Pink and green blouse on jeansOccasionally I post an outfit that I am not so keen on. Today is such a day. This pink and green blouse was meant to be worn with a skirt as it is narrower than tops I usually wear with trousers. Only I don’t really have a skirt for the blouse. I can hear you think “Then why did you buy it??” and you are right. Anyway, it arrived and I combined it with both my flared jeans which I think is not too bad and with wide green trousers. The latter outfit is a bit of a mistake as you will see.

Below: Kitty took the photos of the blouse with the flared jeans in front of Jasmijn Bloembinders, my florist. They have such a nice store. As you can see, my hair is having lock-down problems. Fortunately I now have an instrument with a sharp blade to cut my fringe.

Pink and green blouse on jeans

Below: A friend of ours across the road posed haha. He is an artistic theatre person.


Below: Besides flowers the florist sells cushions, ornaments, plants, lights…all sort of things. I love the bench. Flared jeans are Paige, pink ankle boots EIJK Amsterdam, pink and green blouse J.P. Boden.

Pink and green blouse on flared jeans

The photos with the flared jeans were to rescue this outfit post. Kitty had done a full photo shoot a couple of days earlier. When I saw the photos, I knew I should have paid better attention to the outfit when I put it together. Let’s go back to the original shoot with the wide green trousers.

Below: Because of the colours of the blouse, we decided to shoot it near a big magnolia tree. Such an adorable flower/tree.


Below: This is one of the best shots out of 100 or so. It doesn’t look bad but my hips are really too narrow to be wearing the blouse like this. These green trousers are from the Max Mara outlet in Turin (see a previous post of these trousers with purple jumper here).

Pink and green blouse on green wide trousers

Below: And my bum is too flat as well. Again, this is rather a good photo. I couldn’t bring myself to use the really terrible ones.

Pink and green blouse on green wide trousers

Below: OK…let me post a photo showing a bit better what I mean. Is it because the trousers are very high waisted? I think it makes me look odd and as straight as a lamp post and it makes my upper body too short. On top of that the belt went lopsided the whole time plus the blouse creased. So I am not happy with it. I suppose it could be a lot worse but this is definitely not something I will wear again.

Pink and green blouse on wide green trousers

Below: Photos can make you believe anything though, like “isn’t this lovely?” haha.

Pink and green blouse on green wide trousers

Below: No idea what the flower is called that was blooming so beautifully.

red spring flowers

Below: Kitty, warm in her coat. It was sunny that day but not warm. If you want to see Kitty’s assignment photography, have a look at her work.


Enough of this blouse.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. When I visited my mum last week, she gave me back the bright pink trousers. She said they were too ostentatious for her. Only after I had come home, she admitted having felt a little guilty as well because she thought I really liked them myself. That is the thing if your mother reads your blog and you make jokes like “What else could I do but strip and give her the trousers?” I explained I write to make you girls laugh, but she was adamant.
I added these clip-on earrings to the original outfit.

Bright yellow top with bright pink trousers

Sunday I wore a new outfit, so no photos. Instead I will show you our garden.

Because we anticipated having to take blog photos in the garden, my husband Ron decided to make it prettier. Starting with painting the shed and “redecorating” the porch (as we call it) beside it. Below an overview of the garden. Because I took this photo in the morning, the sun is shining on the row of houses behind the shed and you don’t see them.


Below: In front of the shed is an antique wash basin, turned into a flower bed. (By the way, the green doors still have to be painted again.) Ron planted two young catalpa trees and painted the stakes black as well as the metal “hats” on top of them. The latter are to protect the stakes from the weather. The new plants need a bit more time to grow.

Shed in our garden

Below: The wood for the fireplace is now neatly stacked in this stand. Ron fancied the chandelier which was on offer for a sweet price on the Dutch equivalent of e-Bay. I was against it for a couple of days but gave in. As soon as I said yes, he ran into the house to his iPad to see whether it was still for sale haha. We had discussions about the wood stand being centred or in the corner, about the place of the easy chair and the painting. Although of different opinions, we discussed it in harmony, which surprised and pleased us. Ron also painted the ladder (for the cat to get on the fence) black.

"porch" next to the shed

Below: This is the back of the house.

Back of the house

Below: Close-up of the garden chairs. (Gosh, those sunscreens are dirty. They will be cleaned this month. We finally found somebody to do that.) A friend of ours made the table for us.

Garden chairs

Below: Close-up of the pond. The water from the lion head is on a timer. We don’t have any fish in this pond as they were eaten by herons all the time. We do however, have many salamanders, in many colours.

pond in our garden

Monday: Of course starting with exercises and cycling. It was still nice weather so I took this photo of Haarlem; the city was not completely awake yet. The canal has been renovated which is why the trees are still young. On the left you can see the tower of the cathedral (more photos of the cathedral here).


But… that Monday, the 27th of April, it was King’s Day, celebrating the King’s birthday. Not in the usual exuberant way and not in the Amsterdam way. Click on this link if you want to see a real celebration of King’s Day in 2014 (Donna, if you read this, that is with your photo in it). Nevertheless almost everybody was dressed in orange (after the last name of the King) or in red/white/blue (flag colours). We started with the traditional orange “tompoezen” (mille-feuille vanilla slices). Our neighbours got in line at the bakery to get some (see below).

King's Day 2020

So we sat in front of the house, in the sunshine, at the required distance from each other. And we fetched the coffee from our own kitchen. Our neighbours were in orange and so was Ron (you only see his knee).

King's Day 2020

Below: I was dressed in red, white and blue this year. I do make a point of always being rather stylish although it is a crazy day. Noblesse oblige, as the French say haha. Here is the link to the original outfit post with white trousers and sequinned sneakers).

Outfit King's Day 2020

It was a lovely day. In the afternoon we sat in front of the house again, across the street. It was meant to be only the five of us but more and more neighbours joined. We all kept our required distance, which made the circle very large. Nevertheless, it is forbidden to gather with more than three people and the police was patrolling. So we packed it up.

Tuesday. I felt the need for some elegant dressing up. The studded belt is burgundy. Link to the post with the tiered ruffle skirt in winter. This is one of these rare occasions where I wear a white shirt.

Outfit tiered ruffle skirt with white shirt

Wednesday. I wore new trousers, so instead of an outfit photo, I give you a photo of Marianne in her garden, with cat. I had to pick up my shoes from the cobbler and past her house again, like last week. An hour chatting in the sunshine (which was a surprise that day) at the required distance. Marianne’s hair is getting as unruly as mine. Rest of the day just reading, blogging and exercising.


Thursday. I cut my fringe that day, after taking this photo. It is getting more difficult every day to shape my hair in a nice way. In Corona times Ron and I go to his allotment garden on Thursday mornings to avoid our help, so jeans and sneakers. Here is the link to the post. I am wearing a smashing lime jacket/coat with it. You can also see a close-up of the bangles in the post.

Outfit boyfriend jeans with bangles

Friday: nothing special, just exercising, reading and blogging. Finished the 6th book of the Seven Sisters. I am beginning to miss people. Tonight I am Facetiming with Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge. I have to plan more of these virtual get-togethers. Wore this outfit and forgot to check. My other pearls look nicer with it. Link to post.

Blue floral Ganni shirt

Which concludes the week.


No Fear of Fashion

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