yellow jacketAnother photo shoot by my husband Ron’s hand in his allotment garden. I am wearing a very bright yellow jacket, which will probably not be everybody’s taste. Bright colours however suit my complexion best and I do not mind the attention it draws; actually I never notice it. Once I had a dress in this colour and that was quite the entrance. I used to yell “Here I am, Happy Egg” as in Dutch this phrase rhymes and made everybody smile or laugh.

All kidding aside I love this bright yellow jacket and especially the shape. It is perfect for my figure and I have been searching for it for a long, long time. All jackets were either too boxy, too wide, too long, too short or double breasted…a lot of things that do not flatter me. This one by Essentiel Antwerp is perfect. They also have it in white and bright pink. The bright pink one is going fast in the larger sizes. This brand is so utterly my taste.

And now I have to be careful. One of my blogging friends quoted a blog guideline, which I know: “Don’t post too many pictures of one and the same outfit” and I immediately thought… “hmm, I think I do that all the time”. It is so hard to kill your darlings. But I suppose it is correct. As soon as you start showing too many of the same, it is as if you love yourself A LOT, bordering on narcissism.

Below: We first went to the dunes. I get Ron’s idea that the iron statue (not in the picture) would have been a lovely background, but the sun was too bright and the wind too fierce. Not really a pretty picture.

yellow jacket

Below: One last head to toe shot. As you can guess when you are a regular reader, I would have preferred high heels with this outfit, but that is not a good idea when you are walking around in a garden. Plus, these sneakers by AMA Brand don’t get too many outings anyway. The jeans are by G-Star Raw, the striped top by Jolene Jolink, the Marcie mini bag by Chloé. The sneakers you have seen before in this post.

yellow jacket

Below: We shot some photos inside Ron’s little shed…oops… sorry…little house. For this shot Ron was standing outside, taking the photo through the window.

yellow jacket

Below: A close-up of his cabinet with vintage items.

Below: And a close-up of his favourite chair. He would love to have this chair in our house too, but it is too deep, taking up too much space. The drum is his side table.

Below: I cannot help it. I cannot kill this darling.

yellow jacket

Below: Or this one. That is six photos of me in the yellow jacket. Tell me honestly: is this an overkill?

yellow jacket

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: I wore a new jumper (sweater) with my grey summer trousers. As happened before, the jumper hasn’t been featured in a post yet, so I am saving it. I did wear high heels that day and my neighbours were quite shocked haha. What I can show are some new clip-on earrings. So far I can keep them on for about 4 hours which isn’t bad. I decided to order a few cheap ones to bridge the time until I can have my earlobes pierced again (July??). They are green but the colour isn’t right in this photo.

Green clip-on earrings

In the morning I visited Anja, obeying all restrictions. She opened the front door and retreated high up her stairs, I walked through her house not touching anything, into the garden where there were chairs she hadn’t touched for a month. Of course I brought my own coffee and water. We had a great chat in the sun for about an hour. Then the water I drank forced me to go home, if you catch my drift.

Coming back from Anja I put a couple of folding director’s chairs outside in front of the house. As soon as the chairs were unfolded, the neighbours gathered. Four women chatting happily, all the required distance apart, sitting in the sun. It was lovely to catch up.

Sunday the weather changed and it was a lot colder. In the morning I cycled for half an hour and then washed my hair. I decided not to spray “camouflage” on the outgrow as I was going to dye it on Wednesday. In the afternoon I Skyped with my friend Jeanne and Facetimed with Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge. It is not the same as being together in Paris as Susan and I had planned for this day, but it is some compensation. Did some blogging, some laundry and poof…this day had gone as well. I really wore this green dress and those high heeled boots that day. The boots are getting better to walk on. Link to the post with this Essentiel dress.

Green midi dress

Monday: Even colder… brrrr. I did all my exercises except cycling, but I already did that on Sunday. My friend Helga and I went for a walk of an hour, keeping our distance and it was bloody freezing. Here is Helga, only her coat was cream with black and sand coloured spots and it looks pink in this photo. Sorry, I couldn’t get it right.


I read that day, blogged some and admired Ron’s paintwork of the shed. This is what I wore and here is the blogpost of 2015. The trousers and top are green, not black.

Irié Wash white jacket with sneakers

In the afternoon when I went out for my walk with Helga, I changed the shoes (the spot on my leg is a spot on the mirror….). Mind you, in the evening I had to switch this summer jacket for a sweater.

Irié Wash white jacket

Tuesday: At 11 o’clock Kitty and I went for a short walk and bought a cappuccino and latte to go, keeping our distance of course. Facetimed with Yvonne of Funky Forty in the afternoon, did some blogging and bought a power plug for Ron. Followed by some more blogging and the day was over. Gosh the days go quickly. Wearing a white sweater (Marc by Marc Jacobs), a pair of green coated trousers by Hugo Boss and brown boots by our famous Dutch shoe designer Jan Jansen (see more designs on this Pinterest account). The belt and bracelet are second-hand. The original post of trousers and sweater is here. And here is the post with a better view of the brown boots.

White sweater by Marc Jacobs

Of course when I went walking with Kitty I switched the high heeled boots for my sneakers again.

White sweater by Marc Jacobs

Wednesday. A big day, the day to dye my hair. Just as I was to start, Ron came in and said: “I will listen to your instructions, I will not get angry and do it the way you want it. Let me do it for you.” Knowing how we can get into a fight, I had dismissed his help earlier as I want to keep my marriage safe. He was so good, did it in no time, exactly how I wanted it and SUCCEEDED. My hair is without grey outgrow. I used the dye and hydrogen peroxide of the hairdresser and did it the way I had seen them do it so many times.

That day Ron also planted two trees in our garden for which he had to do a lot of digging. There were very large stones in the ground which made things difficult. He is my hero. In return I cooked dinner and walked the dog in the afternoon (saying all sorts of nasty things to myself while the dog was pulling like mad).

Thursday was my birthday. We had coffee with the “neighbours” of Ron’s allotment garden. I am really a retired person now. HELP. Then again, it was sunny, it was friendly, it was relaxing. I should not complain. Below a photo of Ron’s allotment garden (well, part of it as it is 300 square metres).

allotment garden Ron

Lots of messages and telephone calls of people congratulating me that day. In the afternoon ‘bikini and stretcher in our own garden’ was on the agenda again. No outfit photo as I wore a new outfit. Yes…. again.

Friday. My car was at the garage for new tires and some adjustment and the day was filled again with exercise, sunbathing and reading. It is getting really boring for you to read. Which brings me to a question: do you think my blog posts have become too long? Should I shorten them?


No Fear of Fashion

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