Grey trousers with a yellow jumperThe outfit for this sunny day consists of grey trousers with a yellow jumper, green accessories and black+white shoes (5 colours in one outfit, yay). The location is a courtyard with almshouses called Teylers Hofje. Most ‘hofjes’ in the old days housed mainly elderly women, because there were far more poor aged women in the streets than poor aged men. Here is some information about ‘hofjes’ and also some information about Teylers Hofje.

Ron was my photographer and did a very good job.

Below: I had found the entrance of this hofje as I was cycling on one of my exercise days. It had rained that day.

Teyler's Hofje

Below: You can see the sky is grey but it made a pretty picture and having the photos on my iPhone meant I wouldn’t forget the location. Cute locations like this are not easy to find and you, my readers, love them so much.

Teyler's Hofje

Below: As you can see on the second previous photo, there are beautiful wooden doors on each side of the entrance with a crest above it.

Teyler's Hofje

Below: Dark wooden doors are the best as background for my blonde hair.
Bag and belt are by Essentiel Antwerp. The trousers are old and you have seen them a couple of times before, like when Daniela came to Amsterdam.

Grey trousers with a yellow jumper

Below: The courtyard as we entered. So much more friendly when the sun shines.

Teyler's Hofje

Below: Two detail photos. One of the church behind the courtyard and one of a beautiful old window.

Teylers Hofje church

Teylers Hofje window

Below: As we walked through it, I saw this chair and it seemed like a nice spot to take a photo. My behind had only touched the chair for two seconds (and luckily Ron immediately took this photo) when a loud voice from across the courtyard told me off. A lady who lives there said in a sharp and unpleasant way that the chair was private property and I was not to sit on it. I got up like a shot, as if the chair was burning my bottom. I apologized and we went on.
It felt a bit weird though. I mean, the courtyard is open all days of the week (except for Sundays) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. So, 6 out of 7 days strangers are walking through this courtyard. Surely at these days/times it is communal territory? If you put a chair outside your front door in such a situation, is it realistic to expect people not to sit on it? I didn’t want to upset anyone and there were plenty of other photo opportunities, but I felt slightly wronged.

Grey trousers with a yellow jumper

Below: I was allowed to sit on the communal bench.

Grey trousers with a yellow jumper

Below: Walking on the shade side of the courtyard as there weren’t any ladies sitting outside whom we might bother. They all have lovely plants in front of their houses.

Grey trousers with a yellow jumper

Below: On the other end of the courtyard there was an arched passage we went through. As you can see, I tucked my jumper (sweater) in my trousers at the front and left it hanging loose at the back. The brand name of the jumper is Marc Aurel.

Grey trousers with a yellow jumper

Below: There wasn’t much to see at the back apart from a lady who was nestling in her chair to sunbathe. Ron took this photo in the arched passage which gives a lovely effect (at least that is what I think).

Below: View from back to front.

Teyler's Hofje

Below: The sundial above the entrance.

Teyler's Hofje

Below: Returning home. (It is not easy to walk on these streets with stiletto heels you know.)

Grey trousers with a yellow jumper

Below: Back outside I looked up and took another photo of the grand entrance, carefully avoiding all the cars that were parked in front of it. I had left my tote bag on the pavement and as I was standing in the street I heard a lady say (again in a loud voice): “What is this bag doing here?” I told her it was mine and I had left it there as not to carry it while photographing. “That is all wrong”, she said, “You cannot trust people to leave it alone”. I replied I had a very trusting nature and wasn’t worried. “Well, you should be. I live here and I can tell you, you should be. Then again, not that I care of course….”
Perhaps I was unlucky and most of the ladies living here are sweet, but these experiences led me to the conclusion I never want to live there.

Teyler's Hofje

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. Busy day with glorious sunshine. Well, busy in retirement terms. Ron and I had a big piece of cake and coffee in the garden in the morning. Courtesy of neighbour and friend Froukje. So nice to enjoy the sunshine in the garden like that. Then in the afternoon a young woman collected an old coat from Ron and some travel bags. I had put them all on the Dutch equivalent of e-Bay: “to collect free of charge”. That is a good way of getting rid of your stuff. She was happy (for her boyfriend) and I was happy. Got some haberdasheries in town and got flirty remarks from a few older men. I was walking on high heels, wearing my RIXO London dress, which always gets a lot of compliments. Link to original post with far better colours.

