Pink and orange maxi dressThe shorts which I had bought went back to the store, however cute they were and instead I bought this pink orange maxi dress. I love maxi dresses as they give me the opportunity to wear flat shoes with them rather than high heels. I call this colour ‘pink orange’ as it is just that in my eyes. Or is it coral? Or rose? No idea. The brand is Storm & Marie and I bought it at kpa. in Haarlem. The owner of the shop was wearing this dress and I loved it so much.

Her figure is different from mine (smaller waist, more hips and bum) so I was convinced the dress wouldn’t suit my body shape. There were two other customers in the shop and we started to comment on each other when trying on clothes. We came to the conclusion that you see yourself in such a different way than others do. You don’t see your reflection in the mirror, no, you see your perception. You are focussed on that one point you don’t like and you see what you expect to see (and what nobody else sees). Anyway, it led me to buying the dress.

Kitty took the photos in that lovely old part of Haarlem, De Vijfhoek (the 5 corners) at 6 p.m., the golden hour.

Below: The photo above was taken with this magnificent part of a church behind me. I am fixing my hair after the bicycle ride.

Haarlem the Vijfhoek

Below: The colours of the dress in the first photo aren’t quite right, but they are in the photo below. This is a close-up of the bracelet that has exactly the same colour. It was a present from my friend Marjolein a few weeks ago.

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: The pretty little street we chose as background.

Haarlem the Vijfhoek

Below: That little bench looked very tempting. People here are not too bothered if you sit on it (not like the women in last week’s post).

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: I am always so pleased when people let plants, trees and flowers grow in front of their house. Makes a street so friendly.

Below: This face says: “Well, what do you know? This flower is exactly the same colour as my dress! Isn’t that a coincidence?”

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: What have we here…?? A pussy cat?

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: Lovely little cat.

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: Oops… defending territory although it looks as if they are dancing.

Below: Busy in the street, cats and dogs.

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: Kitty, my fantastic photographer.

Kitty in De Vijfhoek

Below: I can never resist a bench or a chair, especially not when the photo turns out so well. I think I need new white sneakers though. These are pretty old and the wear and tear starts showing. (Note: found them haha.)

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: This is how I look when I want something from you. White bag is by Essentiel Antwerp (last year or the year before).

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: Pretty picture with bee.

Haarlem the Vijfhoek

Below: We were trying different poses… this is the “spread out”. We also took photos of the pose “one knee bent against the other knee” and the “I have to pee” pose, but I won’t bother you with those. Notice I changed shoes from sneakers to my suede yellow pumps by Marks & Spencer.

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: Isn’t this street adorable? Notice the lamp shades hanging in the middle of the street.

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: We walked into another little street and met the lady in the blue jacket.

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: This is Leny van Schaik, who is a choirmaster and famous in Haarlem for all the choirs she conducts and has conducted. She is 77 years old and has a very painful spine nerve condition but still goes on conducting. One of her choirs produced the soundtrack for the movie Paradise Road and Leny taught Glenn Close how to conduct. She has a very impressive CV but if you click through to read it, you have to use Google translate, as it is in Dutch.

Leny van Schaik

Below: There were roses and a red door in the brightest sunshine.

Pink and orange maxi dress

Below: As I sat on the bench, I felt inspired by Leny’s talk about the choirs and sang a very old Dutch song about part of the sea becoming a lake (Zuiderzee ballade). Look at Leny’s face as she is listening…

Pink and orange maxi dress and Leny van Schaik

Below: By the look on her face, she is not going to offer me a place in one of her choirs hahaha.

Pink and orange maxi dress and Leny van Schaik

Below: The photos were taken and we said goodbye.

Pink and orange maxi dress and Leny van Schaik

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was a day with nice weather and little things. Like going to the cobbler again to pick up my purple pumps. And going to the jeweller who cleaned my watch. It was interesting to see that most people keep the required distance. No more than three people in a shop and the rest have to wait outside, keeping their distance. I do hope we have a cure or a vaccine before winter starts. (Yes, and for other reasons as well.) In the evening I enjoyed reruns of the Michael McIntyre show. Gosh, he makes me laugh so much. I wore this. (Link to original post.) You see, I do wear things more than once.

