Silk tunic blouse and brown boots Jan Jansen 2aThese photos were done by me in the garden (again) as I did not have a photographer available. The start of the outfit were the boots…. a steal at 20% of their original price at the end of the winter sale. Made by Jan Jansen. This Dutch shoe designer is famous all over the world. To me his shoes have a touch of magic, somewhat fairy-like. I combined these boots with cream trousers and a green silk tunic blouse to emphasize the boots.

I can wear the blouse with a “belt” of the same material, thus not breaking the green. Or I can wear it with a brown belt and a small necklace. One friend told me (gently) that the brown belt was rather “eighties”, but I am gladly ignoring it. The eighties-style is back and this gives me my desired silhouette, so I prefer to wear it with the brown belt. The watch was a present from Ron, my husband. You can see it more closely in this postย (same blouse in a summer outfit).

As this shape is rather good for me (in my opinion) I also bought it in purple to go with my ochre yellow trousers as you will see further down.

Silk tunic blouse and brown boots Jan Jansen 1aBelow: the boots are brown suede at the top with a cut-out rim and brown/reddish/green leather.Brown boots Jan Jansen 3

Brown belt and green pendant aBelow: some photos I took last year at the end of summer. The photos are more vague and a bit yellow. Or was that the sunlight? If you like to see my ochre yellow trousers with a green jacket, click here.Yellow ochre trousers with purple top 1

Yellow ochre trousers with purple top 2

Yellow ochre trousers with purple top 3

Below: I was so proud of myself….. constructing this colourful obi-belt to pull the outfit together: shoes, trousers and the rest. Then I took the pictures (and asked a friend)… hopeless. Too bulky, too high.. not good. Even Charlie (our dog) is looking at me as if to say: “what were you thinking woman????”” So much for my styling skills.

Yellow ochre trousers with purple top 4ย Yellow ochre trousers with purple top 5Oh well… ย (and I am so going back to being blond….)


PS Linking up to Mis Papelicos, who gathered lots of bloggers sharing flower outfits this time.

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