Holiday fun. In spite of the fact that the trip to Spain with my BVA girlfriends was cancelled I am still having a jolly good holiday, seeing many friends and having fantastic weather. Some people need to go on long vacations to exotic places. Not me. The only thing I want is to laugh as much as possible. Usually you laugh with friends. And friends are not in far away places (unless they travel with you or you meet them there). I am weird in this respect.

So this post will be a bit of everything. Starting with the photo above: this is Katrien, my friend who lives in South Africa. She was in the Netherlands for a short while and included me in her tour around friends. This Monday she saw three friends in one day. Exhausting. Katrien is a very accomplished woman: a marketing manager, an advertising manager, a manager of a school. You name it, she can do it. She was wearing a lovely dress that really suited her. I was wearing my dotted dress from last year. If you want to see the dress with high heels, click through to this post. The photo shows that my teeth are getting pretty straight again 😆 .

After meeting Katrien at 9 o’clock in Amsterdam (a very early rise) for a couple of hours, Sylvia and I roamed through this city. On flat shoes as you see above which is the sensible thing to do. We tried to be in department stores as much as possible as it was scorching hot that day. You can have too much of a good thing. We didn’t buy anything.

The next day I met Marjolein in The Hague.

Below: She had a lovely suit on, in the fashionable PJ style with matching sneakers. The photo isn’t very flattering (sorry Marjolein) as the sun was very bright and she was squinting.

Marjolein trouser suit

Below: Close-ups of her bracelets and earrings. “Details dahlings.. details”.

Marjolein bracelets

Marjolein earring

Below: I was wearing my green Essentiel checked shirt, this time combined with a pair of baby blue 3/4 length trousers. YES THEY ARE BABY BLUE. Not white. Couldn’t get the colour right in the hot sun. You have seen this shirt before with jeans in this post.

Green Essentiel shirt

Below: Head to toe shot. The sandals are last year’s and never worn because of the bad knee. My knee isn’t too pleased with all the activity going on during my holiday. It is swollen again as you can see. Oh well.

Green Essentiel shirt

Below: Close-up of the sandals.

Pink high heeled sandals

Of course I didn’t wear these sandals when we hit town. As usual I switched to flats. Pictures are pretty but real life has no mercy.

Below: We went to Sail 2019 in Scheveningen. It was ridiculously busy.

Tall ships at Sail 2019 Scheveningen

Tall ships at Sail 2019 Scheveningen

Tall ships at Sail 2019 Scheveningen

Below: Now this was funny. Or not really. The pink lady spotted a sailor… a young sailor, unable to defend himself against the pushy lady.

Tall ships at Sail 2019 Scheveningen

Below: The woman to her friend: “Take a picture of us and then I will take a picture of you two” … you know how this goes.

Tall ships at Sail 2019 Scheveningen

Below: Sure enough he had to smile as well. He so didn’t want to haha. Laughing out the other side of his face.

Tall ships at Sail 2019 Scheveningen

Below: This I liked. I just don’t know whether it was a photo on canvas or a real painting.

Tall ships at Sail 2019 Scheveningen

We left at my request. It was just too busy and we hit town for a couple of hours. Chatting away I lost track of time and got home a lot later than promised. Which meant I had to cook…

A trip to the east of the Netherlands

Over to the Wednesday and Thursday I spent with my BVA friends in the small town of Borculo and surroundings which is in the very green east of the country. About two hours drive away. Had to get up early again to arrive at coffee time.

Below: Here we all are behind the holiday cottage later that day. Claudia is taking the picture. Marijke sadly wasn’t with us as she and her husband did go to Spain. The flooded apartment is theirs and there were some damage claims to see to.

Below: Back to chronological order (sort of). We started with cake and coffee (tradition). Marianne wore, what we call, an Ibiza summer dress.

Below: I broke my promise for the first (and last) time in three weeks: I drank coffee. It tasted soooo good. I am such a good girl for not drinking coffee as I am addicted. It is a test to find out whether it effects my liver and in turn gives me headaches as they have returned.

Below: Lunch at Marianna’s house before leaving to town.

Below: Jilske and Claudia, dressed for the heat. We were sitting on a terrace in Lochem, a little town near Borculo (where there are more shops…).

Below: Marianna, the following day when we went to Zutphen. Been there before. More pictures of this lovely town in this post.

Below: I was dressed in an unusual way. Normally you will never see me in shorts, other than going to the beach, but it was too hot to wear anything else. These shorts, very breezy high/low top (seen before here) and worn-out ballerinas, were perfect.

Below: Marianne (left) posing haha. Marianna on the right.

Below: In the evening we went for dinner in a very nearby hotel, walking distance. All lovely in the woods.

Below: Here we are.

Below: This is what I was wearing. More possibilities with this dress in this post.

Below: And Claudia’s outfit.

Below: Jilske (sorry a bit of a blurry photo).

Below: The next day we went to Zutphen, a pretty old town. Claudia wore the dress she bought the day before.

Below: Marianne had another lovely dress on with golden ballerinas. We were in a nice clothes shop. I bought a tank top by Marc Cain in green (in the sale).

Below: Goofy expression. I was wearing my silk shirt for hot days. (More in this post.) With white sneakers of course. The same as you saw above with the dress.

Below: One last thing. Claudia told a funny story at dinner about a man who had waited two years to finally carefully choose a Labrador puppy to go hunting with. The man turned up at the puppy training fully dressed to go hunting with the exception of his rifle. He was very proud of his male pup, boasting about him. He had named him Shadow. Only when it came to “fetch this quickly”, the dog didn’t fly like a shot but danced and hopped. You can imagine the things that were said. I was in stitches.

Nothing in the series “What happened in my life this week” as the above is quite a report and you will get another report next week.


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