White jacket by EssentielKitty, being a photographer, suggested to do a photo shoot at the end of the day, the golden hour as it is called. On the bike we went to a nearby stream of water. There won’t be any houses and streets in this post, just a lot of green plus a white jacket haha.

A few weeks ago you saw a post of me in a yellow jacket. It is the same model as this white jacket. When I search for something for so long (a white jacket) and finally find it, the temptation to order it in more colours is enormous. Plus, a yellow jacket was on my wish list as well.

I styled it according to the fashion of this season, belting it. Creating a waist is something I often try to attain and a belt is an excellent instrument to achieve that. The jeans are my recent boyfriend jeans by G-Star Raw. The bag and belt are very old.

Below: As it was nearly evening I put on a coat, just to be sure. This coat is by Weekend Max Mara and I love it. It will be in my wardrobe until I die or until is falls apart, whatever comes first. There isn’t much need to wear a coat in summer so there is little wear and tear.

Leopard summer coat by Weekend Max Mara

Below: We started in a nearby field where a lot of people let their dogs run free. Kitty was taking photos with her back to the sun, which forced me to wear my sunglasses. The two leopard ‘brooches’ are actually shoe clips. I wanted something at the top to break up the monotone of the jacket.

White jacket by Essentiel

Below: A closer look at the shoe clips. The bracelet is from a little shop in Milan bought when I was there in 2010 with my friend Lia. I love buying clothes, bags or jewellery when I am on holiday. They always take you back to that holiday when you wear them.

White jacket by Essentiel

I looked up the photos of Lia and me on holiday in Milan. Sweet memories. I was still a brunette.

Below: This is 2010 in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II at the best coffee place on earth, Zucca, a beautiful art deco place.

At Zucca in Milan, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Below: That year I had tried to drink coffee without sugar for 6 months. In the end I didn’t like coffee without sugar but I didn’t like it with sugar anymore either. As you know, I am very fond of cappuccino and I was peeved. At Zucca, they taught me how to appreciate good coffee again. Ahh sweet memories.

At Zucca in Milan

Below: The back of the jacket and a doggie. The white ankle boots are new and they are a gift from my friend Jilske.

White jacket by Essentiel

Below: The ankle boots in close-up. The heel looks high but they wear as if they are flat. So nice.

White pointy ankle boots

Below: And from here on you will only see one shoe clip as I lost the second one at this spot. You can see it on the ground, left from my bag. I went back for it, but only a day later and it was gone of course. What do you think? Will one do? Or shall I try and find another way of adorning the top half?

White jacket by Essentiel

Below: Over to a gorgeous picture of the stream in that area. Kitty is right, it is the golden hour.

Beautiful green park

Below: Trying another pose… Yep, failed again.

White jacket by Essentiel

Below: A last one, just for the road.

White jacket by Essentiel

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. That was a fun day, starting with going to the beach with husband Ron and dog Watson. Watson loves running through the water and there are two places, about 10 or 15 minutes’ drive away, where dogs are allowed on the beach. After the running we had a cappuccino on the terrace. With apple cake adorned with whipped cream. These things make it very hard to maintain your weight. But we had more than enough excuses to order the apple cake. It was to celebrate the good weather, the fact the dog was back after being away for three weeks, that we were walking the dog together and that the restaurant on the beach re-opened that day.

In the afternoon I picked up shoes again from the cobbler (story of my life) and visited my friend Marianne. She had to leave her house for a week because they were laying a new floor through the whole apartment. All the furniture went into storage. A big thing. She was back in her house again and everything was in its place. Thank God that is behind her.

Bought some new flowers and had a nice blog chat with another customer just outside the store. When everything is restricted you start to really appreciate these little things. I wore something which is going to be on the blog soon.

Sunday was the birthday of my future son-in-law. Although he doesn’t celebrate it, we decided to go up their town and ‘celebrate’ father’s day in one go with coffee and cake in the park. Alas, it rained. So we stayed in at appropriate distance etc. Nicky had made a chocolate cake with caramel and oreo cookies which was delicious and rich. No idea what I wore that day, something I didn’t mind getting dirty in the park.

