Green jacket Irié WashThis week some outfit photos and some funny stories.

With the staying at home rule it is harder to take blog photos. However, husband Ron came to the rescue. In his little shed at the community garden he took these shots of my green jacket by Irié Wash. The jacket is ancient, stretchy, very easy to wash (no ironing) and it keeps its shape. It wasn’t cheap but it will last me a very long time. It doesn’t crease either, is lightweight and perfect for holidays. I came up with this outfit all by myself (very proud of myself). The sweet bag which you saw a couple of posts ago, is red and pink and those colours are the opposite of green in the colour wheel. And opposites in the colour wheel make a very good combination. Doesn’t it pop well against each other?

The trousers by ME+EM you have seen a couple of times and they are a bit tricky to style. My options are a fitted jacket or a jumper (sweater) which is just the right length. High heels are a must. The silver pumps (Dune) work very well as a neutral. I don’t like them with dresses but they are perfect with trousers.

Below: Close-up of the shoes.

Below: Ron took this photo with the little plastic men on their motor “looking” at me.

Green jacket Irié Wash

Below: Then he put one of those plastic men on my shoulder. Anything for a laugh.

Green jacket Irié Wash

Below: Apart from the position in which I am standing and the dirt on the floor, there is not a lot of difference. The shed is small and we used the lens which lets in as much light as possible (indoor photography) but needs a lot of distance. Distance which is not there.

This is Ron’s “man cave”, his “second home in France, but then in the Netherlands”. No wife here to change everything, nobody interfering with what he is doing or telling him to clean up. Heaven for the man. The stuff in the cabinet is all old. He loves to collect vintage things, which is probably why he loves me so much. 😎

Green jacket Irié Wash

Below: He came up with an artistic idea: playing a record from the old days on a real turn table. The “table” is a drum which used to belong to the Amsterdam Police Band back in the days.

Green jacket Irié Wash

Below: I still know how to do this.

Green jacket Irié Wash

Below: We played Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; the song Teach your Children. Very apt in this strange situation we are now living in.

Green jacket Irié Wash

Below: Close-up of my darling bag by Malene Birger.

red and pink bag

Below: One of the vintage things in his collection is this natural science instrument. It demonstrates how you can accomplish one constant flow of water when you use two pumps instead of one. The inventor was Jan van der Heyden. The seller of the demonstration instrument asked Ron whether he knew what that was used for. Ron said: firehose. How did he come up with this? He didn’t know the inventor but he knew that one of the boats the firemen used in Amsterdam was called Jan van der Heyden. Together with his own answer to the question: “who could really benefit from a constant water flow?”, he came up with “fire fighters”. That is how his brain works. If there are three solutions to a problem, Ron will come up with solution number 5 and 6.
Jan van der Heyden made a significant contribution to contemporary firefighting technology. Read more about him here.

physics instrument

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: I bought some camera equipment with a lot of hassle in the shop in order not to touch each other’s items (this could be misconstrued haha). Kitty took photos of me in another styling of the blouse she photographed before. We had chats with neighbours in the street at a safe distance from another. In the afternoon I lay in the sun in the garden (lovely). I don’t have an outfit photo for Saturday. As compensation here is a short video of our dog Watson (with the orange collar). He met another dog which still had his leash on (his owner was there), so Watson took his new friend for a walk.

Sunday: Kitty and I went into town for another photoshoot keeping at a safe distance of anybody who was also there. It was very quiet. We were able to get a perfect cappuccino and latte to go. In the afternoon I picked up the dog bed from our seamstress and again lay in the sun in the garden for 2 hours. This is what I wore that day. You saw the top in this post with my black pleated skirt. Below I am wearing a green belt and a green necklace with a blue lapis lazuli stone as pendant. See for this necklace and 14 more my post Chunky necklaces.

jeans with black and white top

Sunday evening one of my readers commented that I was wearing a lot of jeans and I realized she was right. That won’t do as I was really moving away from wearing jeans all the time.