Outfit Saturday Black and white jumper

Sunday. Visited my mum. I am getting better at usies. It is so nice to still be able to visit your mother when you are 66. A blessing.

I wore my leather dress with hold-ups (thigh highs) as it was cold. (Link to original post.) Below you see me trying two different belts. That wide belt will soon be somebody else’s, I really don’t like it on me.

leather dress with two belts

So I wore it with the Essentiel Antwerp beaded elastic belt. (See the boots and the beaded belt in this post.) The sleeveless dress I am wearing underneath the leather dress is an e-Bay purchase. Read more about it in the original post where I have styled it three different ways. The styling with the leather dress is the fourth way.

Leather dress with the sleeveless dress showing

Monday. Wearing a new combination, so no photos yet. Ron had picked up dog Watson yesterday, who had been to “boarding school’ in Belgium for three weeks. The trainer taught him not to shoot off and disappear when he smells game. And it worked. When Ron walked him on Monday and they ran into this big Scottish Highland cow, he stayed with Ron. Reluctantly and after a warning, but he stayed.

Watson and the Scottish highlander

I cycled past this house. The flag with the bag indicates that another youngster has passed his exams of secondary school (high school). In June you see a lot of flags with bags.

House that celebrates

Tuesday. A lovely day meeting my friend Yvonne for lunch on the beach. It was very quiet and we chatted for hours. Forgot to take a photo, but this is what I was wearing. Link to original post.

Outfit Tuesday yellow jacket

As we walked back to the car, we passed a shoe shop…. Aiiii…always dangerous with me. And I was on the look-out for new white airy sneakers. Found them in the sale.

Wednesday. Another lovely day, spent with my friend Selma. She came to my house and we went into town. A quiet day so no Covid problems. I was on sneakers again as I had to walk a lot, which often means jeans too. Link to original post.

Outfit Wednesday sequin print top

We had the best cappuccino at Het Koffiekantoor accompanied by pastry (Pastel de Nata, a Portuguese filo pastry and cream delight). Very friendly staff as well. They can count on my business from now on. I took a terrible usie again.

Selma and me

This is what Selma wore. Like me, she loves clothes and shopping. I do pick ’em haha.


The weather was beautiful and sunny in the morning, but as we hit town, it got grey and not very warm. Pity. The weather people forecasted it the other way round which would have been better. Oh well, no rain.

Thursday. My friend Marjolein and I went to the Kunstmuseum in The Hague to see the botanical paper art wall of Ann Wood, as part of the Royal Blue (Delftware) exhibition. I know Ann from the time she still had a blog (Blue Hue Wonderland) and her photos were awesome. She stopped blogging in 2014 but I “found” her again on Instagram, where she regularly posts photos of her botanical paper art as she is an artist (her husband is too). Ann was supposed to come over from Minneapolis to the Netherlands in March, which of course didn’t happen. The museum has reopened and they are very careful, taking all precautions they should take. Here is Ann’s wall:

Botanical paper art wall by Ann Wood

The museum itself is gorgeous. Very old and so beautiful. We took a lot of photos but the post will become too long if I show them all. But this page (with video) will show you some of the exhibition. This is what I was wearing (link to original post):

Me at the Kunstmuseum

And this was Marjolein’s gorgeous outfit.


Below a close-up of her boots.

Boots Marjolein

Friday was a day spent inside as I sneezed a couple of times, had a tiny bit of a runny nose and sore throat. Normally I wouldn’t think about it, but now I cancelled meeting my friend Anja and Facetimed instead. And I cancelled our dinner in the garden with friends Marla and Georg. Bummer. But I don’t want to jeopardise their health. Let’s see how this develops. (Note: the next day everything was gone.)


No Fear of Fashion

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