meeting in Corona timesShopping together as a group of friends (Shopping Saturday girls) is of course not possible. But meeting in Corona times isn’t impossible in the Netherlands and we’ve missed each other. The three of us therefore decided to get takeaway coffee, kept the appropriate distance and did not hug or touch each other (or touch stuff the others had touched).

It was not that easy but we managed. We met near Anke’s place in Amsterdam.

Below: After getting the coffee on the corner at marvellous Vascobelo café, carefully not touching it, we found a spot to put our folding chairs. The girls had on new dresses and I regretted not having put on a dress as well. It didn’t seem clever as I thought I was going to hold Anke’s baby daughter. What was I thinking? No hugging, no holding, no touching, only distance.

meeting in Corona times

Below: Anke in her new dress, lovely subtle leopard print.

Anke. Meeting in Corona times

Below: Sabine in an adorable floral dress by ba&sh.

Sabine. Meeting in Corona times

After we sat there for an hour, blissfully undisturbed, Anke had to go home as her husband was taking their first daughter for a walk in the stroller. It was also time to feed daughter number 2. We didn’t feel like saying goodbye yet and worked out a safe way to enter Anke’s garden and not touching anything. As it happened, daughter number 2 slept right on for another hour.

Below: While Anke was looking to see whether the baby was awake, I took photos of Sabine. She is a very good model, not afraid to assume a pose.

Sabine. Meeting in Corona times.

Below: Anke seated comfortably with a rug on the chair. Sabine had fetched a second takeaway coffee.

Anke. Meeting in Corona times.

Below: As I couldn’t give my camera to Sabine, she took some photos of me with her iPhone. Otherwise it is as if I wasn’t there. Posing is still not that easy for me, I like to hold on to something, so I grabbed the vase on the garden table.

Meeting in Corona times.

Below: Sabine, enjoying herself.

Sabine. Meeting in Corona times.

Below: Anke again (I am afraid there isn’t much difference in Anke’s photos, sorry). They recently completed a very large renovation of their house. The garden is a project for a later date; for now it is a children’s dream to play in.


Below: And me, checking the photos Sabine just sent me.

Meeting in Corona times.

This isn’t a new outfit. Loyal readers have seen it in this post, but I am hoping you cannot remember that.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. A lovely get-together with Nicky and Randolf (stepdaughter and boyfriend) at Ron’s allotment garden. We were very, very careful and kept distance at all times.
I said “pretty please” to Ron for blog photos, which is why I wore a highly inappropriate outfit for a garden, high heels and all. You will have to wait for pictures.
My future son-in-law thought of buying flowers for ‘stepmother-in-law-day’ haha. Very sweet. They go very well in our colourful living room.

Sunday. I cleaned drawers and kitchen cabinets, so I wore clothes which could get dirty without me crying. No photo.
I forgot to mention last week that I received a parcel through the mail from a group of former colleagues. In it were cute little roses and a big card. They wrote that they miss me and my laugh and decided to surprise me with this. Well, they certainly did. It really warms my heart. Such kindness.

Roses and card

Monday. It took me a long time to do my exercises and bike tour. I was dragging my feet as I didn’t feel like it at all. I hate sport and exercises; it is a good thing I am so disciplined. After I was finally ready, I wore this to cheer me up. Link to original post with the flared trousers. I changed the belt (more modern) and the white top (this one fits me properly). It is an outfit I really like.

Outfit Monday, green jacket with flared trousers

Tuesday. I wore a new outfit and Ron kindly photographed it. Photos will follow in a separate blog post at a later date, darlings.

To show you that I really do wear the clothes which I am showing you the different days of the week, here is some proof. The Saturday in the post two weeks ago, I wore my pink trousers with the bright yellow blouse. I threw on a poncho from Hope Fashion UK to go to the florist as the wind was fierce. When I got back, one of my neighbours wanted to photograph me and sent me this photo later. The colour of the poncho is nearly exactly the same as the trousers.

Fuchsia outfit with yellow

Wednesday. Again it took me forever to do my exercises and bike tour. That is because I get distracted by social media, my book or because I do some shopping when I am out on my bike. Before you know it, it is half past 2 before my hair is washed and I am properly dressed. This must change as I am wasting my life away. Anyhow, this is what I was wearing. Link to the original post (chicer version).

wide white trousers with bright blue jacket

Thursday. To the allotment garden with Ron in the morning. We had to be back around noon for the guy who cleaned our awnings (I learned that this is how they are called). Only he didn’t show up, very strange. In the evening we heard he had been in a car accident but he was fine again and would come on Friday, which he didn’t. And he doesn’t answer his phone. That is getting annoying now.

Thursday in the afternoon I had an appointment with the pedicure YAY.

Picked up the sewing jobs my seamstress had done. Wore this outfit. Difference with the original outfit is that the belt is knotted at the back and I am wearing different boyfriend jeans, the legs of which I should have turned up more (link to post):

Outfit Thursday red and white striped jacket

Friday. My appointment with the hairdresser was moved forward to this day. Another YAY. I was wearing a nice black top with a ruffle, but you cannot see it (the original post shows the details). What you can see is before and after the haircut.

Before and after the haircut

To be frank, I like my hair longer, but I seem to be the only one. If I do wear it longer, it needs to be cut differently at the back because it started to look like this (also what my hair looks like when I don’t “fluff it up” for a blog photo; my goodness, it is getting so thin):

hair left too long

Over to pretty flowers again. The gerberas which I got last Saturday started to break. The smart thing to do with flowers that are past their prime time, is to cut them short. The shorter the better. Like this, you will keep them for another 4 or more days.

Till next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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