Floral tights and a black leather skirtThe floral tights do indeed make another appearance, this time combined with my black leather wrap skirt and a pink sweater. When I showed this combination to Ron (husband), I was still wearing the black leather ankle boots of the floral tights outfit with the red skirt. He commented that the shiny leather of the boots and the shiny leather of the skirt was a bit too much. Did I have suede boots? Oh yes, I did. I changed into them and thought they didn’t show much leg, so the floral tights were not very visible. His reply? “All the more a surprise when you sit down and the wrap skirt opens”. The man has an answer to everything.

As I said in the previous “floral tights” post, Loes photographed two outfits in Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ (Music building in Amsterdam). The big glass windows, the comfort and the different backgrounds were too good to waste.

Below: There was a cello event going on in the Music building. Little stands with music instruments…

Below: … a cello maker….

Below: … and a cello player…..

Below: Small exhibition of cello related paintings. There was a children’s event as well. At first I thought these were made by them until I looked at the paintings and decided it was far too advanced for children. No idea who painted them, but they served well as background.

Floral tights and a black leather skirt

Below: There were concerts in several halls and little bands playing in the many lobbies.

Below: As you can see, the wrap skirt ties at the side with a big knot. Always a problem when I want to wear a top over the skirt. Luckily the trend is “tucked”, so I tucked the bright pink sweater/jumper above the knot. Problem solved. Although I should have paid more attention to HOW I knotted and wrapped the skirt. It is uneven. The bottom layer is peeping from under the top layer, showing even less of the floral tights.

Floral tights and a black leather skirt

Below: As we went from floor to floor, we stumbled upon these girls haha. Not something you expect to find. I yelled “Busted!! You will be on my blog!” They didn’t mind at all.

Below: I know this photo is on repeat but I just adore all those lines. Good shot by Loes.

Floral tights and a black leather skirt

Below: I saw a man walking around with this big, big case on his back and although Knee protested, I followed him as fast as I could. This is my photo moment.

Below: I found similar cases upstairs.

Below: One floor down was an exhibition of art music instruments by Rob van den Broek… really gorgeous.

Below: Loes took a light/dark contrast picture. She let her creative juices flow.

Below: As we were near stairs anyway, why not use them for a last shot? Diva descending.

Floral tights and a black leather skirt

What happened in my life this week

I had to run a little errand for my friend Melanie of Bag and a beret who is a very creative person. On her blog and Instagram account you can see her many out-of-the-box creations. Most of the items in an outfit are second-hand (if not all) and she makes everything look amazing. Big brands have their eye on her. She features in TV campaigns of Nordstrom in Canada and she also participated in an advertising campaign for Uniqlo. As she found out a huge picture of her was hanging in the Uniqlo Amsterdam shop, she asked me if I could pop over and take a photo. Of course I could. Ron helped me and to Amsterdam we drove. He parked the car on the sidewalk while I rushed inside (notoriously bad parking in the centre of town). A police car pulled up beside him… (Police:) “You know you cannot park here sir?” (Ron:) “Well, my wife had to use the bathroom very badly, so she ran into Uniqlo, and I am waiting for her here.” (Police:) “I don’t really mind but if I let you off, another colleague will come along shortly and he might be less understanding. You’d better move on”. No fine. Nice Amsterdam policeman. Ron drove on to a nearby parking garage. The get-away-car was gone when I came out. My reward: cappuccino in the restaurant of a nice department store (Bijenkorf). Below you see Melanie in Uniqlo:

Melanie of Bag and a Beret

That day I visited the hair dresser and had a birthday party of one of my friends (Ineke) in the evening. If you want to see Ineke, you will have to go to my post of December 2014 where I wear a scarf like a bib. Ineke and I have been friends since I came to Amsterdam in 1988 and I have attended most of her birthday celebrations. Not because I like to go to birthday parties (I definitely do not), but this is more of a gathering of people who see each other once every year for 30 years now. A very unique and odd happening. The food at Ineke’s parties is of a very high standard. For dessert we had madeleines (French butter cakes, here is the recipe) and macarons (macaroons, here is the recipe). The cakes were delicious; made by French bakers who moved to Amsterdam. So much for my weight control.

A few days of rest followed, if you don’t count work and fitness. Much needed to do the laundry and change the bed linen.

Most things in my life is happy stuff. But life isn’t always happy, is it? I got a call from my BFF’s husband saying that Pat is in hospital and she is very ill. Haven’t got any details yet, but that is devastating news. She is Scottish and lives in Switzerland. Which is too far away to do anything for her. Of course I will take the first plane as soon as she wants me to. For the moment I have to wait for more news. (Note: you don’t have to express your sympathy in the comments though. I know you will feel sympathetic when you read this. I am sharing it because this is reality. Not everything in (my) life is sunshine and roses.)

Because I don’t want to end this post with the sad news, here is some happy news: my friend and neighbour Anja is back from Singapore which allows us to drink coffee again and chat endlessly. Mainly on Wednesdays as that is my day off. This week I had to “squeeze” her in between fitness and a dental appointment. Still, ever so nice that she is back.

Next week: a blue jegging with a stripe.


No Fear of Fashion


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