Green and yellow silk blouseThere is a saying in the Netherlands ‘Wat je van ver haalt, is lekker’, meaning ‘What you bring (fetch) from far away must be good’. It is a nonsense phrase of course as you can get beautiful things nearby too. In the case of this green and yellow silk blouse however, it is certainly true. I discovered it on Yvonne’s blog Funky Forty when she did a post about staying positive during COVID 19. Yvonne had purchased this blouse at a shop called Golden Carrot in Zürich, Switzerland. So I asked Yvonne for the brand (Attic and Barn) and trawled the internet. Nix, nothing, nada, zilch. I turned to Yvonne again and she arranged that the shop owner of Golden Carrot (Cristina) sent the blouse in my size to the Netherlands. I had a great telephone conversation with Cristina about size and how to send it. She was so helpful and seems a really nice person. And sure enough a couple of days later it slipped through my letterbox. I am soooo pleased with it.

This photo shoot was made by Kitty (at a distance) and she delivered so many good photos that I might overdo it again with the number of pictures. But take the first photo above, isn’t that mural fantastic with the blouse? It looks as if I am bathing in sunrays.

As for the length of my posts, you were unanimous it should stay this way. That pleases me no end.

Below: We started on a bridge with part of the mural behind me. From afar you can see the mural shows a boot, a quay and people. My soft pink spring coat is by Filippa K and a couple of years old.

Soft pink spring coat

Below: When you are close to the blue background it seems to be only blocks of blue. The silver belt is by Essentiel Antwerp, the silver pumps by Dune, the bag by Coach and the jeans by G-Star Raw.

Green and yellow silk blouse

Below: Another really good head to toe shot, this time with the green mural behind me.

Green and yellow silk blouse

The Botermarkt in the centre of town was our destination, not in the least because there was a café there which sold good coffee to takeaway.

Below: The old pharmacy called Van der Pigge, which now sells herbs, vitamins, food supplements and stuff like that. They are renowned for their knowledge. The history of this family business since 1849 is very interesting, but unfortunately only in Dutch. Perhaps if you use Google Translate?

Pharmacy-like shop

Below: Of course, the shop is closed due to Corona which is a shame as they have such a lovely interior. The dolls with their mouth open in the window were signs in the old days to indicate a pharmacy. The mouth is open to take medicines. This was only used in the Netherlands and part of Belgium.

Green and yellow silk blouse

Below: Showing off the bell sleeves. My mouth is a line because I am concentrating standing on one (high heeled) leg. Every time I brush my teeth I, stand on one leg to exercise balance.

Green and yellow silk blouse

Below: The blouse is left long at the back and tucked in at the front.

Below: Close-up of the silver pumps

Silver pumps

Below: Close-up of the Coach bag. The little purses at the side do open.

Yellow bag by Coach

Below: OK girls, one last shot with a close-up of the blouse. If you want this blouse as well, there is one left in size S but there are also blouses of the same material with short sleeves. Contact Cristina of Golden Carrot if you are interested.

Below: We cycled across the market square to get coffee. I absolutely do not like wind blowing my fringe back. But this is reality my dears.

me on a bike

Below: Café Mogador, where we got an excellent takeaway cappuccino and latte to go. (Gloves for Corona protection.)

Mogador Haarlem

Below: Kitty enjoying her latte outside (according to Corona rules).


Honestly, I held back in showing you photos of this outfit. Kitty had shot so many good ones.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was Ron’s birthday. Our birthdays are only two days apart, both being Aries. As you will understand we had a quiet day. Wore this red tiger trouser suit, which I adore. Link to the post about this tiger suit. It was the first photo shoot Kitty did with me and it was fabulous.

Red tiger suit

Sunday was quiet with walking the dog. We saw these two trees intertwined: an oak and a beech tree. See? Real love overcomes differences haha.

Trees intertwined

Below: A bench made from a tree.

Bench made from a tree

Below: Ron always teases me when we go through a park or a forest and the tops of the trees reach one another. I told him I love this sight when we had just met.


No outfit photo but instead three stages of the peonies I bought. See from left to right. They go from bright pink to yellow/white.


Monday: No big stories to tell about Monday, so just the outfit. Link to the post about King’s Day 2018

Red top on white trousers

Tuesday: Wore this outfit. A checked silk shirt, new boyfriend jeans by G-Star Raw and my Marks & Spencer yellow suede pumps. Yellow clip-on earrings.

boyfriend jeans and a silk checked shirt

In the afternoon I went to the cobbler and drove by friend Marianne’s house. We sat in her garden at the required distance. I am afraid I must work on my welfies.

Marianne and me

Wednesday. Had a long and lovely chat with neighbour and friend Anja in her garden. Another lousy welfie.

Anja and me

Nothing interesting to say about that day, so here is the outfit I wore. Link to original post. In Wednesday’s outfit I have changed the belt, the bag and the earrings.

Bright pink jumper on white jeans

Thursday: Another visit to my mother, sitting in her garden at the required distance. Did some shopping for her. My outfit was the same as Wednesday’s as I had only worn it for a couple of hours. The weather is still so warm that I lay in bikini in the garden every day from 15.00-17.00 hours.

Friday. Fitness, cycling and going to the seamstress. Sunbathing in the afternoon. All very boring which is why I didn’t really bother dressing up. I AM SLIPPING. Help. I just put on an old (but still rather nice) sweater from the Max Mara outlet and some old jeans and ballerinas. On my way back from cycling I crossed town and stopped at the shoe shop. A month in confinement made me buy three pairs. I really need some new summer shoes and they happen to have just exactly what I wanted. Only, now that I am retired, I have to watch my spending a lot closer. How will I adjust?

multi coloured sweater Max Mara


No Fear of Fashion

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