Outfit Saturday RIXO London

At 5 p.m. we were off to eat sushi in Georg and Marla’s garden, which, of course, was sooooo nice. Below photos of Marla and Georg and of Ron. Normally Marla has the table beautifully set and the sushi would be on fancy dishes. Given this virus, we opted for touching as little as possible and left the sushi in the box. Marla still hasn’t been to the hairdresser, so it is getting wild. She cut Georg’s hair herself.

Marla and Georg eating sushi

Ron eating sushi

Sunday. Again a nice and sunny day and Sylvia of 40plusstyle is back in the Netherlands!
Anja (Curly Traveller) invited us both in her home and we had such a lot to catch up on, yap yap yap. Below photos of Anja, Sylvia and me (in that order). It struck me when I saw the photos that we all have our arms and legs folded in such a ladylike manner haha.

Anja in her living room

Sylvia at Anja's house

Me at Anja's house

Monday. Big day for me as I had my earlobes pierced again by a professional piercing shop Classic Ink & Mods. A lovely colleague of mine advised me not to go to a jeweller who would have pierced my earlobes with a sort of a gun. My piercer (Roberto) told me that such a gun is far blunter than the needle he is using. Therefore damaging my earlobe more than necessary. He was so professional, everything was so clean. He used about 10 different pairs of gloves. No COVID danger there. This is what my earlobes look like now. The scars of repairing the holes back in October are still visible but I am sure they will fade in time.

Pierced earlobes

Because it is murder to park in the centre of Amsterdam, Ron drove me to the piercer and waited in the car for an hour before picking me up again. Sooo sweet. I was still a bit wary of using public transport.

Tuesday. On one of the BVA girls meeting we did a clothes swap and I got a button up shirtdress for summer. As the sun is out now, I got the dress out of the wardrobe. It is fine but was gaping at the bosom. As I can easily get it on over my head, I sewed it tight. Problem solved.
I sunbathed a little. One and a half hour from 3 to 4.30 p.m. with a lot of SPF 30 slapped on. I presume I shouldn’t sunbathe at all, but it is so hard not to. I am still gathering information on tan from a bottle (they all seem to stink). Wore my blue floral dress that day. In the original post I am wearing a different belt which is better. This wide yellow belt isn’t that bad on this dress but on anything else it is. Wide belts are no good for a person with a short upper body. Learned another lesson.

Outfit Tuesday blue floral dress

Wednesday. Nice day: sunny and a lovely temperature, fantastic for wearing this outfit. Here is the link to the original post with far better colours. The shoes are different from the original as the purple ones are still at the cobblers.

Outfit Wednesday multi-coloured shirt

Sylvia and I met in the morning for coffee and lunch on one of the terraces. There weren’t a lot of people so we could keep enough distance. Here is she is, a worldly-wise lady.


And here am I. The colours are much better in this photo.

To sit there again, it was heaven. The number of new COVID cases in the Netherlands are getting lower and lower. The government is now slowly loosening up the lock-down measurements. Still with restrictions of course. We aren’t going back to ‘normal’. We now have the ‘one and a half metre economy’, which is the distance the Dutch must be apart.

Had a nice talk with my friend Marjolein in the afternoon and we agreed on going to the museum where Ann Wood has an exposition of her botanic art in paper. Check out her Instagram account; her art is so pretty. Ann and her husband (also an artist) were supposed to meet me in March when they would have come over for the exhibition. Alas. The museum is now open again (with restrictions) and I want to see what her art looks like in real life.

Thursday. The usual visit to Ron’s allotment garden to avoid the cleaning lady (just for virus reasons, she is a lovely person). Fortunately he has a little gas heater in his shed as it was COLD. The sun has given in to the rain, which is great for the land, the crops, the rivers, the foundations. You won’t hear me complain. Below scenes from neigbouring allotment gardens, like beautiful pink roses and a duck that hurried back to the ditch after paying us a visit.

Roses at an allotment garden

Duck on the loose

I wore a new combination with old clothes, which is why I am not showing you the outfit. It wasn’t spectacular but I will still save it for a proper post. After all, I have less money now that I am retired, so I have to shop my wardrobe a lot more. Very sustainable as well. Should have done that ages ago.
Didn’t do anything else but read and create this blogpost. With the rain I don’t want to go out.

Friday. A boring day with rain. Did my exercises but postponed the cycling to Saturday morning when it is dry again. Reading and finishing this blogpost. Had a short Facetime conversation with my brother and his wife. I love that, we have far more contact these days than before COVID. Wore this. (Link to original post with wide black trousers and worn like below when I was out with Sabine and Anke.

Outfit Friday Pink and black blouse

Till next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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