Green skinnies cream sweater 5Oh gosh … this is going to be such a boring post…. Again… me in skinnies, again the coated skinnies which you have seen a thousand times before (here, here, here and here…. I rest my case). Maybe I can turn it into a good thing and say “they are very versatile”? Agreed? This time I am wearing them with a cream sweater. Brand name: Marc by Marc Jacobs and a present from my husband. He even picked it from the clothes rack.ย 

Yes my husband is a gem. For more reasons than the above.

I laughed when I tried it on. This is a spring sweater and it is thicker and warmer than the thin blouses I have seen (and bought) in winter. The fashion world is a strange world. Mind you… spring or no spring, you can see by my face that the pictures were taken on a COLD day. And a fierce wind blowing does not make my hair look nice either. The cuff bracelet I wore before with my red tunic and studded belt. (I forgot about that outfit which is a shame as it looks good. Mental note: wear it again.)

There is one annoying thing about the sweater. At least annoying for me. I am a necklace person, owning loads of necklaces. And these zippers draw all the attention to themselves, making a necklace impossible. Even a scarf is too much. On the other hand, it gives me the opportunity to wear the bracelet and the python shoes (worn before, here, here, here and the best: here).

If you look at all the “here-links” in this post, you see that I am using my stuff more than once.

Green skinnies cream sweater 1Above and below: all photos with the green skinnies were taken by Ron in my mother’s garden.Green skinnies cream sweater 4

Green skinnies cream sweater 8Below: the pictures with my burgundy skinnies and top were taken by Alexandra.Burgundy skinnies cream sweater 1Above and below: oh…so cold.Burgundy skinnies cream sweater 3Below: all right.. I admit.. rather corny: it says “Hands in hair” on the barbers window, so I put my hands in my hair… not funny at all.ย Burgundy skinnies cream sweater 2I really have to think of something funny next time. Or perhaps this short story? In the elevator at work, a man pointed at my trolley suitcase which I use to schlepp around all sorts of stuff, and said: “are you going on holiday?” I replied: “No, this trolley holds my high heels and my lunch.” He looked at me and came back with: “In that case, you either have very large feet or an enormous appetite.”


No Fear of Fashion


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