Green shirt with pink sequinsAgain, a short post. The day was really all about catching up with my friend Helena and I sort of blackmailed her into taking blog photos. Only this was not the intention of the day so we didn’t spend too much time on it. Although Helena might see this differently haha.

We strolled through some parts of Haarlem, but sat on terraces most of the time chatting. That is what friends are for and the weather was beautiful. Besides, that is what my knee prefers as well. So again my friends, a short blog post. BUT… with a new shirt and a new bag.

Below: Meet Helena. Very, very loyal readers might have seen her on my blog before when we “did” the Leidsestraat in Amsterdam in 2014.


Below: Of course we started with cappuccino on a terrace. What do you think? That is what I always do with friends. It might be getting a bit boring for you. Does it? Let me know. And yes, that is an apple cake behind me. With whipped cream. No problem once a week with this weight I am losing.

Helena and me

Below: From the terrace we were looking upon the market and the big Saint Bavo church.

Haarlem Sint Bavo

Below: Helena contemplating these trousers, which she bought in the end.


Below: In Kruisstraat you will find a lovely almshouse courtyard, called Hofje van Oorschot. I do have a link with more information, but you will have to use Google Translate as I couldn’t find anything in English.

Hofje van Oorschot Haarlem

Below: Across the road was a little alley leading to a boring, newly built place so we only used the green wall to photograph this duster coat. (Seen before here.) It was warm, no thick coat necessary. As you can see, much shorter hair.

Lime duster coat

Below: This used to be the mayor’s house in Kruisstraat. Now it is a shop. Helena took at least 10 photos and they all had people in them. In the end I just deleted them with photoshop.

Green shirt with pink sequins

Below: Yep, another terrace further down the street and time for lunch. As the transparent green bag is very much in sight, I will give you some details. Both the shirt and the bag are by Essentiel Antwerp. The same brand as my dress two weeks ago. I love that brand for its bright colours. The bag is a present from Ron, bless him.

Green shirt with pink sequins

Below: Close-up of the bag. As you can see, there is a clutch inside of the transparent bag and you can either attach the long handle or leave it.

Transparent green bag by Essentiel

Below: Sidestreet of Kruisstraat. The shirt is really big and I sized down!. The pink shopper is from the market. Really cheap and I love it. (Sloughing again..ugh.)

Green shirt with pink sequins

Below: From the side.

Green shirt with pink sequins

Below: Details of the collar. Little plastic sequins in the shape of flowers. I wore a diamond pin to hold the shirt at exactly the point where I wanted it. Sometimes I use tape, sometimes I use diamonds.

Green shirt with pink sequins

Below: The sneakers. Also sequined. When you stroke them one way, they become silver and when you stroke them the other way, they become glittery gold. Seen before here. Brand is also Essentiel but from two years ago.

Sequined sneakers

Below: Time to say goodbye, the afternoon had already come to an end.


What happened in my life this week

The visit of my BVA girlfriends you saw last week. On Sunday I was “puppy sitting” as Ron’s boat was going back into the water. (If you want to do a cruise through the Amsterdam canals with him, he can be booked. Here is link to his website: Amsterdam Boat Company.) I was dreading the day as puppy Watson is a bit of a handful to use the understatement of the year. Surprise! He was as good as gold.

Below: Dog and daffodils. It is spring.

Dog and daffodils

Below: He nearly got in over his head when he was aiming for this swan. I held on to the leash firmly.


In the evening Watson is rather hard to cope with. He demands a lot of attention and jumps on the couch all the time (not allowed) plus he bites us like a gremlin or piranha. The latest thing we are trying, is lifting him from the counch, putting him straight into the bench, door locked. We take the night covers off the bench so he knows there is a difference between sleeping in his bench and being put in his bench because he is not allowed to hop on the couch/chair. Different food, a consult with a dog trainer etc etc. We had none of these things with our dog Charlie which makes the shock with this puppy all the bigger. Let’s see whether there is a happy ending. All our friends are giving us advice on how to deal with his behaviour haha. Too much advice really.

Rest of the week it is work, work, work. As it was the previous weeks. Even on my free Wednesday. Don’t like it at all. Only three more weeks to go and then the campaign is running and I can join another team.

Nothing else to report really.


No Fear of Fashion



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