Blue jeggings with side stripeEconomy time! I have decided to shop my wardrobe for a while, thinking you will never be able to remember what items have already been on the blog. Today’s finds are these blue jeggings with side stripe combined with a printed blue blouse. Why shop your own wardrobe, you might ask? Because I am trying to cut down on my over-consumption as I do not need anything (understatement of the year). And I have a sudden urge to put money into my saving account. Both led to the decision to shop my wardrobe. It is pretty time consuming. Shopping also was but I liked that better than the mess on my bed. It pays off though: last week I managed to create 9 (NINE) outfits with a black midi skirt which I could never style till now. How about that? I might just become more creative indeed.

Below: My head to toe shot. Blue jeggings with side stripe: Anna Blue/Anna van Toor (Dutch brand). They are very elastic. Having no hips, I had to sew loops at the top of the jeggings so I could wear a belt to keep them on. 😆 The shirt’s brand is Ganni. Bought it when I was out with my Shopping Saturday friends and wore it that day with my boyfriend jeans and sneakers. The belt is from Today’s Vintage and previously worn with my cream pleated skirt.

Blue jeggings with side stripe

Below: We were taking photos with a pretty park in the background and a cute little house. Started with a coat as it wasn’t very warm that day. Ron was my photographer again. Wearing the fuchsia and houndstooth scarf again as seen in this post with my black coat. Using the houndstooth side this time. The fuchsia coat has been on the blog many times. Bought at the Max Mara outlet in Turin. The brooch is a very cheap plastic one. I love it. Got the idea when I tried on a green coat from Tara Jarmon in Paris two years ago. It was covered with rhinestones. This is a much cheaper solution.

Fuchsia coat

Below: Now… where can I hang this coat so we can photograph the outfit…?

Fuchsia coat

Below: Probably not the cleanest pole, but the best option for miles around. The sign on the left says: “Watch out, dog on the loose. If the dog comes running, go and lie flat on the ground and wait for help. If help doesn’t arrive… good luck.”

Fuchsia coat

Below: See how well this brooch combines with the blouse? Sheer luck.

Blue jeggings with side stripe

Below: Before we did the head-to-toe shot, I had to adjust the pearl necklace. Found this necklace on an artisan fair in Paris.

Blue jeggings with side stripe

Below: The house in front of which we were taking photos is adorable. It is in a park, open to the public. I bet they have a lot of people nosing around. You wouldn’t think so from these pictures but it was BUSY that day. Like a shopping street. Cars driving on and off (the latter because there was no space left in the tiny parking area). Cyclists rushing by ready to knock you off your feet. If you ever visit the Netherlands be warned: our cyclists are lethal.

Below: The blouse is tucked in at the front and long at the back. Also see photo above.

Blue jeggings with side stripe

Below: Shot on a bridge. I love this shot. Ron took so many nice ones in this spot it was very hard to choose. Ron chose this one. I wasn’t cold as I wore a heat-tech extra warm shirt from Uniqlo underneath my blouse. Nikky of Midlifechic was always raving about their basics and their Ines de la Fressange limited collections. So I finally ordered a few things which immediately turned me into a fan. Great stuff, really warm, soft and a low price. What’s not to love?

Blue jeggings with side stripe

Below: Now for the details…close-up of the jeggings. Bag is Sequoia Paris.

Blue jeggings with side stripe

Below: Close-up of the Fly London ankle boots. The have a scalloped black rim at the top.

Below: Close-up of the jewellery I was wearing. The ring is from Japan and a gift from my friend Marianne. Gosh that woman has given me many gifts.

jewellery pearls and lapis lazuli

What happened in my life this week

Here is a fun fact. More and more people want to contribute to my blog or appear on it. Something which amuses me highly and of couse I am also flattered. Need to be strict though. I am the editor in charge haha. Anyway, Ron contributed to my blog with his series of our little kitchen garbage tray with greens. Title “Still Life”.

The Netherlands are very keen on collecting pre-separated garbage. We have separate bins for paper, plastic, greens, glass and other. As we have a tiny house, this poses quite a challenge. We collect the greens in this little tray and transfer it to a bucket outside every night. And of course from there to the main collection point.



Had a thoroughly enjoyable evening this week, having dinner with my best friend Maurits. He was best man at our wedding and we share the same kind of humor and the same very loud laugh. One time, a few years ago, we got offered coffee by people from another table in the restaurant. As a “thank you” because they were having such fun watching us laughing all the time. (We even cried with laughter in our napkins.) Another time we were queuing to get into a home decoration fair when two posh women passed our queue, walking towards the entrance and we heard one saying to the other: “Oh look Louise…. there are people who have to PAY for their ticket..!” Maurits and I looked at each other for half a second and burst out laughing. So very loud. I am sure the women got the message that they were being totally ridiculous.

While Maurits and I were chatting away, Ron sent me a photo (below) accompanied by the words: “There was mail for you but I intervened”. It is an invitation to a pre-sale of a posh Dutch shop I used to frequent. He had crossed the address and written on the envelope: “Broke. Return to sender” hahaha.

Wednesday: appointment with the orthodontist for the plan and cost (hmmm… have to see whether the insurance covers part of it). The braces will be invisalign (thank goodness) and I will be wearing them for a year (approx). It will take a month before I get them. Don’t know whether I will be laughing as much on the blog photos when I have them, but I think I will.

After the orthodontist my friend Sara was waiting for me in Noordwijk. She flew in for a couple of days from the USA. Her daughter Melissa lives in the Netherlands and Sara has lived here for many years before she moved to the USA. Pat, my BFF who is in hospital, is our mutual friend. We sent Pat a little video of us, saying hi and got one back immediately. (Note: I am not going to report on how Pat is doing as I think that is defiling her privacy. Hope you understand.) Here we are having coffee, cosy indoors while the Dutch rain was drizzling outside: Sara, Melissa and I.

Sara, me and Melissa

We had a good laugh over the difficulty of the English language, trying to pronounce all the words in the poem The Chaos. If you want to read the whole poem, click the link in the previous sentence. Here is the first verse:

Dearest creature in creation,
Study English pronunciation.
I will teach you in my verse
Sounds like corpse, corps, horse, and worse.
I will keep you, Suzy, busy,
Make your head with heat grow dizzy.
Tear in eye, your dress will tear.
So shall I! Oh hear my prayer.
Pray, console your loving poet,
Make my coat look new, dear, sew it!

The Dutch language might sound like a throat disease but it is quite logical. Much more than English.


No Fear of Fashion

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