pink trousers with a green jumperSpring is marvellous in the Netherlands with lots of sunshine. Small let-down is the wind: from January on there is a mean cold wind blowing, making beautiful sunny days seem cold. Nevertheless, I am counting my blessings. Retired, sunshine, garden and the arrival of these bright pink trousers with a green jumper (sweater). Oh how I love these vivid colours. The green belt and shoes were already in my wardrobe from last year. Both trousers and jumper are Essentiel Antwerp and so is the green transparent bag (last years).

Kitty was my photographer again as she has her own camera. I cannot go out with Loes anymore as I am the one setting the camera and she the one who takes the photos. That means not enough distance between us and both touching the same instrument all the time. A shame as I miss our outings. I love Kitty and Loes both.

We decided to go to a part in the middle of town where new houses had been built. I remember there was a fantastic plan to build houses in the style of the old ones but city council voted against it for financial reasons. Such a shame.

Below: I will admit that these new ones aren’t too bad. It is all the green that makes the street so friendly.

Below: Across the street is a big old building fenced with a high brick wall (I love a garden with high brick walls around it). I was wearing last year’s Essentiel jacket with the sequinned sleeves (seen before in this London post). It looks a lot better open than closed. The colour pink of the trousers played havoc with the photos. It came out all sort of shades. The one below is too harsh.

Below: Text at the back of the jacket.

Below: Again the pink is overexposed as it was sooo sunny. But look at the sparkle from the sequins. That is stuff that makes photographers very happy.

Below: These are all the right colours.

Below: We cycled to our coffee-to-go place and stopped in this street with a lovely old building. For the people who prefer that to new buildings.

Below: These trousers look good from the side and the rear as well. (Which is why I have them in pink and white as this is rare.)

Below: Close-up bag (Essentiel) and shoes (Marks & Spencer).

Below: Detail pink cat brooch which is a present from my friend Anja (Curly Traveller). I have worn it once on my leg while wearing a long pink tunic on black skinnies (cannot find the post anymore) and I really liked it on my black vest. You should click on that link. I love that vest but I gave it away when I gained weight (sob). It would fit me now. The shoes I am wearing in this 2013 post I still have. Should I get rid of them (the black and the yellow)?

Below: Kitty’s “reward”: coffee in the sunshine. You can see my reflection in the window, squatted on high heels.

Below: I wore this outfit two weeks before as I brought fresh fish to our friends Georg and Marla. Georg is a very creative person and always makes the best videos of every half year of their lives. He caught me on camera, so I will be in his “Corona period” video haha. This is a photo he also took (I was twirling). Wore the trousers with a white blouse and a colourful necklace.

What happened in my life this week

It was rather a busy week. Well, a busy week in a retired person’s life haha.

Saturday. Honestly, apart from laundry, I cannot remember what I did all day. I have to write down what I am doing. One day looks so much like the next day. Anyway, I was wearing this. Link to original post.

Sunday: This day I remember. Ron and I went to the beach to walk the dog. As we walked back I said to him: “If I were the entrepreneur of this restaurant here on the beach, I would have a stand with coffee-to-go”. Sure enough, when we passed, they had a stand for the first time and we were the first customers. We were naughty and had an apple pie with the coffee.

Later that day I started to clear out my shoe cupboards. Oh my! It took me ages and I didn’t finish it either. Cleared out some drawers and was very pleased with myself. I wore this outfit for only a couple of hours that day. It wasn’t the best outfit for clearing out cupboards or walking the dog. Link to original post with different pumps.

Monday. This day was the 4th of May and we commemorate all the people who have died for our freedom during the second world war. Normally the Dam square in Amsterdam where the commemoration monument is, is packed with people. Now only the king, queen, prime minister and the mayor were there to present a wreath. Although a few others (representatives) were presenting wreaths as well.

Did the rest of the shoes. Quite a few pairs had to go. Of course I was dressed in old rags, going up and down the ladder to reach the top shelfs. After I cleaned myself up I wore the same jumper (sweater) as the day before but with jeans, flat shoes, silver belt and the red tassel necklace Susanne Carillo made for me. The shoes are soooo soft (see better photos of them in this post).

Tuesday. Did some styling, tried out outfits with new stuff that I bought two months ago. Lots of failures and a few good ones. Unfortunately the best ones are usually with jeans and I want to move away from jeans. My purchase policy needs reviewing.

The 5th of May is a day of joy as we celebrate being freed from the Germans after the second world war. This year it was 75 years ago and it was going to be celebrated big. NOT of course. Ron took this photo for you of a mill with festive flags.

Mill with flags on the 5th of May

It is also a sad day for me personally as it is my late friend Pat’s birthday. I still miss her so much. I sent a message to her daughter and she kindly replied with some pictures. This one I hadn’t seen before. Gosh we were young.

Pat and me

Wednesday. Jilske and I met at Marianne’s garden, with the appropriate distance. Jilske bought me a pair of white boots which she had with her (so kind of her) and I had some shoes from my shoe cupboard which she liked and fitted. I only have another photo of Marianne as Jilske was sunbathing and not dressed to be photographed. We had a lovely couple of hours. A lesser point is the fact we won’t be going on holiday to Spain at the beginning of June with the girls. Unless a Corona miracle happens. That is the second year in a row we must cancel our Spain holiday. Bummer.


Thursday. We started with our usual “escape” to Ron’s allotment garden where Ron treated me on cake and coffee. At 11 o’clock we went on our way for a photo shoot. Dear Ron stepped in again as Kitty wasn’t available. Nice photos which you will see in the coming weeks. Rest of the day filled with blogging, Facetiming with friends and sunbathing. Such a difficult life haha.

Friday. As I cycled, I passed this lovely bridge over a small canal. It screams spring to me.

spring bridge

Sent my mother flowers for mother’s day, like I do every year. Added sending her a card as well. And.. oh so lovely…. I met Sabine and Anke, my Shopping Saturday girls, for coffee-to-go and chats, of course keeping our distance and not touching anything. We were very careful. But what a joy to see each other again. The girls had new dresses on and I was in trousers again. Anyway, I will use the photos for a blog post as next week the weather is going to be dreadfully cold so no photo shoots/no photos. The rest of the day I spent sunbathing and blogging.

That’s it for this week again.


No Fear of Fashion

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