Monday. Time for my earlobe piercing check-up. I travelled to Amsterdam by train around 12 o’clock, wearing a mask etc. No problem, there weren’t many people in the train so enough social distance. Even on the platforms, although that was trickier. I wore old flat silver shoes and my boyfriend jeans (the complete outfit is for a separate blogpost). As I arrived in Amsterdam one of my shoes broke! They were old and second-hand but so elegant and handy when you have to walk a lot. Darned. At the piercing shop I put some tape over the crack but it was still hard to walk on them.

Flat silver shoes

The earlobes were healing well and I went on my way to the famous 9 straatjes (9 streets) to meet my friend Aafke. I wore my silver and blue blouse you saw a couple of weeks ago. Aafke is a great person: bubbly, cheerful, clever and full of energy. She always lifts my spirits when I am with her.

Aafke and me

The reason to meet at the 9 streets area was because I still had a voucher for a shop there. Sure enough I found something, like sneakers which I could walk on. I threw out my beloved silver shoes. Of course Aafke and I had a good time, drinking and chatting on terraces. On a Monday afternoon it isn’t busy.

Tuesday. We were supposed to go cruising with Ron’s boat but the battery was dead, so I just pottered through the day, blogging, reading etc. As Ron is going to sell the boat, he cleared all the rubbish from the ship. That was a lot! Wore this as it was hot that day. The ballerinas have got to go, they are getting ugly. Link to post with this black and white checked top.

Outfit Monday black and white checked top

Wednesday. I tried this dress by Bellamy Gallery again, with new airy sneakers and one of my 15 chunky necklaces. After a while I noticed that my tummy was showing and that the belt was riding up, creating an even bigger tummy. And I don’t like the way it pulls at my bosom. In the wash it went and as soon as it was dry, I gave it away. Changed into something that still deserves a post.

Outfit Tuesday Bellamy dress

Neighbour and friend Anja (Curly Traveller) had to go out for a little while and asked me to sit in her house for an hour in case some deliveries arrived. I brought my sewing box and did some mending, but she returned really soon. Some heavy chatting began and Sylvia (40plusstyle) joined us as well for an hour. In the late afternoon I laid in the sun for an hour, covered in SPF50. I still hate it, but there is no escaping from it.

It was gorgeous weather so after dinner Ron invited me to go the beach again and let Watson run for a while. Big mistake as it was cloudy, windy and cold at the beach and I wasn’t dressed for that. We ordered a coffee on the terrace a lot sooner than we had anticipated. Poor Watson haha.

Thursday. Woke up with rain which was a bad thing as Kitty was going to do a photo shoot with me. Fortunately it all cleared up around 10 o’clock. Nevertheless, freshly washed and blow-dried hair is a very bad combination with humidity in the air. I hope the photos will turn out good (hair wise). You will see them next week. So also for this day, no outfit photo. Had lunch with Kitty afterwards in a restaurant. Plenty of distance. Did some household and garden work in the afternoon. Plus, I tried out this trick my friend Marjolein had told me. How to hang more clothes in your wardrobe…. (that is really up my street haha). See the ‘thingy’ in which the skirt hanger is hooked? A simple can opener. I have two of them now and hammered pointy bits down so I won’t wound myself. Bring on the cans!

Hanging double the amount of clothes in your wardrobe

Friday. Having lunch with Sylvia on a terrace near the canal, watching the ships go by. Enjoy this lovely one minute video (watch for the car and the laundry on the barge):

Below: Sylvia wearing blue. I wore my pink and orange maxi dress.


Went out to dinner at our friends Georg and Marla unexpectedly. Sushi again as we love it so much and it is easy to arrange. Last time we agreed to meet we had to cancel because of the cold and rainy weather. This Friday it was sunny. Carpe diem.

And with those words I like to finish this post.


No Fear of Fashion

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