Blue Kenzo jacket with yellow skinnies 6It is so springtime in The Netherlands…. 21 degrees Celcius this weekend. Wonderful… but it did present me with a slight problem. All my photoshoots with a cold winter nose and winter outfits were not appropriate (really). And I had little time to prepare a post as I am trying to have a life outside blogging. Which is not easy. Therefore I was delighted to find a series of spring / autum photos waiting for me already prepared for publishing (did them early winter when it was too cold to publish them). My Kenzo jacket with green and yellow skinnies…. so much better than with normal trousers like I wore here. The skinnies make the jacket edgier.

Although I also bought a beautiful yellow/blue/white Kenzo top with this jacket as you see below, a girl needs variation. The top with pink leaves shown in this post is cheap and by Mexx, as are the skinnies. Throw in some good shoes and a well-made jacket and the top looks more expensive. The top photo is my favourite outfit of this post as I love the colour of the shoes. My hair was still blond and long(er) at that time, the photos still in my garden and most pictures still rather blurry (wrong camera settings…) 🙄 . I am going to ask my hairdresser to let my hair grow longer and go back to a more blond colour.

Blue Kenzo jacket with yellow skinnies 5Below: with cat Sophie and with blue shoes.Blue Kenzo jacket with yellow skinnies 4Below: playing moviestar with sunglasses and the Kenzo top. The yellow sandals are perhaps a bit too bright for this outfit but let’s call it ton-sur-ton (tone on tone).Blue Kenzo jacket with yellow skinnies 2Below: I cannot remember whether I was picking weeds or trying to get the cat’s attention.Blue Kenzo jacket with yellow skinnies 3Below: did you know that photographing somebody sitting in a chair, often gives that person very strange legs… big and not in proportion to the body. This is the best photo.Blue Kenzo jacket with yellow skinnies 1As I said at the beginning of this post, I am trying to get my social life back. My more than full time job often gets in the way of my blogging. Twice each month I am thinking of packing it up all together, an emotion most bloggers recognize. Of course I like blogging, I just don’t know why. Anyway… I am still here, hoping to entertain you.


No Fear of Fashion

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