully preserved old town.



Below: Back home in the train I used another face mask. The company which sells them is

Face mask on my way home


No Fear of Fashion

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