Silver and blue silk blouse with silver pumpsThe best part of this silver and blue silk blouse is that it has sleeves. It is smashing for me on a hot summer day as it is very lightweight and the sleeves cover my arms. That is a combination which is hard to find.

Blue, silver and white aren’t really my best colours, but the shine of the silver compensates for that. I learned these differences between shades, saturation, shine (fabric) and what they do for you from Trinny Woodall. I follow her on Instagram and with her Closet Confessions (videos) she shares her styling experience.

Ron took the photos at his allotment garden, the Saturday before Mothers Day. My stepdaughter Nicky and her boyfriend Randolf were visiting us as this was outdoors, which was safer than indoors. We were touching nothing of each other and kept the required distance. Even Nicky dared this and she hasn’t left her house for two months other than to go to the pharmacy. She is really careful.

Below: The table is set and the stick across the table is the distance measurement.

Silver and blue silk blouse with silver pumps

Below: Ron took some great shots of the outfit. I ordered the white trousers and when I saw how they were on me, I ordered them in hot pink as well (see blog post). Trousers, blouse and the silver belt are all Essentiel Antwerp. Again, the little red bag by Malene Birger is perfect for the pop of colour. Such a versatile little bag. The silver slingback pumps are Michael by Michael Kors. I bought them a couple of years ago and think they look so good. However, they are not the easiest shoes to walk on. Very little space for my toes. The red earrings are clip-ons.

Silver and blue silk blouse with silver pumps

Below: Nicky and Randolf arrived. It was a very hot day and we were all very grateful for the sunscreen above our heads.

Randolf and Nicky

Below: Watson was grateful for the shade as well.


Below: Ron had switched his jeans for shorts. Where else would you hang your jeans but on the window handle?

Allotment garden

Below: Ron being photo bombed by both dog Watson and me.


Below: Yes, my husband is wearing clogs. They are clever things to wear when you have a garden.


Below: Did you notice I had switched shoes? These red ones have a little more room at the front than the silver pumps and they have a sturdier heel.

Silver and blue silk blouse with red peep toe pumps

Below: Soon food and drinks were on the table.

Randolf and Nicky

Below: A few photos of Ron’s pond.

Allotment garden

Below: The goldfish are real, the crocodile isn’t.

Allotment garden

Below: The sign says: Laboratory for unusual experiments. The folded material above it is the brilliant sunscreen.

Allotment garden

It was a thoroughly pleasant afternoon.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. I needed to go to the cobbler again. Cobbler and seamstress are two very important people in my life. I was wearing another Essentiel outfit. Link to original blog post.

Outfit Saturday with zig zag jumper

As the cobbler is near where Marianne lives, I paid her another visit of course. Having discovered the timer on my phone, I could make a better usie. Marianne is packing everything and moving in with her son for a week while her floor and what is underneath it, is being renovated. Not an easy job.

Marianne and me on a Saturday

Sunday was a grey day. The photo of what I wore isn’t very sharp. If you want to see a better one, click to the original post with this purple blouse. Didn’t do anything but blogging and reading.

Outfit Sunday with purple blouse

Monday. The weather was bright and sunny again. That does make such a difference. Had a chat with my neighbour and friend Froukje, outside her front door. Cycled to another part of town to return a big vase which my colleague had used to put flowers in front of my door when I retired. Had a chat with her for 15 minutes, also in front of her house. And I laid in the sun in the afternoon. It doesn’t get more exciting than this. Beginning to feel I am getting bored.

Tuesday. A visit to my doctor (GP) to have her check all the spots on my body. I do that regularly to discover any signs of skin cancer at an early stage. My adoration for a tanned body is of course a dangerous one. This time, for the first time, it was bingo. I had a little spot on my nose (a notorious skin cancer place) which I didn’t trust. She said it was a very slow growing skin cancer spot (it would take at least 8 years to develop). In this early stage of a few flakes every now and then it was easy to treat. She used liquid nitrogen and while she had that stuff at hand, treated three ugly old ladies spots as well. They weren’t malignant, just ugly. I must rethink my sunbathing habits.

Wore this skirt and jumper, which I bought in Turin. I tried to wear it with the fabric belt on top (right below), but decided I liked it better with the jumper tucked in (left below). Link to original post of this skirt with bright blue top and with this black and white leopard jumper.

Outfit Tuesday cream skirt with leopard jumper

In the afternoon I had a very nice Facetime conversation with my friend Lia and after that I spent half an hour with Loes in her garden, before she had to run off to deliver groceries to elderly ladies. Crummy iPhone usie quality, but this way you see that Loes is still in the picture (pun intended haha).

Loes and I

For the first time since I am home, I got bored today. Oh dear, what does this mean for the future?

Wednesday. Had coffee and cake with Anja whose birthday it had been the day before. We chatted for a couple of hours. In the afternoon I picked up shoes from the cobbler and took another pair to him. Met Loes again in the street and took a snapshot.

Loes in the street

As I cycled for exercise I passed this pretty door and took a picture with my iPhone.

Pretty house

Thursday. Got up early, well…so I thought but was mistaken. I had to dress in a hurry. When I grabbed a few things in haste, I accidently came up with a new outfit, which you will see at a later date.
Busy day. The allotment garden of Ron was the first stop where we had coffee with his neighbours (at the appropriate distance). With delicious cake. In the afternoon I picked up clothes from the seamstress and had a chat with her outside her front door. Went to the jewellery shop to change watch batteries and then had a meeting with somebody from my street at her atelier. She is setting up a new business and we discussed several aspects. Back home just before dinner.
My mother’s hairdresser sent me a photo of mum, looking good again. Mum decided as the outgrow was so big due to the lock-down, she will let it go grey all together. It is a bit of an odd photo but she looks so good, I had to show it. She will be 92 in August.


Friday. I got really worried about the fact that I am susceptible for skin cancer now that the doctor found that spot. I also read the blog post of Anna (Anna’s Island) about her skin cancer journey and decided to take my head out of the sand where I had buried it and read the articles about sunbathing. I have to let go of tanning which is a big, big change in my life. Others may think “so what? It was wrong all along, glad you finally wised up” but it is really a big change. And the fact that my chances of developing skin cancer are much higher than I hoped, is keeping me awake. Classic case of regret after the fact.

I had bought cute shorts at kpa. but after reading about skin cancer and the fact that covering up is better than using sun protection cream, I knew I was never going to wear them. The owner of the shop kindly took the shorts back (I hadn’t worn them yet, just tried them on with some blouses at home). They were going to be the main subject for a blog post. Now this is the only photo you will see of them. I changed them for a dress and Kitty and I did a photo shoot about the dress at the end of the afternoon that day.

shorts with silk blouse


No Fear of Fashion

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