Bright pink trousers with baby blue shirtBeing on holiday in my own country means I have more time to do photoshoots with one of “my” photographers. This first (holi)day I went to Amsterdam with Loes and wore bright pink trousers. They are second-hand from Kat & Ko and as you know, I love bright colours. All the other items in this post are from my wardrobe, apart from the gifted bag.

I am getting better and better at shopping second-hand and shopping my wardrobe but am less fond of having to put EVERYTHING back. To my delight the results of my styling trials and errors are pretty rewarding. In this post you will see 1) the shirt worn with a belt, 2) without a belt and with sneakers, 3) without a belt and with high heels, 4) with a lemon yellow top and blue slingbacks. Not bad for wardrobe shopping, right?

In the above photo I am wearing a long baby blue shirt and a blue tie-belt, both by Bellamy Gallery, still one of my favourite brands. They are sustainable, not expensive and they offer surprisingly good items. When I see something of Bellamy Gallery on a hanger, I am not always convinced it will look nice. Then, when I put it on, something miraculous happens. Looking good!

The black and white patent leather slingbacks are ancient. If you want a closer look at them, click through to this post with my yellow/black&white dress. The bag is another present from my friend Marianne, who just cannot stop giving me presents. This one was for my birthday and as usual spot-on.

Before we continue the report of this day, please know that Elizabeth has published a whole post about me on her blog The Vintage Contessa where I answer a lot of questions. Elizabeth is a very flamboyant woman, living in a gorgeous house in California with a big garden. Married to an Italian with two grown up sons, the dogs and a pet pig, she has adopted the Italian way of living. I call her the Necklace Queen although Accessory Queen would be more adequate. At the end of each month both Elizabeth and her friend Cindy Hattersley portray a different woman in their series Ageless Style. I have seen the women that feature and I am very honoured to be Elizabeth’s June woman. Please check them out. Awesome blogs.

Below: We started in Amsterdam at café Van Zuylen, on the corner of Torensteeg and Singel. Loes is just walking towards their terrace on the bridge across the canal.

Below: Loes enjoying a nice cup of coffee and the beautiful weather. I am so lucky with this weather during my holiday.


Below: Of course I didn’t walk around Amsterdam on my high heels. These sequined sneakers by Essentiel Antwerp from two years ago, are a lot easier.

Bright pink trousers with baby blue shirt

Below: The necklace is made by my friend Suzanne Carillo who has a blog bearing her name and she sells vintage clothes in her Etsy store.

Necklace Suzanne Carillo

Below: Passing this magnificent building near the Dam square which used to be the post office. It is now a shopping centre called Magna Plaza.

Amsterdam, Magna Plaza

Below: There is a shop in the centre with just ducks. Lots and lots of ducks.

Amsterdam centre

Below: With the shirt worn loose but with high heels.

Bright pink trousers with baby blue shirt

Below: Amsterdam centre has an enormous number of terraces, like any big city. Wherever a chair fits on the pavement, there is a terrace. This is pedestrian only area, so you can walk on the street.

Amsterdam centre

Below: The buildings are beautiful near Dam square but because the streets are so narrow, it is hard to photograph the buildings.

Amsterdam centre

Below: How about some colour??? You need your sunglasses for this outfit. This is so very me.

Bright pink trousers with lemon yellow top

Below: Oh so very bright 😆

bright pink trousers

Below: Head to toe. Wearing a blue suede belt (ancient) and blue patent leather slingbacks. The ones I bought in Turin a couple of years ago. The yellow top is also nice with my blue and white striped trousers, as in this post.

Bright pink trousers with lemon yellow top

Below: Did a “head to toe” photo of Loes. Since I always take a photo of “my” photographer, both of them usually wear something nice as well haha.


Below: Checking out the menu of a restaurant for lunch. The restaurant looked so cute but they only had pancakes and we didn’t want that.

bright pink trousers

Below: Then I stopped this lady in the street and complimented her on looking terrific. She confessed to have lost a lot of weight recently (indeed a lot) and really appreciated my compliment. It is so easy to make someone’s day. Just say out loud the compliment you were thinking. I think this is a really good look. Note the matching cool sneakers!

Lovely lady

Below: Some pictures of Amsterdam for those who love that.

Amsterdam centre

Amsterdam centre

Below: See that mural at the top of the building?

Amsterdam centre

Below: Close-up of the mural. As close as I could get it.

Amsterdam centre

Below: All the houses on the canals are so pretty.

Amsterdam centre

Amsterdam centre

Below: Arriving back at the bridge over the canal Singel where we started. This statue is of Multatuli, a famous Dutch writer. His real name is Eduard Douwes Dekker (1820-1887). He was best known for his satirical novel Max Havelaar (1860), which denounced the abuses of colonialism in the Dutch East Indies (today’s Indonesia). He is considered one of the Netherlands’ greatest authors.

Amsterdam, statue of Multatuli

Below: Time for lunch. Did you notice Loes’ haircut?

Loes on the terrace

Below: And a close-up of my lovely little blue bag.

Blue crossbody bag

Sunshine, friendship, holiday, Amsterdam and shopping your own wardrobe: a great cocktail.

What happened in my life this week

Friday was my Do-Absolutely-Nothing day. And I didn’t.

Saturday: visiting the event Sail in Scheveningen (near The Hague) with Marjolein, my friend who lives there. Took some pictures which you will see in another post. A sort of miscellaneous post.

In the evening Ron and I had dinner at our friends’ house (Georg and Marla). On the menu was steak. Yummy steak. They both cook like chefs.

Sunday: to the beach with Ron and dog Watson. Which was relaxing although a puppy pulling and digging wasn’t. After lunch on the beach we had a quiet afternoon and evening. It was boiling hot, nevertheless I had the dryer on for the beach towels and also ironed for an hour! It surprised me that I didn’t melt. Yep, below a photo of me in bikini, I don’t care if I show all my imperfections. Wrinkles everywhere etc. Still, why not wear a bikini? Had to hold Watson on the lead all the time. He doesn’t know yet what STAY really means.

Monday: rising very early to meet Katrien in Amsterdam at 9 a.m. She is over from South Africa, where she lives, only for a couple of weeks. Always so nice seeing her again. As she has to catch up with lots of friends, she had three appointments that day haha. I left her at 11 and met Sylvia of 40PlusStyle at the station. We shopped for a dress in the air-conditioned department stores to no avail. Left earlier than planned as Ron has done his back in and I wanted to help him with dinner and Watson.

Tuesday: photoshoot with Kitty. As usual ever so nice.

Wednesday and Thursday: away to the east of the country for two days with my BVA girlfriends. It isn’t Spain but still lovely to spend time with each other. You will get a full report in another post.

However, there is a shadow hanging over Ron and me. From Wednesday morning we’ve known that the life of Ron’s best friend is hanging by a thread. He is in hospital and I won’t report on it any further as there are other people involved. Burning candles for him every day and Ron is supporting the family. Please don’t comment on it. I know you are sympathetic, but I cannot reply. It is just that if I want to keep this section of my blog honest, I cannot keep this back from you.

Friday: quiet day at home and out for dinner with husband and neighbour/friend Froukje.

Now hop over to The Vintage Contessa for my ageless style on her blog and to Cindy Hattersley blog to see her Ageless Style woman: Linda V Wright.


No Fear of Fashion


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