Monday: A very quiet day with a lot of exercise and a bike ride in the morning. Read a few chapters in my book and went to walk the dog together with Ron. I wore this Sportmax dress all day, only added jeans and changed the shoes when walking the dog. I am wearing a stretch pencil skirt underneath the dress to elongate it as it is a little too short. This is the post about the dress.

Red Sportmax dress

As Ron started cooking, he found out that I had been hiding sweets on top of a pan and already ate half the pack. Busted. I should have been ashamed but I killed myself laughing. It had been one of those weak moments in the supermarket when I grabbed the sweets at the last minute thinking “Oh what do I care about my weight”. Only I didn’t want to “forcefeed” Ron as he is trying to lose weight.

Ron finding me out

Tuesday: Picked up hair dye at the hairdresser which I am going to apply myself this weekend. That will be a first…. oh dear. Bought flowers and lay in the sun. I already have a tan as you can see in the photo below (I had just come out of the garden so I am still flustered). More photos of this dress in the post.

red and white striped dress

Wednesday: An easy day if you don’t count all the exercise in the morning. On TV there are exercise videos for the elderly and they leave me breathless. It was a day of clearing out part of our “cellar” (cupboard under the stairs) so it was not really a day for dressing up or high heels. (Is it going to be like this all the time? Noooo.) Sunbathing in the garden in the afternoon. This outfit is a convenience combination. You saw the sneakers in this post and the jumper (sweater) in this 2015 post. Wearing clip-on earrings as it will take a while before I can let my earlobes be pierced.

Boyfriend jeans, sneakers and jumper Max Mara

Thursday: We risked seeing my mum who lives an hours drive away. We were really careful. We put the flowers for her on this plank on wheels plus a book and latex gloves which she requested. She (carefully) shoved all the items off the plank and left them there for half an hour before picking them up. In return she put cake on the plank and Ron reeled it in with a piece of string. We kept our distance all the time. Difficult bit was going to the toilet… We couldn’t enter her house, so we brought a potty haha. There was enough privacy in the shed. One has to be resourceful these days.

Mum's garden

My mum complained that the great tit hadn’t nested yet in her birdhouse:

bird house great tit

Ron walked over to it, looked up and said: “I know why they haven’t nested yet.” Mum was intrigued and asked: “Well? Why not?” He replied: “They think the rent is too high. I have seen the price tag at the bottom”. 😂😂😂

I wore this that day (more in this post):

Outfit Thursday with Bellamy Gallery shirt

As we were happily talking away my mum remarked that she liked my bright pink trousers and that she thought they would fit her too…. What could I dó? What cóuld I do? I took the trousers off, she tried them on (after enough time had passed) and I left them for her hahaha. Luckily Ron had a spare pair of jeans in his car. This is how I went to the supermarket and home (not a pretty picture in more ways than one):

In Ron's jeans

Of course mum never meant this to happen and when I insisted, she wanted to pay for them. Imagine, my mother having to pay for that. Not in my life. When we came home, we picked up Watson from day care and they both snuggled.

man and dog

Friday: Nothing adventurous. My Facetime call was postponed and my walk with another friend as well. In the morning I was very busy doing my exercises and around one o’clock I cycled to friends to bring fresh fish which Ron had bought. They treated me to a bottle of alcohol free sweet “wine” (nice) and captured my new outfit on video through the window. For their “Corona period” video. The fact I was wearing a new outfit that hadn’t been on the blog yet is the reason there

A funny story

Ron had found this gnome, deserted at a bus station and took him home. He had a little plan over which we had so much anticipatory pleasure.


One day when the neighbours were out, Ron hoisted the gnome over the fence into their garden. Can you imagine their surprise when they looked out of their window to find a gnome in their garden hahaha? I may have to add you cannot go round the back to our gardens.
They sent us the photo below with the question whether we were responsible. They know Ron and logic makes it easy to figure it out it was him who whodunnit. They promised we can expect a countermove.

gnome at our neighbours


No Fear of Fashion

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