Shoes exhibition (22)Yes shoes…. lots and lots of them at the Shoe Exhibition in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam (runs until May 11 2014).It was a terrific exhibition, very well done. Beautiful shoes, art shoes, naughty shoes. So, so many. From ancient days to today, nicely arranged with numbers next to them, allowing you to look up the year they were produced and who designed them. With most shoes I will add the brand and the year. The first one at the top of this post is from 2011 by Andreia Chaves. It is called “Naked Version”. The inside shoe is leather and the black is 3D (print) nylon.

Below: here I am, looking at the first rows of shoes.Shoes 8aMy friend Marla and I saw so many shoes we could not take it all in. Also choosing the ones for this post was very difficult. It was indeed a matter of “killing your darlings”. Below: Marla. The  green sticker on her sweater is for entering the exhibition. It is not a accessory. LOLShoes 2Below: a red suede -very high- pump from 1937 by André Perugia. It shows that ladies had to suffer in those days as well. LOLShoes exhibition (23)Below: the fish shoe is also by André Perugia and from 1955.Shoes exhibition (24)Below: the next two pairs are weird. Or art. Depends from which perspective you look at it. Unfortunately I deleted a bit too much when I started to choose the photos for this post, so I don’t know name or year.Shoes exhibition (25)

Shoes exhibition (26)Below: beautiful shoes, at least to my taste. The golden peeptoe pump (top middle) is from 2013 by Alexander McQueen, the pink slingback peeptoe with pearls (top right) is from 2011 by Nicholas Kirkwood; the silver sandal (bottom left) is from 2013 by Proenza Schouler, the silver slingback on the right with the mirrors is from 2009 (no brand name available).Shoes exhibition (27)Below: from 2012 by Amber Ambrose AureleShoes exhibition (20)Below: leather ballerina with Swarovski chrystals from 2013 by Jan Taminiau (a famous Dutch haute couture designer)Shoes exhibition (28)Below: a sandal with a heel in the shape of a fish from 2007 by Jimmy Choo.Shoes exhibition (29)Below: now we are getting to two naughty examples. Never knew such shoes were made.. the first one in a sort of orange flesh colour (…) is from 2012 by Caro Peirs called Tarzan. I will abstain from any comment.Shoes exhibition (17)Below: the second one is from 2009 by Ainsley-T and called muzzle sandal Shoes exhibition (18)Below: this boot was in the same section as the two pairs of shoes shown above. From 2012 by Bruno Tansens. It is an ankle boot with a removable leg piece and you can change the heel .Shoes exhibition (19)Below: over to some more normal shoes: from 2008, the black and white patent leather peeptoe by Sergio Rossi, one of my favourite shoe designers.Shoes exhibition (6)Below: such a darling shoe: a pink satin sandal from 2009 by Christian LouboutinShoes exhibition (7)Below: finally some older shoes… from 1958, black suede with a silver wedge heel by Holmes Shoes exhibition (8)Below: Vivienne Westwood, Court Shoes from 1993Shoes exhibition (9)Below: an oldie but goodie.. a pump from 1920-1923 by Hellstern & Sons.Shoe exhibitionBelow: this cute pink mule is from 1950-1955 and by Daniel Green. It has an elastic heel strap.Shoes exhibition (10)Below: the seventies! The red and blue shoe on the left is from 1976 by Creaciones Antonio, the white one from 1972 by Georgio Armani, the green sandal from 1970 (no brand available)Shoes exhibition (11)Below: the Orchid shoe by Jan Jansen, our famous Dutch shoe designer. Remember my magic boots by him which I showed you last week? Shoes exhibition (12)Below: more shoes by Jan Jansen. The blue and white ones at the back with the ankle straps is called “Sport” (2008). The grey/blue pump with the curls is called “In the blue angel” (2010) and the multi-coloured pump, called Tania (1995).Shoes exhibition (13)Below: these are all by Jan Jansen (can you tell I am a fan?), 2009 / 2010. The black one in the middle is called No Toespring Needed.Shoes exhibition (14)Below: the black and white boot is called Tribal, the white one with the rose is called Lafayette Twist. They both are from 2004 by Helena Angelique.  (Small story: about 5 years ago I bought similar boots by Muxart (Spanish brand). Dark green crocodile printed leather with green ribbons from top to bottom, like below. The next day I took them back. Whatever was I thinking? They really absorbed all the attention. Very attention drawing. The matching bag was good though.)Shoes exhibition (15)Below: “Gun in red” by Inge Helena Rietjens from 2008.Shoes exhibition (16)Below: this is a clever creation called “Nailed-up” from 2004 by Alexander Fielden.Shoes exhibition (3)Below: this pump is called “Miou”, from 2010 by Kobi Levi.Shoes exhibition (2)Below: last but certainly not least. Made of rubber and chromed vinyl. From 2013 and a cooperation of Zaha Hadid and United Nude. United Nude is the brand of my teal bootiesShoes exhibition (1)Below: I was wearing my teal booties to the exhibition as well. After all, you want to look the part.Shoes 5Below: at the exit, next to those famous words of Bette Midler.Shoes 30

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